Financial statements of Newport RI (2013 and 2014)

Rations of Newport city

revenue measures

REVENUE PER CAPITAtotal operating revenue/population


expenditures measures

expenditure per capita
total operating expenditures/population


employees per capita
number of municipal employees/population per house hold

operating position measures

revenue over expenditures
total operating revenue/total operating expensesexpenses


operating surplus deficit
general funds operating surplus deficit/general funds operating revenue0.1409010.19

fund balance
general fund balance/operating revenue


cash and short term investment/current liabilities


debt indicators

long-term debt
general obligations long-term debt/assessed valuation

current liabilities
current liabilities/operating revenue


unfunded liability measures

pension obligations
pension obligations/wages and salaries


funded ratio
value of pension plan assets/accrued pension plan liability

capital plan indicators
capital outlay from operating funds/operating expenditures


Per capita income is increasing it is indicating that city would be able to provide existing services to its citizens. Ratio of revenue over expenditures is showing good results. It is indicating that it has higher revenues than its expenditures. Ratio of revenue over expenditures is showing good results. It is indicating that revenue available to government is higher than its expenditures of operations. Operating surplus deficit is showing average results. It has been result as compared to previous year. It is good for government as its deficit is reducing. General fund balance is comparing its general funds with revenue from operations. It has increased slightly as compared to previous year.

            Liquidity position of company is strong. It has more cash and cash equivalents as compared to its current liabilities. Its long-term debts have increased as compared to previous year. Pension obligations have increased. It is not showing good sign for company. Funded ratio is calculated by dividing pension liabilities to pension assets. Overall ratios are providing good results of city operations.

Comments of financial position

            Its assets are more than its liabilities in both financial years. Net position in 2014 of government has also increased by $14,107,450. Net position from activities of government has also increased. Activities from business have also increased. Fund balance has increased in fiscal year 2014 by $141,779. Overall position of city is showing improvements as compared to previous year. Funds balance exceeds from its expenditures by 14% in 2014. Its debt obligations have increased as compared to previous year. Total net position of city is showing improvement. Net position in 2014 has increased as compared to previous year. Total liabilities in 2014 decreased. Total revenue has also been improved.

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