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How to avoid plagiarism

'How to avoid plagiarism?' if you are also thinking along the same lines then let us tell you some ways through which you can avoid plagiarism. Actually, students are not even aware of the fact that plagiarism is a crime and they commit this crime whenever they copy the content from the internet. There is not much awareness on the topic, however, those who know it, try to evade it. Let us tell you a little about plagiarism.

Plagiarism is considered cheating and a crime. Whenever you use the work which is not yours, you plagiarize. Simply, copying the work and then pasting it into your own work is called plagiarism. You have to write your own work and even if you are not able to, you cannot use the content which is not yours. If you have no other choice then you have to properly cite the sources or use footnotes. They tell that you have used the work which is not yours. However, you have only used it to support your own conclusion. The proper use of citations saves you from committing plagiarism. When you use citations, you actually give credit to the one whose work you are using. It doesn’t have to be only content, it can be a theory and it can also be an invention. If you don’t mention that what you are using is not yours, you are actually implying that the writing and ideas belong to you. This is plagiarism. If you rely on plagiarism then you have to understand that plagiarism can be spotted in your work.

If plagiarism is detected in your task then there are some abrasive consequences too which you have to face. Plagiarism is well known at the upper level and measures against it are also taken against it. In offices, employers use the software to check the percentage of plagiarism and in institutes, professors use tools which can detect the plagiarism in the writings. Imagine what they will do once they find that your task is plagiarized? It gives you shudders, doesn’t it? However, this crime is just as bad. Imagine that you got an awesome idea about your project but your friend stole it and took the credit which you deserved, you will be angry obviously. Now you will hate plagiarism too, there are some ways which if you follow, you will get an answer to 'how to avoid plagiarism' and they are as follow.

If you want to seriously avoid plagiarism then you can keep an eye on all the sources which you have used when you researched about your project. This will seriously help in the evading of plagiarism. You simply have to make some notes in which you can write the ideas which you got and from where you got. You can make a clean system which will help you keep your information organized so that you can use it at the right moment. If you don’t make a clean system then you will not be able to find the information at the right time. You can simply write the information of the author, the name of the publisher, the date on which the book was published and the page numbers. This is for a book. If you are searching a journal then you can note down the name of the article, the date on which it was published, the volume number and the page numbers. In case of an online content, you can write the title of the blog or article, you can write the name of the author and the page number. If you are researching about a video or a song then you can write about the composer, you can write about the writer and you can also write the publishing date. You can write the name and the date of the conversation.

If you want to add a quotation in your writing then you have to properly write it. You have to put the quotations marks around it. When you have put the marks, you have to write the information of the writer of the quote at the end of the quotation. This way you properly show that this quote doesn’t belong to you and your writing is not plagiarized. Quotations can beautify your writing, however, you have to be careful with them. If the quote is yours then you don’t have to write the name.

In case of quotations, you have to put the quotation marks, however, if you are only using an idea then you don’t have to put them. But you still have to properly indicate that it is not yours and you are only using it for the sake of emphasis. After all, you have to add the discussions and the points to provide the support to your own discussion. This way, your work is not plagiarized and you easily evade it. You have to realize that you must avoid plagiarism at any cost.

If you are discussing a conversation which occurred in the past then you have to mention the details about it. You don’t have to put the quotation marks, however, you have to show that it is not yours. You can mention the name in order to give credit. This way, you can avoid plagiarism without doing anything long. Actually, plagiarism is considered a crime and holds penalties if ever caught in the project. You may be transferred or you may even be expelled from the institute. Obviously, your project or assignment will also be canceled.

If you have found the right information for your project then you can rewrite or paraphrase This way you can easily evade plagiarism and you can also get the right information for your task. However, you must know that in the rewriting, you cannot use two same words. If you want to put more than two words in the same manner then you have to add the quotation marks around it. You have to mention the owner too. In a single row, you cannot use two words, this is the important point to avoid plagiarism.

You can avoid plagiarism by citing the sources through a proper format like MLA and MPA etc. This is actually considered the most effective way in avoiding the plagiarism. You can get the information regarding the format which is required by your institute and then you can cite the information in that format. In citations, you simply have to tell the details about the author, the publishing date, and the page numbers etc.  This way to avoid plagiarism is very easy and effective. If you properly follow this way then there is no way that plagiarism will be detected in your task.

Sometimes, you have to use the material which you have already used in the project of the class or somewhere else then you can simply cite it yourself. You can deal with the content as if someone else dealing with the content and not you. This way you can properly cite it. It does sound weird but if you use the same data which you have already used then it is considered self-plagiarism and that is also a crime. You have to follow this way if you want to avoid the self-plagiarism.

Another important step in the avoiding of the plagiarism is known as Referencing. In this method, you have to add a page which only consists of references and it is added at the end of the research paper. This way is also considered to be very effective. You can simply add all the references on the last page. However, the reference page must be made according to the format which is required by the institute. You cannot use any other format because it will ruin your whole paper. The information included in the references is pretty simple. You just have to add the information about the author, the date on which it was published and the title.

Checking the Whole Paper

Once you have completed your whole research assignment, you have to properly check your whole paper again. You have to search for every mistake and plagiarism so that you can submit it to the institute. This way, you will be able to avoid plagiarism because if you had missed some of the plagiarism then you can now skim it out. The methods which are mentioned above are very important in the writing of the paper, however, for the checking of the plagiarism, you can use an effective plagiarism software. If you get the assistance of online software then the percentage of plagiarism is detected. You can then take the proper measures in order to remove the plagiarism from it. Almost all of the institutes use plagiarism checking software. That is why you have to take the measures to avoid plagiarism. You cannot take the risk of not going through your paper because if plagiarism is detected in your work then it could mean that your degree has gone away. Now that you have got eight steps regarding how to avoid plagiarism, you can now effectively avoid plagiarism.

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