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Essay: Art, Music, Dance and Theater in Modern Era

  1. Examples of Modernism in the Performing arts:

A philosophical movement along with cultural trends and changes is called modernism. This arose from wide-scale and far-reaching transformations in Western Society in the late 19th century and early 20th centuries. The development of the modern industrial societies is one of the factors that shaped Modernism and the rapid growth of the cities. In addition, Modernism also rejected the certainty of Enlightenment thinking (Ambrosio, 2002). On the other hand, simply the modernism includes the creations and activities of those who seem the traditional forms of the literature, religious belief, social organization, art, and philosophy, activities of daily life, architecture and even sciences. In this spirit, the innovation likes atonal, twelve-tone music, stream-of-consciousness novel, abstract art and divisionism painting in the 19th century. In addition, the notable characteristic of Modernism is self-consciousness and irony concerning literary and social traditions (Jones, 2013). This often led to experiments with form of the use of techniques that drew attention to the processes and use of the different kinds of the materials in creating building, poem and painting (Ambrosio, 2002).

However, the Nietzschean reading of classical tragedy privileged the incorporation of Dionysian freedom, provided dance practitioners with a philosophical motive. On the other hand, the Ausdruckstanz did not follow the Dionysian path for the expression of the modern identity. Moreover, some of the choreographers focused on a more rigorously established the expression of modernity. They also retain the discipline of ballet but responds often with a note of skepticism to modern technological innovations (Ambrosio, 2002). This also includes the geometric patterning of space in the innovative designs and the building of the relationship between mechanical and human movement. These are the forms of the dances that often identified with Ausdruckstanz. Number of the people or choreographers showed different ways in which the human expressions and spirit prevails in spite of being encased. This also carries the restrictive materials of modern technology in the experimental use of masks and costumes. The dance and theater plays an important role in the development of modern era (Jones, 2013). The changes in the different things in field of art also change the performance and dance styles with help of the mechanical movements (Ambrosio, 2002).

The modern dance and theater is relatively different as compare to the 18th century and early 19th century. This is the direct revolt against the restriction of ballet. The modern dancing to the public was introduced by many dancers and choreographers in which historian dancer Idadora Duncan got credit. The ideology of the realism is rejected by the modernism explicitly. The past work is used to employment of incorporation, rewriting, revision, parody, reprise and recapitulation. This is the mode of the thinking and the bring innovation in dance and theater in order to enhance the credibility of that filed or art. This also runs through all types of the disciplines and arts in novelties specifically in the West. This is trend in the social progressive though that affirms power of human deigns to create, rephrase and improve their environment.

In addition, the Modernism encouraged the re-examination with aid of practical experimentation, technology and scientific knowledge that is necessary for the existence and survival of the dance and theater. The purpose of this is to holding back the progress and replaces it with new ideas and the methods of the performance in theaters. The use of the technology helps different characters to reach the same end. In this filed, the extraordinary dance work is done in the Bauhaus theatre and under the director Schlemmer (Jones, 2013). This is also illustrating his theories of philosophy about dance, human form and art. There are number of the techniques used by the Schlemmer for the promotion of the dance and theatre. This also includes the puppet-like forms as well as these responses to modernity and the industrial age (Ambrosio, 2002).

  1. Art, Science and Innovation

The art is defined as the organized expressions of ideas, experiences and feelings in the music, images, in languages, in movement and in gesture. They provide for intellectual, creative enrichment, sensory, contribute and emotional to the holistic development of the child. Most of the finest things are developed in the society with help and in form of the art. This also helps to participate in the cultural ethos and the sense of welfare (Boyer, 2003). The arts and science are the two important disciplines that literate and makes a person to explore the alternatives ways of communication with others. This also encourages the ideas that are personal and inventive and also makes a vital contribution to the development of the wide range of the intelligences. The innovation and use of the technology increase the learning process and makes better opportunities in the arts and music (Tschmuck, 2012).

The music of the composer Arnold Schoenberg is the example of how modernist art can be both revolutionary and yet be related to the past traditions (Boyer, 2003). He rejected the traditional tonal harmony and the hierarchical system of organizing works of music (Tschmuck, 2012). This was the guided music making for at least a century. There is need to find and discover the new way of organizing sound that now based in the used of twelve-note rows. On the other hand, the other composers like the Richard Wanger, Gustave Mahler, Franz Liszt, Max Reger and Richard Strauss also traced back the origins. With change in the time, there is also need to bring change in everything. If there is no change in a specific thing of filed, the more chances are that it will abolished from the culture. There is necessary to keep the art and music up to date (Tschmuck, 2012). The use of the technology helps the composer and music to produce the attractive arts and sound in the music. The representation of emotions in music is the art that enhances with use of the technology in this filed (Boyer, 2003).

The purpose of the use of the technology is to bring innovation in learning style of the arts education and music that encompasses a range of activities in music, the visual art, dance, drama and in literature. These experiences and activities help a person to make sense of the world. This is also a way to understand the environment and to question, speculate and to find solutions. In addition, this also helps to respond and create experience in this regard. This also helps to create the balance among expressions, response to the visual arts and the need of experience of the composer, cultural and music. In addition, this has been noted that Schoemberg also wrote tonal music in his entire career. The basic purpose of the use of technology is the perfection in arts and music. Everything needs something new so that it can be alive between people and in the society.

The innovation in the music created with the use of the technology and the computer. This is now defining as the digital music and art with use of the computers in the field. The widespread of the dissemination of computing and the portable computing technology also brings the change in the way of art and music (Boyer, 2003). Number of the digital musical equipments has invented that brings changes in the music. The music is an important part in each culture. People use the art and music to show and express their feelings and emotions. Furthermore, this also helps the people to determine and expresses their culture and values of society. Many individuals make their own techniques and ways of the modern art and music. In the 20th century the environment and structure of the music industry start changing. One of the innovations in the music industry is the introduction of the sound film in 1927. The technology plays a vital role in transforming the traditional music an art according to the new modern era. Therefore, this is more attractive for the people so that they can understand the needs for the innovation and the new designs in the art and music. This also depends on the cognitive skills of the composer to understand the current needs of the change in the environment and the techniques of music.


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