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Ebooks vs Printed Books Cost and benefits

In this page you will have information about Ebooks vs Printed Books Cost and benefits Book writing and reading is a good habit. Students often get amused by the reading material. Sometimes, students exhaust just because they tired by following a simple a same routine daily. There are generally two methods used for reading the books.


It is the short form of the electronic books. Students in this era prefer to read the books online or in soft form. Tablets, handsets, mobiles, laptops, PCs, are used mainly to read the books. The online educational material is present o the websites. Students only have to download the books they want to read about. There are many advantages and disadvantages of soft form book reading as well as its potential hazards associated with it. Let's have a look at both of them in detail



  1. Students in their leisure time at any place can read the book online no matter where they are. Cell phones are always there in the bag or pocket. It only takes a minute or so to consult a book.
  2. Online books are free of cost. If someone has a good internet connection, he or she can read his or her coursebook within no time.
  3. As the word is advancing in the field of technology, many helpful options are there if you want to find anything in the whole book. For example, I want to search out the word Grammer, it would take more time to read the whole book and then see where does the word come. By using the gadgets one can easily avail the option of finding that particular word. The handhelds nowadays using the updated versions of the cell phones they have the many options that access quickly.
  4. At a time a large number of books can be stored in a single handset. It can give us the knowledge at any time we want.
  5. Books must be read I the specific environment only in the past. Libraries were there to serve the purpose. However, currently, if you have the smartphone in your hand, it means you have the whole encyclopedia.


  1. There are many negative effects of reading the books online. Firstly, book reading online can never be so easy as that from a Printed book or hard form.
  2. Eyesight also effects when we read a book on the PC, laptop, mobiles or handsets.
  3. Excessive reading on the cell phones can lead to a back pain.
  4. After some time, online book reading can give an image of weirdness and a feel of tiredness.
  5. Some students have the habit of highlighting the text and even makes notes out of it line by line. Though this facility is also available online but Printed book a better understanding to memorize the things and making understand the concepts.
  6. Online book reading imparts an image of sluggishness in the minds of students. They think they have the sufficient time to read a book on the cell phones. But times passes and at the end, they don't find time to read even from online.
  7. There is a misconception nowadays that students feel shy in reading a book in hard copy or from notes, and they are more comfortable to read with cell phones in their hand. In this way, they can check all the notifications and pop-ups coming on their cell phones.


Printed books

Printed books are different from those of ebooks in many respects. Printed books have the original color and background of the book as it is printed, which makes the concepts of the topic much clear. For this type of book reading, one has to properly make the environment that is suitable for book reading. Like eBook, this type of hard form of books also have some advantage and disadvantages following are listed below.

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  1. Some people are only comfortable to read Printed books because diagrams are more colorful which makes you feel fresh.
  2. Although Printed books are weighty it can impart more knowledge in a less time.
  3. Printed books are a rich source of knowledge. Sometimes, if you don't have in internet connection or storage running down or there is an issue of battery drainage, Printed books can serve the purpose very well.
  4. A better vision can be taken from reading the Printed books. Eyes won't get tired of reading.
  5. Different types of rays that are damaging to the health point of view, can affect the performance an health too by using the ebooks. But Printed books are the best in this type of situation


  1. Printed books are weighty. And at a time one can handle 5 to 6 books only. As compared to eBooks, they carry less space and can be in numbers.
  2. Printed books sometimes become boring because there is no entertainment facility in a Printed book. Yet there are many exciting opportunities in eBooks.
  3. A Printed book cannot be read by a number of people. but eBook can be made visible on a multimedia projector so that it can be read by a number of people.
  4. Printed books are more costly and expensive. But for eBooks, it only has to download from the strong internet access.
  5. Printed books are authentic though but less business can be done by it. There are more opportunities for doing business with eBooks.

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Nothing is rational in this world. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Printed books are a more conventional source of reading but in today's world eBooks are to be read by a number of people. as the cost of eBooks is much less than the original Printed books, so people more often prefer to read by this way. If someone wants to read some pages of the books, he can take the print out of those selected pages with the help of eBooks only. This facility cannot be obtained from Printed books. One has to buy the complete book in hard form.

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