Comprehensive Project Part 2 Coating Operator

Question No 1:


The test-retest and the internal consistency are calculated in the excel worksheet and the results are presented here. The reliability estimates does not meet the requirement and hence, the unstructured interview does not seem to be reliable as a selection tool.

Test-RetestInternal ConsistencyInter-rater
Unstructured Interview-0.02-0.370%

Question No 3:


The unstructured interview predicts the variables of safety and the turnover according to the table given in part 2. These results are significant because the p-value is less than 0.05 emphasizing on rejecting null hypothesis of no effect and conclude that the unstructured interview predicts the variables of safety and turnover. As far as the practical significance is concerned, it can determine by the correlation coefficient. The correlation coefficients for safety and turnover are both negative values of -0.15 and -0.20 respectively, which depict a medium correlation between the unstructured interview and safety as well as unstructured interview and turnover. Hence, the practical significance is determined as well.

Question No 4:


The test-retest reliability of the work sample for time 1 and time 2 is determined by the correlation between the two variables. The correlation coefficient for these two variables suggests a value of 0.93, which depicts a high reliability for the work sample. Thus, it can be implemented that the work sample meets the appropriate level of reliability as a selection tool.

Question No 5:


The table for the validity coefficient is rewritten below with the calculated validity coefficients.

Job PerformanceSafety (Number of Recordable Cases)AbsenteeismTurnover
Revised Work Samplerxy= ___0.66__,p<.01rxy= _0.029___,p=.31rxy= ___-0.26__, p=.06N/A

The statistical significance of the validity coefficients is determined only for job performance, as the p-value is less than 0.05, implying to reject null hypothesis. The coefficient is practically significant as there is strong relationship between the revised work sample and job performance.

Validity Coefficients:

Job Performance/QualityWork Sample Score Time 1
Job Performance/Quality1
Work Sample Score Time 10.6664703691

Work Sample Score Time 1Absenteeism
Work Sample Score Time 11

SafetyWork Sample Score Time 1
Work Sample Score Time 10.0294042451

Question No 6:


The choice of the three predictors is based on the validity coefficients and the reliability estimates where all meet or exceeds except for the unstructured interview. The reliability estimates for the new predictors are assumed to meet or exceed the requirement, whereas the reliability estimate for the unstructured interview does not meet the requirement. Therefore, the three predictors should be from the new predictors. The predictors which are statistically significant as well as practically significant are chosen.

Job Performance/Work QualitySafety (Number of Recordable Cases)AbsenteeismTurnover
Unstructured Interviewrxy=.07, p=.45rxy=-.15, p=<.05rxy=-.11, p=.37rxy=-.20, p<.05

Job Performance/Work QualitySafety (Number of Recordable Cases)AbsenteeismTurnover
General Personality Testrxy=25, p<.05rxy=-.38, p<.01rxy=-.22, p<.05rxy=-.18, p<.05
Numerical Ability Testrxy=.41, p<.01rxy=-.11, p=.21rxy=-.11, p=.37rxy=-.13, p=.20
Verbal Ability Testrxy=.32, p<.05rxy=-.19, p<.05rxy=-.01, p=.37rxy=-.06, p<.07
Physical Ability Testrxy=.29, p<.01rxy=-.08, p<.10rxy=-.19, p<.05rxy=-.21, p<.01

Job Performance/Work QualitySafety (Number of Recordable Cases)AbsenteeismTurnover
Conscientiousness Personality Testrxy=.34, p<.01rxy=-.33, p<.01rxy=-.30, p<.05rxy=-.31, p<.05
Job Knowledge Testrxy=.40, p<.01rxy=-.15, p<.05rxy=-.18, p<.05rxy=-.17, p<.10

Thus, for this purpose, the physical ability test, general personality test and conscientiousness personality test are chosen as three predictors for selecting coating operators for estimating the statistical significance of the variables.

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