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Are you also wondering how to complete your Homework without mistaking? Are you thinking about helping your kid in his Homework so that he does not have to struggle much with his homework? Then you have come to the right place. Homework is the problem of every other kid on this globe. Kids cannot understand how to do their homework and cannot complete their homework before the time. Parents are worried about their child’s growth, they want their kid to be mentally strong and to complete his homework but on the other hand, they also want their kid not to burden himself. They want their kids to get a view of how this is going to be, so that they realize that living a healthy life is very hard. However, when they see their kid actually working very hard to do the work but cannot understand it, they are torn between these two choices. To ignore, or to act.

Children do not know how to tell their parents about their confusion, so they end up being blamed for the mistakes they cannot even explain due to the fear of being scolded.

In everyday life, usually, parents are so busy that they forget many major things or tasks of home. Like buying groceries, compared to them this is only a minor behavior. They fail to notice the unusual behavior of their kids. Even if they notice such behavior, they only think that this behavior is because their kids want something. Truth is, they do not want anything to be given. They just want to be given attention and a little time of the day so that in such time they can tell all their hidden feeling and miseries of the day. Their biggest issue is that they cannot complete their homework even if they try. Have you ever thought Why? If you are finding an answer of this ‘Why?’ then you are at the right place.

Why Is Homework even given? What is its Advantage?

Homework is actually designed and made so to help the students in processing a new concept. Solidify the whole process of answering, they have learned in the school. To think and then process what they have learned. Homework is given to teach a student about time management. Therefore, they can get an overview about the life they will face in the future. |It helps them develop a sense of responsibility so that they know, they have to complete this task given by the teacher or else they will be scolded.

Homework varies from area to area and district to district. Some of the schools start giving homework in 2-3 class, while some schools start giving homework in K.G. Some schools give homework about what is taught today, while some schools give modified worksheets to fill. However, all of this has one motive in the end and that is to teach students, what discipline is. Every other student is admitted in the institute to be polished. It is institute’s job to refine the crude students and make them well mannered and confident.

In some cases, parents help their kids by doing their homework. Never Ever Do This. Your action might destroy the building confidence of your child. When your child does not understand something in his homework, he tends to struggle harder and think harder. He has this fire of never-ending will in his eyes. He thinks that he can do it but when you help him, his whole confidence in himself is destroyed. Why is that? Well that is because, at the peak of the moment when your kid has the highest confidence in himself, you go there and help him causing him to rely on you. At that moment, in his sub consciousness, an action of dependence will be born. Whenever he would not know the answer of a problem, he will rely on you. This dependence might increase to the point where he cannot do his work without relying on you.

Even teachers do not want parents doing the projects of their kids. Instead, they simply want them to support their kids and make sure they have what is needed to complete the task. Ask your kid what he does not understand and try to help him in such a way that he does not rely too much on you and can do a little on his own. Every kid wants a little space of his own where he can simply sit and do his homework help . Give your kid a room of his own where he can study well and complete his homework. Every student is irritated by the disturbance that is caused by the many noises here and there.

Pay attention if your kid is being disturbed by the loud voice of TV. Lower the voice or turn off the TV so that your kid can complete his homework in harmony and silence. Science has proven that noise is the major factor that causes students not to pay attention to their homework.


Every kid has a best suitable time for him to concentrate better than other times. Whether it is after the school, in the evening or in the night. Find that harmony and rhythm when he can study better than most of the times. Some kids can study better right after school because they can concentrate better right then. Some kids can do their homework better in the evening after playing. They can simply vent out their craze in the play and then can do homework better. Lastly, there are also those students who can do much better in the night after playing and watching TV. But do not forget to remind them of their homework help when they are playing because they might forget about studying in the heat of the moment. Do not let your child play to such extent that he might tire himself. In such case, there will be no stamina left to do the homework. He might not be able to do his homework at all.

In my case, I could study the best in the night after watching stars. It always gave me a sense of relaxation seeing the stars hovering in the sky shimmering so brightly.

Do not disturb

 Remember that it is their homework help and not yours, so do not linger around your kid for too long. Just be there when he needs you. Help him when he requires your help. The best way for that is to sit or lie near your kid and start reading whatever you like. In this way, you both will be doing your work and your kid will do better seeing his parent staying nearby but also studying. If you like cooking then that is also good but just try not to make too much noise.


Remember to turn off all the media devices where your kid is studying. This will help your kid to concentrate on his homework. Otherwise, his attention will keep diverting to the sources of media. Separate your kid’s homework help life from the playing life where he can use mobile phone to play games.


Always go in Parent Teacher Meetings. This keeps you up to date about your kid’s progress. Meeting up with the teachers on monthly basis also helps you to know the weaknesses of your kid. Teachers give you helpful information that you need to increase the growth of your kid. Teachers inform you about the activities in which your kid is involved. So that you can scold your kid about his bad habits and can make him a better student. After all, there are some roles which teacher plays while some are which parents play. Both induce the changes in the kid.

You can also let the teacher know about your child’s progress in the home. You can tell them that your kid needs extra help in the subjects and is not doing his homework help properly. Explain honestly, because teachers do not bite. They can help your kid in such a way that you do not know. They help in creating self-confidence so that your kid does not have to worry about the hardships that he will have to face. The best method, which they use in helping your kid, is by calling forth to solve the problem on the board. At first, your kid might be frightened or even terrified to do solve it but once he overcomes the problem then he can do better. He will be terrified that his teacher might scold him if he completes the problem wrongly but he is wrong. Even if he does it wrong, his teacher does not scold him. He only pats him on the shoulder and encourages him to do better next time. Next time, your kid would definitely have more confidence in him. He actually will do better. A time will come when he will be able to do even better. Teachers can not only help your kid in homework help but also in life.

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