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Google Docs vs Microsoft Office

There are two participants in a race i.e. Microsoft and Google. They both remain on their toes to put and show themselves everywhere they can get a chance. It has become a race where these both participants want to win. They both are rivals to each other.

Nowadays Google's collection of Slides and Sheets and Docs are ruling everywhere. Google is trying to win this race by gaining market share in education as well as in the enterprise. However, it was a time when Microsoft Office i.e Word, Excel and PowerPoint were our dear friends. Sometimes you might love to think about them as well and wonder how you used to take help from them. Moreover, there are many new apps that Microsoft is offering that you may want to consider. There is a brief description that I have gathered to make a difference between Google Docs and Microsoft Office. I will be discussion Word v.s Docs, Excel vs. Sheets and PowerPoint vs. Slides and term paper editing and proofreading service.

Word vs. Docs

For so many decades Microsoft Word has been considered a typical second name of documents. Since it is an old friend, many people find it easy to use. It is not as complex as the new software one can find complex while learning how to use it. There is a lot of familiarities associated with it.

There is Microsoft Word available on Android. It tries it's very best to remain rich with features and its products but there are some things that you may find frustrating in it. As I was trying to use it on my Android phone and when I opened its file I got mistaken that it might be a print preview. Due to the small screen of my Android that is not as such small but comparative to the screen of my Laptop. I kept on trying to zoom it again and again. I had to tap the screen to make the right spot where I had to start typing. Saving files is another dilemma that I faced while using Microsoft Word. If you need to follow some popup on your mobile the document will need to get saved only in cloud storage through DropBox or OneDrive. If I had to remove some changes, I had to save the previous version of the file.

However, Google Docs does not have that many features. One of its drawbacks is that it does not provide you with an option to add an image. Although it is not rich with features, yet it is fast and one can go on writing without being worry about saving it on time.

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Microsoft Word has many tools related to editing and markup that can enable one person to share the file with other group members. However, Office 365 is not capable of editing and share online with others. Google Docs, on the other hand, is totally Web-based. That is to say, at one time, a lot of members of a group can have the access to one document in real time. So this is the plus point of Google Docs that it can be shared among a lot of people at one point in time. On the other hand, Microsoft Word despite having many features for editing cannot be shared with many. Only one person can use it at a time.

So both softwares have their perks and cons. It thoroughly depends on your choice whether you want to have a plethora of features, and you want to make a file with images while using these features, Word is the best option available for you. And if your job is to make your document simple, and you want to share your file with many other group members so that they can read and edit it, Google Docs is the best for you.

Excel vs. Sheets

One of the things about Google sheets is that it is free of cost. On the other hand, you need to pay a certain amount to but Microsoft Excel.

While using Microsoft Excel you have to work individually on a spreadsheet and for reviewing you need to send in an email individually to stakeholders. However, in Sheets, a file can be shared once with a group of many. These are Sheets' features that you can use its features such as real-time commenting and editing etc. with other people no matter how far they are from you.

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There is another positive point regarding Sheets is that one can fetch any anything from Google services.

If you want to revise your spreadsheet editing history, Excel wants you to save the previous version. This thing makes Microsoft Excel highly likely to make mishaps.

Excel is more suitable for users of power spreadsheet and those who work with a huge amount of data. Excel provides many other advanced functions for them. Sheets can be used for many other things as well. If you want to have a formula in Sheets, it will be just clicking the bottom in the left bottom away.

PowerPoint vs. Slides

When it comes to making slides, you must have the best software to make your presentations super impressive. There are two softwares who claim to have everything you need for making a presentation. These softwares are Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.

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Slide presentations used to have a live target audience but nowadays people have started uploading their presentations on Web and they target Web audience. PowerPoint offers a wide range of templates, options for customizing your slides and its effects. Audios, videos, and animation features are also very crucial for making your slides attractive so that the audience may not start yawning. And these all things are there in Microsoft PowerPoint. While using it, everything is in your control. You can make slides of your own choice from the start to the end. Also, these PowerPoint slides can be handled by a tablet.

Slides, on the other hand, have different things to offer. All you can do is that to create a slide with white background. There is very less to add things in here. Yes, shapes and lines can be added in slides but the variety of features that Microsoft PowerPoint offer is far better than Slides.

As far as its working on Android tablet is concerned, it is a matter of disappointment on Google's part. Although there are many attractive things on the desktop. On a website, slideshow becomes an easy task. A little editing can be done while using Slides on Android tablets but expecting the desktop thing on Andriod tablet would disappoint you.

Slides are web-based and its files are up-to-date. It is easy to link the slides with a web page. Its collaboration is also very easy as your colleagues and members of your group can easily assess you document to edit. It is not necessary for you and your colleagues to be on the same device to work together. At the same time, you can change many parts related to one presentation.

If one's target audience is Web-based, one can set Question and Answer feature in the presentation. Through this feature interaction of the audience can be ensured.

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