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Home Security System in Saudi Arabia


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an Arab state in Western Asia. Geographically,this is the second largest state in the Arab world. This country shares board with Iraq and Jordan in north, Oman to the southeast, Yemen to the south, Kuwait to the northeast, Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to the eat. In addition to this, this is only country with both a Persian Gulf coast and Red Sea cost(, 2014).

Most of the area of Saudi Arabia consists of arid inhospitable desert and the barren landforms. Economically this is the well established country with per capita income of $20,677. With increase in the growth and development of the nation there is also increase or born some issues and problems that are not good for the country and protection of the people(, 2014). Every person in this world or the country has some fundamental rights.

There are different kinds of fundamental rights a person has to exercise. Peace, protection of him, family, property, assets, respects, and dignity is the examples of the rights. The protection is the right for citizen that is also from the nature and in constitution and legislation of about every country. (DeMers, 2014). With increase in the work, change in the routines, busy and due to other reasons people has to leave their houses. Such busy schedules of work in the community creates shortfall of security system that indicates the need of citizen in the current environment.  Some has to go for few hours, some for few days and many for weeks.

 In this situation, the house will empty and there will number of chances of theft and robbery in house that recognized the need of security system for citizen. For this purpose there requires to make the house and other property secure for citizens. (GORDON, 2005). In the past days, people used to keep watchman but this was not a reliable source because he is also human. In order to overcome this problem, technology provides a solution of use of different kinds of gadgets for the surveillance of house 24 hours a day. The technological advancement creates solution for the citizens to safe their houses and confronts the need of society effectively.


There are number of the products available in the market for the security and protection of the houses, malls, shops and other property. However, in Saudi Arabia the concept of use of the security camera is very rare and actual use of technology is fewer or no existence(Kleidermacher & Kleidermacher, 2012). However, the laws of Saudi Arabia are very strict that abstain a person from any kind of wrong doing.

On the other hand, still the personal safety and protection of house is first priority of every person living there that indicated the strongly need of citizen for their right protection.  It is important, therefore, first to establish those services or products for which one is to attempt to determine as well as the target population or populations(Lund, 2003). Only then can one begin to establish whether and to what extent the need remains unmet.

In Saudi Arabia, men have gone out to work leaving women and children alone in the house. So, there is always a risk of attack by dacoits or risks of thefts if there is no one in the house. Such risk need to confront it with appropriate security system that must be connected with the system of Saudi police. Therefore, this is necessary to provide home security system with mobile integrated service along with installation of CCTV cameras(Lund, 2003). In this service, whole house will be monitored 24/7 by monitoring team through CCTV cameras, and all doors and windows will be integrated with an automatic system that if someone tries to open it forcefully or illegally, then automatic system will send an alert to the house owner regarding any unusual activity. Such security system connects with the police so as soon as the alarm triggers it will notify the police to take necessary actions accordingly. One more facility is that house owner can also watch & monitor his house any time through his smart phone. An application can provide from side of vendors to users.  This application is also connected with the Saudi police department, if any risks happening alarm triggers to notify the police.  This reveals quick response of police towards security system in Saudi Arabia. With the help of this app, house owner can watch the CCTV footage on his/her own smart phone.  This app creates convenience for the citizens to connect and get protected that already connects with the police departments. Due to advanced idea and technology, this system will be a unique one(Mueller, 2005).

In addition to this, the other available products and services provided for the customers in Saudi market are as follows:

  1. Different Security Software
  2. Digital Video Recording
  3. Video Surveillance Systems
  4. Integrated Security
  5. Door interface/controls
  6. Access Controls
  7. Control Equipments


This has believed that the crime ratio in the Saudi Arabia is increasing from the past three years. On the other hand, the overall ratio with other countries is quite less especially with America. However, the increase in the crime ratio also put fear factors in citizens and they are not living freely mentally or physically identify the need of citizens for their protection. (, 2014). They are always in fear of the robbery, house breaking, theft, abduction, kidnapping and other crime. Therefore, there born the need to enhance the security of the people especially in their houses. These security threats investigate the needed requirement of security system in Saudi Arabia.  Thus the security system for citizens is the most significant need for the Saudi citizens to protect from any uncertainty. 

The CCTV Camera (Close-Circuit Television Camera) becomes the need and requirement of people and state itself. These can install in the streets, markets, houses, police departments with relevant geographical areas and other areas that are sensitive for this. Therefore, we can say it is a fundamental unmet need. It is more an unmet need felt among a certain community, the community of people safety consciousness who can afford to spend for new experiences. This is one of the reason we will target a certain type of population to satisfy the need of citizens. (Kleidermacher & Kleidermacher, 2012).

Remember that home security system in Saudi Arabia is very rare and no one uses it. When people do not know or not use these gadgets and technical protector or watchman in house then there is also the lack of the availability of these products in the market(Bingham). The people do not have the options and there is no demand in the market. With increase in the crimes ratios, now people realize the importance of the protection and security systems.

Now, this creates the potential in the market about the product. On the other hand, in the market there are no options, vendors or producers are present that offers security systems for Saudi citizens. The reason to start the business there is that it has great potential for the business(DeMers, 2014). The need is to provide the quality products and aware the people about the use, importance and benefits of using technology and its systems for the protection and safety or friends, families and property. 


The need of the security and surveillance systems for the protection of the citizens is recognized by the government at local, national and regional level along with the leading entrepreneur of the country. Moreover,despite of the recognition of the importance of the security systems, the government and other business are not making attempts at its full stake. The reason is that at the current moment this seems useless(GORDON, 2005). However, in coming years the need and demand of the products of security and surveillance technology will increase.

Huge cast must be available to this business that is very bureaucratic and sketchy.Government is taking interest in purchasing of the CCTVs and otherproducts for the monitoring at the sensitive and public areas. The need is becoming increasing due to unstable political and peace position in the region.

This risk increases the demand of security appliances for people as well as government.This is the typical situation for many businessesspecially the small business owners that they cannot operate or offer these products due to constraints of the money or investment in this business. There is need of citizens for specific security system to inject more cash into small businesses that has exclusively accessible about every place.

In the start of the business the few markets like Riyadh, Mecca, andJeddah will approach. This is also mandatory for the government to make aware the public and the make them agree through social campaigns to use the securitycameras for the protection(, 2014).


A number of key individuals and companies would need to be involved in a project like this to see it work well but it would aid the establishment of a service like this and help it get to market much more quickly. The project would consist of creating a website through the World Wide Web. This creates easier access by the mass population, whether they were a small business or a customer seeking a service(Bingham).

For the purpose of the handling this issue there is a need to make the unconditional agreements from all sides like private sector, government and other institutes or players. The government should make reforms in the imports of these products or allow other companies to start the operations and install manufacturing units in Saudi Arabia(, 2014). The government should provide the emoluments to the foreign companies to start the work and operations in the country. For this purpose, the government canprovide land in Jubail for set up plant.

In addition, reforms in the taxes on the security equipments will help to make the product available for everyone in the country. Moreover, this also helps the companies to charge less for the item sold. In case of the high taxes, the companies can offer their products at high rates and the purpose of the protection and security of people and nation cannot be fulfilled at its stake.

These reforms will instantly result in the boom and growth of this business sector in Saudi Arabia as well as provide opportunities for already established business a kick and saving them from closure. The companies that are already working in Saudi Arabia are as follows:

  • Al Nahr Company for Security Solutions: Primary business area is CCTV
  • Ayoun Est: CCTV is primary Business
  • BTAM: operates in Integrated Security
  • Comtec Systems: Operates in CCTV
  • Allcom: Provides the Access Controls

These are the few companies that are operating in Saudi market in the field of the security appliances. Mostly they are selling and doing business in CCTV cameras. For the government, this is mandatory to promote the business line in context of enhancing the business. These segments would speak to the phases of neighborhood business and help each segment of this industry(Kleidermacher & Kleidermacher, 2012).

From examination, new organizations want to join to regularly scheduled installments instead of singular amount memberships, as they don't know where their business will be in the short term. This additionally covers them in the disastrous case of a misfortune(GORDON, 2005). Consequently, membership of one level could be offered as a moving 30-day assertion that permits the adaptability of new organizations, in a fundamentally the same model offered on destinations, for example, credit master.

Business Plan


The market size for this service will not be too big initially. We will try to cover market size of urban & posh areas of Saudi Arabia, where rich people are living. They will be our target market as they are the ones more worried about the security of their homes(Bingham). This estimate was developed through a survey, which we conducted in some of the urban & posh areas of Jeddah & Riyadh. At the initial stage the business will run on the test marketing and approaching to the important and sensitive areas for examples mosques, city of Meccah&Madinah, the king Abdullah City and Jubail in Saudi Arabia.

For the promotion and marketing of the products and operations, the online advertisement, social media, newspaper, magazines and bill boards are used to aware customer about this product. The value added in this product is the free service and the installation of the system in customer’s place(DeMers, 2014). Making contracts with government departments and provide them the different surveillance systems to install them in their departments, offices and buildings to enhance the security. In addition to this, cost leadership and business level strategies like contracts with hospitals, schools, universities, police stations that triggers for any risk happening and official government buildings are made and provide those CCTV cameras and other products of their choice(DeMers, 2014).

The three main markets strategies for CCTV cameras are as follow:

  • Build Brand Value
  • Attracts the potential customers and retain them
  • Create brand loyalty among customers

Laborious tasks                                                                 

For any new business, one of the real side road's that would leave any sprouting entrepreneur to consider different choices is the plenty of fragmented establishments offering distinctive administrations to organizations. From organization development to promoting financing and saving money choices, there is no "think about the-business sector" for the little business that is hoping to get the best and most financially savvy bargain. This could without much of a stretch be offered through a site supporting a national, territorial and neighborhood drilldown(Mueller, 2005).  The purpose of this task is to enhance the awareness between the people about the establishment of the new business. The aim behind this operation is to provide the social security and for the people of Saudi Arabia.


This home security system service will be priced on the basis of house total area. This means if a house is equipped with two rooms, a kitchen & garage, then it will need three CCTV cameras and other equipment accordingly. If house is bigger than this, like it has five rooms etc. Then it will take more equipment to be installed. So, price will be set according to the expenses based on house area & how much area customer wants to be covered by our system. Generally, pricing will be high for this system. It has great value for users as they can monitor their houses in their absence, even if they are out of country.

Human Resources

For this business and marketing of the products, the company requires highly technical staff with well established skills for the business and customer services. The skilled and experience staff can handle this sensitive task effectively and efficiently. Therefore, the people related to hardware installation, software, electrician for wiring of the new installed system, technical supervisor are more important(Lund, 2003). On the other hand, the other supporting staff will work in thefield for the sale of the products, and manufacturing of the CCTV cameras in the plant.

Cost Estimation

There are few key assets needed for this security system service. First key asset is CCTV cameras. A standard CCTV camera is priced around $200. Other key assets needed for this system are electronic equipment like a mobile phone, magnetic and motion sensors, vibration sensors, power supply, remote controls etc.(Kleidermacher & Kleidermacher, 2012). These are few key assets that will be used to integrate this home security system. Estimated fixed & variable costs can vary due to various factors like quality of the products used, coverage area of the house, service type (complete home security with alarm system or just monitoring through CCTV), market size, and time it takes in installation(Mueller, 2005).

This is the estimated cost for the CCTV cameras. However, the quality, design, functions also affects the pricing of the CCTV cameras. On the other hand, the other products or items of surveillance has different prices according to demand of the customer. This is the minimum cost of an average camera. This price may be higher for the other customers or people but the reason is that this business is at its introductory stage in Saudi Arabia. Per unit cost is higher of the manufacturingcompany; however, these are not the fixed prices and can be reviewed once sale has increased. Moreover, if government does reforms in different taxes, like import, sales tax and others then the price of the product will be lower as it is estimated.

Tasks that are inconvenient

Rounding out unlimited reams of printed material is a badly designed and tedious errand. Doing it a few dozen times makes an unmanageable, befuddling and un-empowering framework for little organizations. This blocks profitability and does not permit these organizations to put their critical time in forming their organization into an effective one. In the meantime, these frameworks are progressively being made to shape new employments in people in general area, which is both rankling to the neighborhood group and the entrepreneur.

Making an online world for little organizations would permit them to apply, round out and streamline every one of their administrations through one entryway. From the shopper passageway, they would profit by speedier, more effective administrations and with organizations profiting from the cash they have spared the buyer would appreciate lower costs also.

Early Assessment

The growth of the business is that the old customers buy more things as compare to new customers. Therefore, customer loyalty is essential for the development of the business. in the highly competitive environment this is important to keep the customer satisfied and develops good relationships with them. There is also need to identify the reward to your best customers with special promotional offers. These can be

  • Cash discount
  • Trade discount
  • After sale services
  • Increased credit limits
  • Value added services and products

This is also vital for the business to evaluate the markets, customer behavior and valuable assets. Theevaluation needs must be efficient and accurate and approach to the right customers for the business. These things and proper evaluation of the business can be achieved by number of areas like:

  1. Profile prospects according to the criteria set for the business
  2. Segmentation of the market
  3. Target customers
  4. Accurate, powerful and leverage robust consumer database
  5. Select wide range of the customers with direct mail campaigns and use of the social media
  6. Market research to approach the new markets
  7. Reeducation of cost of production and marketing campaigns to reduce the actual cost of products

In addition to this, for the early assessment of the success of the product is the feedback from the customers. the feedback give the clear situation, the acceptance of the product, the changes, weak areas and any other kind of the information that helps to makes the products and services more standard, without errors and of best quality either(Kleidermacher & Kleidermacher, 2012). Moreover, these also help to meet the requirement of the security and demands of the customers in this regard.


Bingham, J. N. (n.d.). Best Home Security System. Clinton Gilkie. (2014). Saudi Arabia. Retrieved November 13, 2015, from

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Mueller, J. P. (2005). The Savvy Guide to Home Security. Indy Tech Publishing.

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