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Do you help me write a poem! Yes, we are here to help you with writing a poem. Writing a poem is all about observing the world within around you. A poem can be about anything aspects of life, like love for country, friendship, and toy. Writing poem is naturally creative ideas. You can write a poem with your right inspiration and you can share with your friends. You should capture your feelings when you want to write a poem. Only you can know whether your poem can succeed. Writing poetry is the meaning to convey your communication to the reader. Write a poem focus to generate your own ideas.

Do writing exercise

A poem starts with a line of verse, one sentence or two that gives an impression of the image you want to express in the poem. You also take a prompt from previous writing poems or create your own prompt.  You should brainstorm technique used for writing a poem. You can get the idea from an image and freewrite as the inspiration for a poem.

Get inspired by your environment

You may also be inspired by going for walk in the garden. You may observe people in the park or garden and use moments from your observation as the inspiration for your poem. You can also write a poem about a person who is important to you, like mother, your father or your best friend. You can use as inspiration person for your poem. You can express personality traits or qualities in a poem.

Draw draft for a specific theme

You can write a poem on focusing on a specific theme. When you focus on the specific theme or an idea that engages you and provide a clear goal. Goal narrows down and makes it easier for writing a poem, which image and description you want to use in your poem.

For Example, You want to write a poem around the theme of “friendship.” You can think about specific moments in your life when you have experienced friendship and how would you want characterize friendship based on your relationship with your friends.

Try to get a clear theme, which helps you write a poem clear. Suppose you select the theme of loss, you should choose the more specific theme like loss of love, loss of a best friend, loss of parents and loss of a child.

For writing a free verse poem

You should also know how you could choose words or phrasing to describe the situation in your poem. You should have a short sentence to describe an event. If you want to write a poem on the friendship, you should use soft words, which depict the best meaning of friendship.

Keyword list

Write down the keywords, which you want to write your poem.  Think about the description and image, which help you in writing a poem and write all related keywords on the page. After making the list of all keywords, you should create a draft, which helps you in writing. You need not worry about the draft; you can edit or rewrite, add or remove any keywords with your choice. Read your first draft and think which keywords you want to add in your poem to describe the situation of an event. Use rhythming words in your line. You must remember in poetry, there is no need to complete your sentence. A poem always has some logic without completing a sentence. Also, use the break between lines in your poem, which affect its meaning in a good way. Read the final draft and start writing a poem. It is very difficult to see carefully your poem and think about anything that you missed in a poem. Feel free when you are writing a poem, but carefully write the poem and there is no rule for writing free verse poem. It all depends on you how you describe your poem in an artistic way. You can make that type of poem when reader read it, he or she can see and feel which you express in your poem. You should shape your poem after reviewing some example of a poem and then you can get an idea how to write a poem. Use concrete image: you should avoid using an abstract image that is not clear. You should use always descriptions of people, places, and feelings, which you can best explain in an artistic way.  You can also use five sense of body in a poem. Using concrete image, which involves the reader in a situation you are describing in a poem. You should choose the topic, which one is, touch you deeply. You can use the phrases in your poem, a meta-description that capture the ton of the poem.

Include concrete concept and feelings

Use concrete concept and feeling about an experience that you are going to describe in your poem. Write a poem in depth of the concept. Try to use literary devices throughout your poem.  Write your poem in a surprising way. For example ‘I was a crow on the wire." "My heart is empty without you.' “The car sink like a stone." These are some examples of the writing poem.

Avoid overused opinion

Your poetry would be the stronger when you avoid of cliches, which they have lost their meaning. Go with creative descriptions and image that help the reader feel surprised. Use unique words and phrase to describe the situation. Cliches have described the overuse of any word. It is against the original communication. People value the creative talent and like their work. You should remember to avoid cliches in your poem.

Use images

You can use senses and make attractive in your poem like sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste, movements. In the poem, describes the scene with the help of clear and rhythm words.

Use figure of speech

A figure of speech where you can say one object is similar to another object i.e, like and as. You can use different words and create a connection between them. It is up to you, how you express your feeling in a poem.

Read the poem aloud

When you complete your draft of the poem, you should read it aloud, get a response from your parents, family, and friends. You can edit your draft of the poem according to your best suggestions. You should notice the listeners, Are they confuse or unclear about phrases or words, if they confused you need to replace the phrase and words.

Revise your poem

When you get feedback from the audience on your poem, you can revise it until poem shows you its best form. You make sure; every line of the poem describes the overall goal, focus on the specific theme. You should complete your poem to cut the unclear phrases and words and replace with new one. You should clear your goal and how you can achieve? For achieving your goal, you can focus on the experience that you want to explore in your poem.  Do you want to explore your personal experience and want to play with a language? Think clearly about goals, which provide help to achieve your goal. In the end, you can revise, revise and revise as you get the best poem in an artistic manner.


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