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Case Analysis

Executive Summary

The plan to develop a supermarket for Northside area is ambitious and is studied in this report. The study denotes that the company should borrow both from equity and the loan this balances the requirement. The loan to value ratios and the ratio of interest is critical on these grounds as this ratio is critical to development on one hand and is burdensome on the other. Equity finances expects more returns but poses no requirements. It is therefore a balanced strategy to develop the maxima and attain the maximum load is conspicuous.


The Neighborhood is developing and it is seen that the community is developing rapidly. The current conditions are that the mayor is more responsive because of the coming elections thus it is less difficult for the mayor to sign grants and raise funds.

The populace has grown a lot in the last decade it seems to be 17% of the total populace. Most of that growth has almost converted a low populace minority to the most important majority of the region. It is seen that the crime rate, foreclosure and arson has increased.

It can also be seen that the housing is also poor. Over 50 building are vacant in the region. It can also be seen that this percentage is almost 10% of the total populace. The results are favorable that the free lots can be developed and improved.

To overcome a populace it can be seen ROC and NCC are the two organizations that the microloan factor has started home based loan system in order to develop the problem. There have been a lot of mechanism in these areas active; some of them include renovation of parks clearance of unoccupied lots and development of other environmental factors.


Among these many projects, a consideration for a super market is in place and it is seen that a site ideal for that purpose is available moreover small local shops are charging the residents high amounts and thus driving the prices upward and reducing the disposable income. The tabular analysis for the startup for the store is given as the Acquisition hard costs $200,000. This covers all the expenses occurred for acquisition. This head includes the original sale price, the legal charges, consultation fees, Deed Transfer Charges and the registration of property charges. The construction hard costing of $1,059,093 include all the construction costs and this is determined by the material used for renovation and extension along with the labor, which is utilized to make those changes around. The fee for Construction Company and the transportation for transferring material to the point is included in the contractor’s Costs this is amounting to $ 211,819. Engineering Corporation has charged $190,637 for designing the old building and making it appropriate for its future use. This fee also encompasses Management of project and completion of it along the deadlines previously allocated. Legal Fee of $75,000 is there to cover the legal expenses and dispose of any contingent liabilities that could arise in the near future. Finally, the remaining major expenses are construction interest of $36,000, Construction taxes of $10,200, Developer overhead fees along with his profit amounting to $100,000, Debt Service Reserve that has the amount of $ 28,000, Operating reserve of $14000 and Soft-core contingency reserve of $ 21,542. The total startup expenses are $1,965,291.

The most consumed charges are construction costs and the least cost miscellaneous expenses. The said expenses that can be said that acquisition charges and overhead costs can be denoted that the diversification is low and concentration of expenses is very high.

The Alternatives that are available for financing are diverse and are of multiple nature.

The alternatives from where we can take the required amount are Loans from Private Banks, Raising equity from equity investors, taking grants from state agency or a local corporation or taking a HUD Loan. These alternatives have all their benefits and demerits. It can be observed that HUD Loan has the lowest rate and the equity investor likes the highest rate. Private Banks, Local Corporation and state agency’s rates are close to HUD Loan. This can also be observed that equity investor has the term advantage, as there is no expiry to shares and it needs not to be paid back until dissolution of the firm. The term of HUD Loan is the longest after Equity Investor but the amortization is longest for the grant received from state agency. It can therefore be observed that Private bank is demanding most coverage and the least coverage is demanded by equity. Apart from equity, HUD Loan tends to demand least coverage. In terms of loan to value ratio HUD Loan is the most generous as it is willing to give loan of 100% value with respect to the amount needed to startup the business

The average growth rate here is 54.84%, the expenses incurred at startup are 1965291 and the optimal rate of buying are 13%

It can be clearly seen that the organization is forecasted to grow and this growth is the phenomenon behind rapid expansion. This expansion and this growth can lead directly to a successful supermarket in the area and as this project flourishes, it can be seen that the prices would come down automatically.


It can be seen that the optimal rate is beneficial and favors loan as that reduces costs and increases profits. Thus, the illustration is said to be of diverse nature. The company should use more debt than equity as a means of financing. It is therefore concluded that the loan should be taken from HUD Loan. As it offers low interest rate, demands lowest interest coverage and grants highest proportion of loan as compared to value.

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