Debate on Immigration: Should the United States Significantly Liberalize Immigration?

The Free Market Institute and the Institute for the study of Western Civilization is on the debate on immigration policy of the United States. In this video, the Dr. Bryan Caplan and Dr. Herbert London talks on the immigration policies of the Unite States. There are number of the people who from other countries and Europe come to US in search of finding the better leavings. Therefore, the immigrant is reason for increase in population in US. There is also effect of the migration on the economy of the country. There is overall impact on each and every person in country due to increase population. However, this impact is not so sudden that it will show its impact over night. This will take times. Gradually, there is also change in the life style and social structure of the US.

In spite of the fact that some of the employer groups promote that the immigrants must come to this country. The reason is that the increase in supply of the workforce in labor market decreases the wages. The supply and demand of the workforce negatively affects each other. For this reason, the employer has available labor at low cost. This directly increases the profit for the employer. In addition, the increase number of the immigrants can also participate and enjoys the rights of the other people. Due to this reason, employer gives preference to hire a labor at low cost. On the other hand, there is threat to increase in the unemployment ratio in native population of the country.

There is likewise impact of the relocation on the economy of the nation. There is general effect on every single individual in nation because of expansion populace. Be that as it may, this effect is not all that sudden that it will demonstrate its effect over night. This will take times. Continuously, there is additionally change in the way of life and social structure of the US. For this reason, the business has accessible work easily. This straightforwardly builds the benefit for the business. What’s more, the expand number of the foreigners can likewise take an interest and appreciates the privileges of the other individuals. Because of this reason, manager offers inclination to contract a work with ease. Then again, there is risk to increment in the unemployment proportion in local populace of the nation.

Moreover, this point is also feasible for the domestic politics which suggests that the program run for the immigration will not shaped strictly by economic considerations. There is also the involvement of the dominance of the capitalist class in the immigration policy of debate. On the other hand, the interest groups working in America has significant impact on the debate over U.S. immigration policy. The growing and emergence support from the international body for family reunification as humanitarian norm also claims of the churches and ethnic organizations. In addition, the culture of the US is diminished and going mixed with other races or the culture from rest of the world.

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