Functions and purpose of photograph

Question 1:

Functions and purpose of photograph:

 The function of photograph in American culture is providing information service for maintaining and completing the picture of current scenario. It captures the emotions and happiest movements of lives. The picture explained about the story, which is related to real and imaginary life, and highlights the issues as well. The image left the story behind it and urged the personalities towards the imagination. No doubt, photos as objects create the most amazing and personalized special effects in minds of people. The fast pace photojournalists are related to 1930 as rest of century find the parallels fashion magazines. Alexey prior to war brought freedom through small camera photography based on American fashion magazine. The story is related to Ushering based on image into American culture as Margaret appeared on first issue coverage related to life magazine in 1936. After three decades, the magazine tells about stories through the pictures. The first major widespread issue was II world war (, 2012).

Question 2:

The current aspect of face is based on native people cultural construct. The face explained about the strict features of native people who are preferred to follow the regulations and laws of developed and strict culture of America. The features shed the light on the Americanization policies as this is based on the ideology when the people learnt about the United States. The facial aspects of people highlight the tribal traditions through culture of America. These people prefer policies and preferences to join majority of society with peace. The people to be successful need to attend schools for learning and better positions. The short statement of intension is based on highlighting the preferences, thoughts and lives of people through different series, which are joined in pictures. The face sometimes shows the miserable conditions due to lack of knowledge and putting labor efforts along with those who are indulged in efforts of ruling.

Question 3:

The current picture highlights the social issue of world. The picture explained about “Sweatshop of the World”. The Sweatshop presents poor working conditions and highlights the environment in which workers are working. These sweatshops also highlight the children working as child labor. The picture must be taken through the developing countries where several manufacturing and operational departments are highlighted. The American state has shown strong labor laws as compared to the under developed countries.  A poor child is standing in front of machine and focus on working. The background environment is so poor. The social issue is highlighted through picture because the child is so young for working. This is picture is related to small garment factory and it is fact several of garment factories are running in developing countries such as Bangladesh. Under two or more years contracts, the children are enforced to work. For the regional distributions, the clothing is taken through small sweatshops (, 2013).

Question 4:

The discipline becomes the obsession in the photography of Sebastião Salgado. He always in his photography captured the pictures of human side as global story because it is based on death, destruction and decay. In video, it has given the example of tree, which is essential for natural environment. To get understanding of points he has given the example of his personal aspects such as lack of hair on head. Similar, the trees are hair for nature. He also shed the light on the ecosystem re-building. He has given the example of model, which is created in Brazil. He has highlighted the few pictures, which are considered important to get direction. The land is destroyed on complete basis through erosion ass land has shown died aspects. He has given the resemblance to the pictures related to his own age and presence as well as his hair. In conclusion, it can be stated that he is interested to urge the people to save the lives of others (, 2015).

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