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The Chicago Formatting and Manual Citation Guide:

The Chicago Manual of Style also known as CMOS is a composition of words which covers plenty of topics from publication, manuscript, to grammar, documentation, and usage. It is also known as an Editor’s Bible as editors love Chicago formatting style. The Chicago formatting style has two types, the notes-bibliography system (NB) which is widely used by the people in fields of history, literature, arts, and humanities. In addition, the other Chicago formatting style is the documentation style, which uses the author-date system, and it is nearly similar to the note-bibliography system but is a bit different in form and are very much in use by the social sciences.

There is a writing style, which is called turabian formatting that resembles quite similar to Chicago manual style as well, because they share most of the documentation basics and requirements. In the style of writing in Chicago source citations come in two types, the first one is bibliography and notes, and the second one is Author-date just like Turabian Formatting and Citation Style.

Notes and Bibliography:

The Notes and Bibliography is one of the first variations of Chicago Manual Style, and it is preferred by many writers in the field of humanities, which includes literature, arts, and history. The sources are cited in numbered endnotes and footnotes in this styling system. And each note corresponds to a superscripted number in the page text. In addition, sources are often listed in a separate and different bibliography list. The notes and bibliography styling system can contain a wide range of sources, which may include uncommon sources that would be difficult to add in the author-date system.

The system related to the date formation:

This system is mostly used in social sciences and sciences. It is used to write scientific papers or essays. In this writing system, sources are cited in the paper text briefly, and are often within the parentheses, with the sir name of the writer year it was published. Every in-text citation must match with the entry made in the actual place of references where all the bibliography information is cited. Both the Author-date formatting system and the numbered notes share a similar citation style. It depends on which paper the writer is working on, and he would use the format, which is best suited for his field of work.

If you are a student and there is a confusion in your mind that what styling format to use then read the guidelines further to make sure you are formatting your paper in Chicago Manual in the right way:

The Page Layout:

  • The page layout must contain one-inch margins on all sides of the paper.
  • The font should be Times New Roman, it and must be sized 12.
  • In addition, always use double-spacing on the paper.
  • Only use left-justified text, and never use fully justified text in this format.
  • Use half an inch indent for beginning a paragraph, bibliography and block quotes.
  • The pages must be numbered at the top right corner of the page and should begin with the first page of text.
  • All pages must be numbered, from the first text page to the bibliography page at the end.

In addition, you should include your last name as well, in case if the pages get lost or are separated.

The Cover page:

  • Halfway down, put the title of your paper in the center in the middle of the page
  • In addition, your name should come directly under the title
  • Then your teacher’s name, course block, and title, the date must be written in three lines and must be centered at the end of the page.
  • You must always use the Times New Roman font, and it must be sized 12.
  • Never make your title bold, italic, or underlined.

The cover page must not include the page number, and it should not be included in the total page count.

Assembling the Paper:

When assembling the paper in Chicago Manual Style it must include these components:

  • Title Page
  • Main Body Of the Paper
  • Appendix
  • Notes
  • Bibliography/Sources

Names and numbers in Chicago Manual Style:

Always use full names of the people and legislation when using it for the first time. If you are using the name of an agency then include an acronym within parentheses, after writing the full name. For example South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). After you mention a name of the person or write the full form of legislation and agency then you can further just write an acronym for the rest of the paper as the reader would already be familiar with the first name and the full form of an agency.

Endnotes and Footnotes in Chicago Manual Style:

The endnotes go on a different and separate page from the rest of the paper. In addition, footnotes when mentioned in the bottom of the page, where the reference list is written. But both footnotes and endnotes use the same formatting style and guidelines. Within the Essay Put the note number at the end of each referenced sentence, even if you have cited written material at the beginning of the sentence. The note number comes after the punctuation. The note numbers must use Arabic numbers. Each entry should be double-spaced, and there should be an indentation after each line in the note. Never repeat the same number again, always use a new number with a new reference, even if the reference came up in the essay text earlier.

Bibliography in Chicago Manual Style:

The bibliography must go on a separate page, and the word “bibliography” must be centered at the start of the page. It should be written in Times New Roman, with 12-sized font. Do not use large or bold sized font for the “Bibliography” heading. The writer must always make sure to use proper guidelines when formatting bibliography as the formatting style is quite different to Notes style. And if your cited source has no author, you must alphabetize by title within the mentioned authors, there’s no need to make a separate reference list.

Chicago Manual and Turabian Formatting Style:

These both style of formatting are somehow same as the method of inserting the references of resources is similar. Both the style needs a list of the complete references at the end of the article. The writer must add all the name of the resources from where it has taken the data. These styling both mention the number of pages at the end of the pages. In addition, it is necessary to add except adding the page number in the title page. As title page is not included in the number of pages required by your professors in your report. The page margin, which you give, should only be not more than one inch. The universal or mostly accepted style of formatting is writing in double space but sometimes your professors asks you to write in any other spacing then you can write it in any other space but you must have written your paper in double spacing by default. In both of these, formatting styling you should avoid to use any irrelevant spacing in the paper.

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