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Business Simulation

Market Share

The market share of any company provides the real picture of its growth and profitability in various segments of the market. The growth and expansion are the two important segments of the company business decision-making, which it aims to achieve within its investment constraints. Therefore, in all the segments of the market the company has to perform prestigiously well for capturing the confidence of investors as well as gaining new profit volumes.

The market shares for different segments of the market are given below in the diagram. The chart or diagram represents list of companies operating in the market selling simulation games where A, B, C and D.  The market share of the internet segment is an accessible way to identify the market share of the companies in terms of internet segment.

In this chart, it is observed that company A has the least share and it is observed that B is dominant here as this graph denotes uniform smaller chunks for C and D. The above chart or diagram depicts that the major share of the market in terms of internet segment is held by the B Company, which has 43% share of the market. The second company after B was C, which held the market share of 22% from the total market share of 100%. The third company in terms of share of the market in internet segment was company D having 23% share. The company A has least share in the internet segment market. The market share of the company A has 12% which is as compared with the other players in the market is the least one and eth profitability as well as growth factor is not amiable.

This seems to be the major market of A as A has 24% slice of the pie. Furthermore, it can be observed that no particular company has an advantage that can create monopoly. The diagram above presents the fact about the share of the companies in the market in terms of the wholesale segment of the market. When we deeply look into it presents, a healthy picture for the wholesale segment of the market where all the companies had significant shares like those that the company A had 24%, B had 28%, C had 26% and the last company D it had the market share of 22%.

This observes that C has no share in the private label so it can be seen as a threat. It can further be seen that A and D are competitive and B has the upper edge. The above diagram presents a remorseful condition for the company C, as in terms of label segment the market share of the company is almost at zero level. In terms of label segment, the biggest share of the company was by company B that had 57% share. The next share of the market is equally shared in proportions by eth two companies A and D, which had the 23% and 21%.


This is a time series analysis of Net Revenues and this analysis has an increasing trend. It can however be seen that the company tends to grow for 3 years and goes down the 4th year so the next year the company tends to boost upwards. The performance of the company in terms of net revenues is quite healthy and prosperous where it successfully attained a good market position over eight years of its performance. The chart also provides the numeric values of these years for the net income earned by the company. The bars provide that the 2011 the company was earning handsome net revenue of $ 2, 25,060 and in the year of 2018 the company was be earning the expected annual net income of the $ 3,01,217 based on its current performances.

This is the chart of EPS it denotes that there is a continuous upward trend in the per share earnings. It further shows that after every two years of slow growth the company tends to shoot upwards. The chart of earning per share of the company provides or suggests that the EPS of the company is persistently increasing over the years. The performance of the company in terms of net income suggests a continuous increase in prices of its share over the period of these eight years. The share price of the company in the year 2011 was $2.94, which in the year if 2018 expected to be raised at $ 8.64 per share.  This condition is quite healthy for the investors as well that provides them a pure confidence to gain profits by investing in the shares of the company.

Stock price is also showing increase and the increase in share prices tend to increase shareholder’s wealth this in turn leads to increased shareholders wealth. The stock price diagram of the company allows the investors to identify and determine because of its continuous performances in the stock market. The stock prices heavily depends on the performances of the company in all aspects like goodwill, confidence of its investors, trust of customers on its products or games, etc. The year 2011 provides that the stock price of the company is stands at $ 35.39 and in the later year it is stepped as $ 112.75 for each of its stock.  

ROE on the other hand is showing a decrease this might be because of two factors. The first factor is decrease in earnings, which is negated in the earlier charts. Therefore, it can be observed that the equity is decreasing in numbers and that is a good sign as the organization is buying back its equity. There is a decrease in the return on equity of the firm as compared with the year 2011. The year 2018 provides the downfall at the level of 15.60%. In the previous years, the ROE of the company was 17.70% in the year 2011.

The image Rating is highly variable this is critical as the company hit its bottom in the year 2014. The image-rating diagram presents a varying picture where the image rating scale has shown an upward and downward trend. As it could be seen from, the diagram that the year 2011 provides a figure of 69 and in the year 2018 the rating went down from the previous level to 67. The image rating scale allows the investors to have a clear and true picture, which it could attain by continuously performing well in the market with its innovative and appreciated goods or products in the market in domestic regions or at international markets.

Global Market share is increasing until year 15 but after that, there is again a fall in the global market share. The graph of the global market share also presents a healthy picture for the company where it has showed maximum gain in the year 2015 and based on the situation the future prediction is that the company would earn 23.20% share of the global market in the year 2018. The global market share is progressive and healthy for the continuous success of the business in eth future times. In addition, for reigniting the expected good future shares of the market the company should be acting in true sense for raising the profitability and earning of its shareholders.  

The chart indicates that overall the sales maximized year 18.  There is an overall uniform trend, this trend indicates the dominance of wholesale market, and this market is not affected by market conditions. The diagram or graph showing the global sales of the company in the years to come is progressive and attainable in eth future times. the current scenario presents that year 2013 the in terms of internet segment the company earns bigger share as compared to its competitors where 2014 is the year where the company would be earning huge market share in terms of the wholesale market segment. In addition, it could be said that the company is gaining a huge perspective or sales volumes in the coming years and this is expected volumes, which could provide the firm a gaining edge over its competitors in all the segments of the market.

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