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Effective Groups and Teams

Section 1: Learning objectives for affective groups and teams

LO 15-1: Why groups and teams are the key contributors to organizational effectiveness?

            Groups are the two or more people who interact for the accomplishment of the goal of the organization, while teams are the members of the groups that work intensely with each other to achieve the common objectives or goal of any of the organization. In the presence of groups or teams in the organization, it becomes easy for them to achieve their goal, in this efficiency or the effectiveness of the firm increases. Both groups and teams enhance the performance of the organizations. When individuals work in teams or groups have the ability to produce more output as compare to individuals working in isolation.  This is known as synergy.

            People have diverse capabilities and expertise. They have different level of knowledge, skills, abilities and experience. Therefore, when they work in groups and teams, they share their physical capabilities and mental capacities. This collaboration of diverse knowledge, skills and abilities along with experience and other characteristics lead to better performance. For example, Wal-Mart and in most of the organizations, employees work in the form of the groups or the teams. However, all the teams or the groups have the different tasks. When they perform the task in grouping then it compete easily in less time. (Kozlowski & Bell, 2001)

LO 15-2: Different Types of Groups and Teams that help managers or organization to achieve their goals?

            There are the different types of the groups or the teams that organizations are applying for enhancing their performance. There are the different forms of the groups that managers use to increase the output of teamwork such as formal and informal groups, task groups and command groups. In the same way there Are also types of the teams that help the organizations for increasing the efficiency of the organization like top management team, self management work team, virtual team and research and development team. If one person performs all the tasks then the output of apple can be low, however, when different groups perform the different tasks then efficiency of the organization increases. In this way, groups or teams help the managers to achieve their goals and ultimately affects the profitability of the organization (, 2013). In different organizations, people work in the different forms of the groups and all the groups have the different task in a way they contribute to increase the efficiency of the organization (Ilgen & Kozlowski, 2006)

Section 2: Real world application and value of the chosen learning objectives

LO 15-1: Groups and teams are the key contributors to organizational effectiveness

            My friend works in a company that assembles different parts of mobile phones.  There are the different groups and teams that perform the different tasks for assembling different parts of the mobile phone. For instance, some groups are responsible to install display in the mobile phones and other is responsible for batteries. People work in form of groups and teams and bring the innovative ideas, this thing help the organization to assemble the mobile phones efficiently and effectively. In this way assembly of the parts deliver in much better way. Therefore, this is the best way to increase the efficiency of the operations to assemble the phone.

LO 15-2: Types of Groups and Teams that help managers or organization to achieve their goals

            My elder brother works in inventory department of the local firm engaged in supply of grocery to different distributors. In the inventory department, people work in form of teams or groups.  One group handles flow of inventory and other is responsible for inspection of inventory to prevent damage.  When employees of the inventory department perform, the task in the form of group, one person corrects the mistake of the other. In this way, members of groups or teams have the ability to bounce the ideas of one another to manage the inventory. They bring the diverse knowledge for the management of the inventory that they face during the performance of task. Therefore, innovative ideas help the company to manage its inventory in best possible manner. Groups and teams increase the innovation and responsiveness to the customers with the help of the different or the innovative ideas.

Section 3: Application of the knowledge learned for SARF management teams  

            For increasing their efficiency SARF have apply this strategy in their organization. Because when in this organization people will work in the form of group or team then it become easy for the management of this organization to solve the problems, because members of the groups will give different or their innovative ideas for the solution of the problems, this thing affect on the efficiency of the organization. SARF have to develop groups and teams and specify them for the different tasks in this way their efficiency will increase. Moreover, administrative staff and mechanics also required teamwork.

            Administered staff requires participative management style. Employees should have right to contributed in the decision-making process as well as issues and problems of the groups. This is important for group effectiveness. Feedback is an essential element to improve and keeping performance on the right track. Therefore, as per the first objective, groups and teams are the key contributors to organizational effectiveness and feedback and participative management is an essential element in this regard. Therefore, these objectives to bring efficiency will be met through first objective.

            Moreover, teams are established in various forms. SARF requires teams with different objectives. Role of formal and informal groups, task groups and command groups are important in SARF teams. Formal groups are developed by the SRF and they are assigned to accomplish specific goals set by the SARF team. These groups include command groups, committees and task forces. Command groups are made up of senior management as well as their subordinates. Committees are appointed by command groups to resolve various issues and matters. Task force    groups are designed to execute different tasks and responsibilities assigned by the SARF team. There is also presence of informal groups in the SARF management. However, they are limited to social gathering and recreation only. They do not have any formal role in the management.



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