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High level graduate skills


Literature review analysis. 2

Business process management 3

Quality control analysis. 4

Judgment and decision making. 5

Communication and leadership skills. 5

Managing change and improvement 6

Brief introduction. 6

Table of recent activities. 7

Development of skills and knowledge. 7

Skills development plan: 8

Level of competence: 9

Challenges: 10

References: 10

Current CV. 10

Cover letter. 13

Literature review analysis

 The high level graduate skills are most important to get the right. After the completion of graduation time it is most important to explore the graduation skills in the services and business industry.  High professional skills and capabilities plays significant role in the organizational job descriptions. Many of the organizations are currently focus on relative job description in finding the right employee for right job.   The job description is based on the quality assurance engineer who is responsible for managing development of business process like initiatives in software, testing and finish to insure high level of accuracy in products and services.  Business process modeling as well as business analytics and business intelligence are the major considerations skills required for the high graduate skills in finding the job of reputable industry.  

Towards the main responsibilities of quality assurance engineer contains on specification requirements like technical design documents, meaning full feedback about the quality justification, well structured test planning, implants creative details, estimation,, planning  and prioritizing testing activities in assuring best execution of system process.  Open source tools as well as execute automation to depict clear demonstration of quality investigations.  Professionally, socially, methodological and personal competencies are the major significance for the quality assurance engineer in order to successful in their professional life. (Lang, 2015)

Following are the five high graduate skills required for the quality assurance engineer to inspect each aspect of products and service stage to increase overall organizational performance characteristics.

Business process management

There are three major aspects including in the business process management to indicate knowledge of marketplace to reveals best job description.  Transformational, operational and technical elements includes in the business process management. In the transformational skills that includes building and development of business vision and strategically implication of business planning.  The knowledge of engineering industry and change organizational techniques are to inspect and investigation of organizational services. In operational system of quality assurance engineer indicates the business process discovery, process performance management and governance in process policy.  In technical using optimization, simulation and network modeling to highlighted the core competitive edge in the field of quality assurance engineer.   The graduate employability skills are not only important for employers or graduated bust also has great importance for county economy and terms of supply and demand graduating skills.

Quality control analysis

 The quality control analysis depicts detailed description of quality controlling in product and services.  Sampling testing and investigation are the core elements in recognizing each aspects of quality assurance engineer.  Process analysis, total quality management, scatter diagram, PARETO chart and control chart knowledge skills should be inherent to revise the major considerations of quality assurance engineer capabilities.  The major roles and responsibilities of quality assurance engineer includes testing to determine quality of services, finished as well as intermediate products and conduction of stability sample tests.  Conducting non-routine and routine analysis of in process materials and stability samples are insured quality services.  Visual inspection of finished goods, interpretation of testing results, establishment of specifications, analyzed appropriate data and complete documentation reporting facilitated the testing procedures that contains on the equipment logbooks, data capture forms and inventory forms.  The main technologies used in the quality assurance engineer web platform development software, program testing software,  data base of user interface with query software and spreadsheet software’s. These are the main skills that depicts high level of graduate confirm to become employed. Thus the quality control analysis skills plays significant role in quality assurance engineer job description.

Judgment and decision making

Especially for quality assurance engineer required well judgment and decision making to reviews the assessment of quality software executed with the products and services.  Recording information, reporting documentation, inspection of structures material and monitoring the environmental to evaluate and detect the problems. The quick response regarding the problems and issues in products and services identify and make decision corresponds towards judgments.  The detailed working activities of quality assurance engineer recording research as well as operational data to evaluated the quality aspects for the preparation of operational reports.  Quality of control analysis, complex problem solutions, reading comprehension, monitoring and active listening of their team members are the professional skills to highlighted the graduated skills to perform better in the industry.  Benchmarking, level of aggregation and relationship accreditations are associated with the skills and development infrastructure of graduated high skills professionals. (Lang, 2015)

Communication and leadership skills

Effective communication and leadership skills are major consideration in very significant job description to reveals the best performance characteristics within the departments and outside the organization as well.  in addition to this the other related skills includes  ability in recognition of near vision, deductive reasoning, oral expression and written comprehension derives the  best exploring high level graduated skills of quality assurance engineer. Combining both communication and leadership skills leads to communication competence.  The leadership skills are the most significant and rationale in the quality assurance engineer to entails with the core competitive edge in the job description with the entitlement of clear roles and responsibilities.  The commitment of employees as well as engaging employees in the teamwork through leadership formulation derives effectiveness in overall organizational performance characteristics. (Johansson, Miller, & Hamrin, 2014)

Managing change and improvement

There are wide range of quality assurance engineer capabilities includes achievement of results, working with wide range of people, providing direction, managing personal & self skills,  embracing change, delivering service excellence and finding innovative solutions.  These are the main requirements for quality assurance engineer capabilities to manage change and improvements. There are certain technological implementations that must be known to quality assurance engineer to reveals the high quality services to their potential clients in the organization. Open innovation skills that networking the capabilities and competencies with the effective integration relationships. Effective confrontation of IT resources enhances skills of quality assurance engineer capabilities and expertise of top management layers.  Objective achievement, measurable, maturity driven process, value creation, cyclic & repeated processes, performance oriented and resources utilization are the major considerations towards quality assurance engineer capabilities. (Carroll & Helfert, 2015)

Brief introduction

quality assurance engineer is selected job description that certain  professional skills  to attain competitive advantage in the career planning and development, this is the important because it enhances the capabilities of quality assurance engineer to analyze the results and experience for their job to indicate the best practices of career development plan. A career development that highlighted the major performance characteristics of quality assurance engineer to provides services in the industry and confront he quality issues effectively.  Thus the rational of career development and knowledge of quality assurance engineer skills reveals the formulation of personal skills and development.

Table of recent activities

Learning of quality management approaches, effective software technology reporting mechanism of different companies, internship at quality department, attending seminars on quality aspects, participate in meetings of business that assures quality elements, coordination with quality managers, integrative with the software manager and developed of quality framework is the most important activities that enhances the overall skills and knowledge of towards the quality assurance engineer. These are the major undertaken activities that need to be more planned to insure high level of graduating skills.

Development of skills and knowledge

 The development of skills and knowledge is based on the computer electronics as well as production and processing. The knowledge towards quality assurance engineering is based on the chemistry, English language, mathematics, education & training, mechanical knowledge, public safety & security and personal services.  There are certain activities in last two years that associated with my professional career and   have to develop my career plan to pursue best practices of my career field.  I have done BSC in engineering that is specifically related to the quality supervision and quality controller in managing the product and services.  In addition to this I have also attend the meeting of supplier quality evaluation who inspect the quality specification carefully. I have also done internship in one of the major multinational company that product products as well as services. I have done certificates in quality supervising that is specifically related to my filed.

Skills development plan:

For the specifications of development plan, certain must be following to highlight the major implications in my plan development. My specialization field is engineering in quality supervisor.  Therefore, carefully planned of skills unleash mu career growth and pursue me to explore my professional education into actual environment of organization.  In the first step outline the goals, that what I have to identified, I want to become quality assurance engineer in multinational corporation to provide my services. After that evaluation of current situation, means sills necessary for achieving stated goals.  Analysis of product quality and implications of total quality management practices in the organization to stronger the capability which is necessary for the competencies.  Communication skills, leadership skills, strategically formulation of quality inspection and improvement in the products and services are the core competencies required for the quality assurance engineer to reveals the best of career plan. Acknowledgement of specialized strengths and highly developed skills defined to manage the quality assurance engineer operations in the company.  Analytical abilities, quality control analysis, complexity in problem solving methods, monitoring of overall product development and services enhancement,  reading comprehension and best reading comprehension to postulates high graduating skills in my future career plan.  In the next steps identification of weaknesses like lack of coordinating and taking pressure when challenging work required.  To resolve such issues improvement had to be taken to produce effective results in quality assurance engineer field.  Speaking with the subordinates and coworkers who are families with working habits, and develop strategy is to improve the professional goals of development planning skills. After that creation of action planning for the development of skills done to initialized the major considerations towards quality assurance engineer specialization.   

The critical components of achievement in the long term goals for the quality assurance engineer job description reviews to postulates the action planning  in career development plan.   The outline goals are analyzed fort managing team of quality assurance engineer department and focus on strengthen the skills. The traditional environment of learning in the field of quality assurance engineering is providing developing skills.  In last assigned timeline for each stated activity in the above statements.  Some skills required extensive learning and high practice to become strengthens the professional skills in the career plan.

 Investigation regularly fort the valuation of progress is regarding the development of plan to observe the trust on the feedback of development skills progress.  The major goals are focused on the quality assurance engineer skills required in the industry and find right job placement for right skills enhancement.   The ideal career life is based on the communication and leadership skills to recognize high level of graduating skills specifically for the quality assurance engineer. The main roles and responsibilities of quality assurance engineer are based on the inspection and testing of material and services improvised by the company.

Level of competence:

The high level of competence is required for the specialization in the quality assurance engineer to provide professional services to the multinational companies.   Outstanding and remarkable grading required for such job to articulate the job descriptions.  The quality control analysis as well as learning of data base management system, Microsoft Access and Relational database software experienced with data base user interface system.  Structured query language SQL is also the main important skill that creates competitive edge in the quality assurance engineer capabilities.


There are certain challenges that are also faced in the quality assurance engineer field like lack of experience in engineer field and more concentrated IT markets as well as expansion in the markets. Thus to sum up all discussion about the quality assurance engineer field that provides wide range of development skills in enhancing the job description to retain high values in the job placement.  Testing and inspection of products and services is the major competencies of quality assurance field.  Lacks of relative experiences in the field of engineering has might posses challenges in finding right job description capabilities.


Carroll, N., & Helfert, M. (2015). Service capabilities within open innovation: Revisiting the applicability of capability maturity models. Journal of Enterprise Information Management , 28 (2), 275-303.

Johansson, C., Miller, V. D., & Hamrin, S. (2014). Conceptualizing communicative leadership: A framework for analysing and developing leaders’ communication competence. Corporate Communications: An International Journal , 9 (2), 147-165.

Lang, D. W. (2015). Self-regulation with rules: Lessons learned from a new quality assurance process for Ontario. Quality Assurance in Education , 23 (3), 216-232.

Current CV



Quality assurance engineer


City, Province

Postal Code

Telephone:  Number / e-mail:  address



Start/End Date                     ABC

                                             BSC Quality assurance engineering




Date                                             January 2015                                                   



Date                                     ABC

                                                      Quality assurance February 2015




                                             Quality assurance at multinational company

                                             December 2004


Tools & technology

  • Thickness in measuring devices
  • Knowledge of analytical and scientific software
  • Programming testing software
  • Ultrasonic examination equipment
  • Complete documentation
  • Determination of quality controlling


  • Production and processing
  • English language
  • Programming language
  • Knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry


  • Analysis of quality control
  • Complex problem solving
  • Written comprehension
  • Evaluation and monitoring of products and services
  • Active listening
  •  Business development process
  • quality control handling processes

Work activities

  • Recording information
  • Monitor surroundings, material and processes
  • Communication with peers
  • Calibrate scientific or technical equipment.


  • Deductive reasoning
  • Written comprehension
  • Near vision
  • Oral expression
  • Communication leaderships skills

Work context

  • Environment controlled
  • Face to face discussion
  • Safety equipments
  • Importance of exact and accurate information
  • Evaluate quality of materials or products


Cover letter


                                                            Tel No: 123

                                                                                                            Email: ABC



Wallace & Gromitt

123 Innit Avenue





Quality assurance engineer

Dear Sir / Madam,


Please find attached my CV in application for the above position. Currently I am reading BSC in quality assurance field. I recognized as industrial placement of well reputed organization.  I found voluntary placement in the air quality Europe to explore my profession career.


Towards my final year of graduation, I am analyzing data for quality assurance engineering field within US.  The company has facing issues in managing the quality services; in this regard I find the opportunity to explore my services and experiences in your organization.

I want job because I have certain skills and capabilities to ensure best practices of quality assurance engineer. My major skills and capabilities is based on the Analysis of quality control, Complex problem solving, Written comprehension, Evaluation and monitoring of products and services, Active listening,  Business development process and quality control handling processes. Such skills reveal that   I am capable in filling such job. My job description is based on the investigation and testing of products and services and deliver best quality services. I want to be a part of large organization and member of effective team to provide excellent services of quality assurance.

Thank you for your kind consideration for my attached CV and I look forward to communicating with you soon.

Yours faithfully / sincerely

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