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Essay Writing Tips And Techniques

An easy is that piece of writing; it is usually developed by an author. In the essay the author or a writer usually reflects or expose their ideas or their point of views. Essay writing is an art and it is the God gifted quality. Some people have an ocean of the words and ideas and they have full known how about how to write an affected and workable piece of essay.

 When we start to write an essay this is necessary to aware about the some basic tips about good essay writing. When we use these tips in a proper way we can write a workable essay. Here are some basic tips which help to enhance and increase the working quality of our essay.

Select a topic

First when we come to start the essay, this is so important to select a topic. We should make it possible that we have a broad knowledge about the topic because when we start to write up an essay many people read it, some critique it and some take information from it. If our information is not relevant to our essay or we use false information in our essay this may throw your bad impact on others. So this is important to do full research work about the topic before write any essay.

Read the other’s essay

Before write an essay this is compulsory to read out the other’s point of view about the same topic. Reads others essay on different topics may help you to create your writing style. In fact as vast your reading practices as you can. Reading the other’s essay may enhance your vocabulary as well as broaden the insight of your learning skills. When you read the people’s essay be critical. Observe the writing techniques that he used in his essay. Try to note down his strength and weaknesses, and pickup the things that you may want to include in your essay and avoid the mistakes. 

Prepare the outline of your essay

Now it’s time to prepare the diagram ore outline of your essay that you want to write. Put things together you want to include in your essay. Put the topics in sequence and make their sense to relate with your essay topic. This structure or grid may play the role of basic theme of your topic. If you want to include a formal outline in your topic make it more furnished and beneficial for your essay.

Prepare a proper vocabulary

After start to write the content of essay make sure you have a lot of good and impressive vocabulary that you may use in the essay. A good vocabulary makes your essay meaning full. You can convey your message or theme in a better way with the help of good vocabulary. Economy of good and impressive vocabulary is one of the characteristics of good essay.

Write an introduction of the topic

Now you can start your essay with the introduction of the topic. I introduction we may introduce the topic, give some know how about the topic, give a self created definition of topic if needed. After reading the introduction of essay reader decides to read further or not. This part throws your first impression on the readers. So this is necessary to well create the introduction of the topic.

Write thesis of essay

In this part you discuss the main issue you going to discuss in the topic. Thesis is the summery of your essay topic. Thesis tells the reader about your point of view about the topic. Usually thesis statement have two part, one defines the topic and the second defines your point of view of essay. You also give your main idea on thesis statement.

Body of the essay

In the body you discuss the topic in detail and the main idea of your topic. Each and every thing that you know about the topic you should discuss in the body with a very delicate way. Use the impressive collection of vocabulary may take your writing in an edge. Make different paragraphs and discuss different new things in paragraph relate to your topic.

Finishing touch

At the last step of your essay writing you should give a finishing touch to your essay. Read the essay again, here you find some unnecessary sentences; you can skip them as well as you come know about you left some important things to include. This is the time to refresh your essay in a proper way. Check the order of paragraphs, make them in sequence. Make it sure that, your paragraph fall in right order.

Grammatical corrections

At the end check your grammatical mistakes because it impacts bad on your

Writing something is not easy, It requires greater knowledge, experiences, creativity and most of the time. Inspiration and devotion are the keys to create an effective essay that will attract the attention of the readers. An essay is a tool, which tells the abilities, thoughts, ideas and attitude of a person to the audience. The length of an essay should be good because it is not just a reading; it is also about deep analysis and synthesis of the intellectual abilities and the greater knowledge. Many people face problems in writing an essay, they have no idea what a good essay looks like. Well, here are basic tips and techniques to write an effective essay.


Reading is great tool to understand any information. Reading develops your mind and increase the ability of creativity. It opens your mind and help you to see the bigger picture. Read books as many as you can it will help you to develop you topics and your level of understanding will increase. Read essays which are already written by other peoples. It will help you to develop your style in essay writing. Read any essay you find, no matter what subject is. Every subject has its rules and principles, and you have all that knowledge you know how to argue in every possible way. Reading essays helps you understand the basic technique which is used to write an essay. Read newspapers they help you to understand the opinions and how to support your ideas and thoughts in a critical situation. Essay writing is a art which is create by open mind and great knowledge.

Build Up Good Vocabulary

Writing a good require a good vocabulary. Words are the main characteristics of any writing. A good vocabulary is important in writing a essay, it helps you express your ideas and thoughts clearly and precisely as possible. A vocabulary helps you to write a long information in just few works with great effectiveness and better understanding to the readers. Good vocabulary is necessary to communicate effectively and accurately. Learning a good vocabulary is always important for a writer. Writers always work to learn new words and sentences which increase their personal vocabulary. It helps them to convey their point of view more clearly and effectively. It also helps in displaying your intelligence to the readers. Anyone can develop a his own vocabulary which helps him to write its own essays with greater understanding. you can read and learn dictionary. there are many great words and their meaning which help you to understand when to use the word in right time and right place with right type of audience.


To do something first step is plan. Plan helps you to understand the nature of work and how much effort you need and how much time it takes to complete. Plan provide you the information and knowledge which is required to do work. Well before writing an essay you need to plan it. Plan the essay you going to write, you need to know what type essay you need to write, define your essay purpose, what kind of audiences will read it what affect your essay make on their lives. Start your essay by picking a good topic. Create a outline of the essay. Imagine the length of the essay. Essay is not just to read, it show yours ability, creativity, deep thoughts and  amazing ideas which you have in your mind. Make a thesis statement, it provides the readers a idea what will they get after reading the essay. Add a introduction paragraph. Introduction in important in essay writing. It reflects your thoughts about the topic and your feeling about the topic. Make a essay body paragraphs, each paragraph have a new idea and all the paragraph must have deep connections. In the end add a conclusion which provide a innovation and your suggestion o the readers.

Pitch Of Voice

Pitch of the voice has a great importance in essay. A good structure of sentences make the readers feel good and their interest in your essay will increase. Do not try to make long sentences, it will make them bored and they will lose the interest in your essay. Keep the tone sophisticated. Use of proper punctuation is very important in essay writing. Its helps you to convey important information or argument clearly and persuasively. Use a confident tone in your essay it helps the readers to understand that you know what you are talking about and they feel safe with your information. Use active voice while writing essay rather than passive wise. Active voice provide the sense of immediacy and the readers will easily compel. Use a good tone in your essay writing for your audience or readers as they are respecting you with your ideas and thoughts which your provide in your essay.

These are some tips and techniques which you use and make a good essay for yourself and that will definitely impress your readers.


At the end of your essay you must discuss your conclusion. The conclusion makes many things clear. You summarize the ideas of your essay in your conclusion part.  This is the closer of the topic and you can sum up man thing in the closing paragraph. Here you presents the final ideas of the perspective of your topic. You should strong sentences which throw a positive and powerful impact on the reader.


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