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How to Write a Dissertation Methodology

What is a Dissertation Methodology?

A dissertation is usually written in response to a written thesis, and it further develops logical arguments about that thesis. The dissertation has to follow a proper structure and is longer than an essay, so it must be divided into several chapters.  Unlike Essays that deal with the major question and presents a conclusion, a dissertation analyses that in great detail and answers thorough questions through research. Unlike Essays, the dissertation topic can be chosen by the student himself. They help the student learn and conduct independent research, and the most important part of a dissertation is the methodology, which includes how the student carried out the entire research. It has many ways and forms, and what makes them differ from each other is whether it was collected through primary research, which includes data collected only for the dissertation, or secondary research, which means data that already existed. It depends on the student which method he chooses based on personal preference or normal practice of that subject. The most important part of writing a dissertation is coming up with a solid methodology.

The most important part of writing a dissertation is knowing how to write a dissertation methodology, this part is what makes your dissertation stand out. The dissertation methodology section appears right after the literature review, and the show is written in a flow connecting to the previous part. Up until the methodology part of the dissertation appears the student may have defined the research question of the dissertation and conducted a thorough review of what the rest of the scholars have said or say about the presented topic.

Further, the student may have reviewed in ways which the scholars came to the given conclusion, what were the assumptions on which they based their work, and the framework they used, and all the methods they used to marshal, gather and present the date. The methodology section of the dissertation must provide great detail on how the student would approach the dissertation, and why the student took that approach, and why he chose a certain way to do that.

When writing a dissertation methodology the student needs to establish a clear relationship between the research question, and the scholarship that already exists in the field that the student has researched as part of the literature review, that would make it easier for the student to come to conclusions. No matter which subject or topic the student is writing his dissertation methodology on, the section must always include the following rules:

Recapping the Research Questions:

When trying to write a dissertation methodology it is important that the student keeps justifying his methodology, and that the methodology is right for the purpose of answering the research questions and problems that the student wrote at the beginning. When writing a dissertation methodology it is important that the student recaps all the questions he wants to answer, and introduces his methodology with that, but it should not be a word to word copy of the statement, and it is better to reword the problem so it easily flows from literature review into the methodology section.

Describing the Design and Structure Method:

This is the most important part of writing a dissertation methodology. This is an important part because the student gets to describe and clearly explain how he gathered the information and analyzed the data, or how he approached the research questions. This part of the methodology has to be thoroughly written and must be clearly detailed enough so that another scholar is easily able to read it and apply that in other ways outside the context of the dissertation.

If the student is taking a new theoretical way on a philosophical problem or a literary work, the reader must be able to understand it clearly so it is easier for him to apply it outside the dissertation text and problem. And if the student is describing and writing on a scientific experiment, the reader needs to be able to understand easily how to create that experiment in the lab. And if the student in his dissertation is introducing a new statistical model, it should be easier for the reader to be able to apply that model to his own data set after reading the dissertation methodology.

The Background for the Design Choice:

When the student wants to write a dissertation methodology another important step is describing the method and why the student chose it, and why the student thinks it would present great results, with the most solid conclusions and analysis. All of which would be drawn from the literature review, which presents the informed choices, and the sound rooted scholarship ideally displaying the innovations and creativity of the student.

The student must also make sure to relate the rationale for the methodology explicitly for the research problem. It should be easier for the reader to understand that the methodology you have written is a solid response to the dissertation questions that you are trying to answer.

Evaluation and Statement of Limitations of the Dissertation Methodology:

There is no perfect methodology and research method, and often the student chooses a research method that comes with its own set of problems, for example, the student must have chosen a small-scale interview as the student must think that the larger-scaled interview might not be that valuable to the student. But upon choosing that research method the student sacrifices a quantitative approach to the problem which might otherwise have yielded important insight results. The student must always be confident and upfront instead of being apologetic about the set of limitations he chooses. As the student would know better which approach is best to write a dissertation methodology.

Things to Avoid when Writing Dissertation Methodology:

When writing a dissertation Methodology make sure that there isn’t a part which does not relate to the other parts of the dissertation. They should be in a flow, connecting one part to another easily. There is sometimes an overlap over the methodology and literature review, such as the student moving written material back and forth in between the sections during the editing process thinking it isn’t right but the student must always resist doing that.

Another important thing to remember is that the methodology the student is writing must not include raw data, which means there is no need to reproduce the data, even if the question is about illustrating data-gathering mechanics. Such information can be added in the appendix instead of the dissertation.

It is highly likely that the student would refer to some of the other dissertation methodologies, and write a short review about them but the student must always know not to go into a detailed review of the previous dissertation methodologies as this should be entirely different and new compared to the rest. If you want to write a review then make sure you add it in the literature review chapter and make sure to add it for context on why you took that approach.

Your methodology must be written in a language the reader is easily able to understand and reproduce it. So do not make it difficult when writing a dissertation methodology.

Follow these steps on How to Write Dissertation Methodology and you would most likely succeed in the academic world.


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