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Restatement of the case

In this case, the assessment manager of the CAFÉ D POWND observed and analyzed the problems facing the management of the Cambridge student hall cafeteria. He noted that CAFÉ management and staff was taking exceedingly long to serve the students, which resulted in students having to wait for too long to their liking. While waiting for his friend, Jason Mah, resident manager and a student at the University noticed this growing problem, concluded that  that it has become chaotic for students especially duringpeak hours between 5 to 6:30 pm to get served on time.  Having witnessed such acrimonious situation and he decided to make the management aware of this problem and planned to present a report to the senior management explaining the problems facing the CAFE. In addition, to overcome this inefficiency, and to solve this problem, Jason decided to present some recommendation to the management.

In addition, he observed the 35 students at the CAFÉ and collected their entrance arrival times, service times and categorized them in to three categories: Cashier, Precooked and Interactive, and then analyzed the data. He concluded from observing the behavior of the students that , if CAFÉ management did not take early initiative to solve this issue and odes not tackle the problem on urgent basis, there is a probability and risk that in the near future, students might order deliveries from nearby local restaurants or start using other cafeterias.In addition, the only Cashier working of the two is too slow and there are untrained people working as a cashier who take 30 seconds to read the price on the bill. Besides, most of the people visit line and it has one serving point not working, which makes it worse.

Besides, he also noted that there was only one managing supervisor for both Nottingham and Cambridge student halls. Though, both RA and ARM meet twice a week to discuss issues facing the students but so far have yet to deal with this problem. However, crucially, he concluded that, 25% of the students coming to cafeteria who only eat non-conventional food had made the problem as they only entered the CAFÉ to eat non-conventional food. Also, overall, CAFÉ had become overloaded with students and there was an apparent confusion which was evident between lines and students. Very often, students had to switch the line realizing after spending considerable time that they were in the long queue.

Problem Statement

Café D management and staffhave appeared to be inefficient in managing the CAFÉ effectively. It has totally failed to deal with the massive influx of students and as they had to wait for long to get served. So, arguably, management has failed to accommodate the student with better plan and effective management and needs to redevise strategy and plan to accommodate students efficiently.

Quantitative Analysis

Based on the observations of 35 students conducted by Jason Mah analysis conducted, it can be argued that management and staff of CAFE is taking too long to serve the students.  The following table shows the average service time taken and proposed service time for all three lines:

Service Times





Average Service time




Expected time





Therefore, management has to look into problem pointed out and has to formulate a new strategy to discourage the long queues and reduce the waiting times. In addition, the detailed table showing the figures is presented in the Excel. 

Conclusion and recommendations

It is concluded that CAFÉ is going through a problematic period as it is crowded with too many students and no boundaries are placed to help them distinguish between the different lines, which creates confusion among the students. The observations of Jason have pointed towards the main problem facing the CAFÉ such as long queues, badly managed staff, poor interior design, inefficient and unskilled cahier and poor management.

Based on the discussion and analysis performed, it is recommended that management should redesign the interior of the café, different lines if students at different service points should be kept intact to reduce the confusion between the students that which line they belong too.  The drink machine should be displaced to some external location, so it does not hinder the lines. New, skilled and trained people should be hired to work at the cash counters. It is also recommended that second service point at line 1 should be made operative. Another recommendation is to transfer the chef from already cooked food area, and he/she be placed to interactive line.Besides, management has to realize that 25% of the students come for unconventional food they should put the machines on different side of the Café D building.

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