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How to Check the Essay Writers are Genuine

If someone has ever approached an essay writing service, connected with them or heard about them; it means they know about the academic writing industry. Essay writers are one of the major parts of this industry as they are the ones, who produce unique and customized academic writing content for students. The students all around the world are interested in taking essay writing services so that they can do better in achieving their grades. But the question is, how students would get to know that essay writing service is not a scam, and their essay writers are genuine to meet their needs. If you search on the internet about essay writing providers, then you would see hundred of companies out there with big claims. But the most critical thing is authenticity of these essay providers, which can assure that their essay writers are genuine. They should know each and everything, which is necessary to produce quality essays for students. It is important to mention here that students do pay some handsome amount to these essay service providers, so it is their right to be ensured that they would not be deceived and would get what they have paid for.

It is student’s right to know that essay writers is genuine or not. Do they have any prior experience? Are they qualified enough to do the job? These questions must be answered by the essay writing providers. The essay writing is not an easy thing to handle. It requires a lot of effort, research, skills, and experience to produce quality content. These traits can only be found in genuine writers. Scammers or low quality essay writers do not posses such qualities. That’s why it becomes indispensable for the students to check the authenticity of these writers. Let’s put a scenario here to understand that why it is important to know that essay writer is genuine or not. For instance, you have selected an essay writing provider to write your essay in 3 days as deadline is going to expire in 3 days time. You give your payment for the essay and start waiting for the paper. And the last day of your submission date, you come to know that the company you selected was a scam and not genuine, and they have run away with your money, then what would you do to complete your essays as few hours left in expiry of submission date.

To avoid above mentioned situations, the students should be sure that essay writing provider is authentic and their writers are genuine. We can help you to follow certain guidelines, which can help you to identify that essay writing provider is not a scammer, and their essay writers are genuine.

Reviews from Customers

If an essay provider is original with genuine writers, then you can see that they have shared customer reviews. When you check those reviews, and analyze that majority of customers are happy, and their tone of words looks genuine. Then it can be an indication that essay writers are genuine on such website. Moreover, if you see that majority of customers are unhappy due to certain reasons, then it can also give an idea that website is genuine or not. These sites can certainly put fake reviews, but original reviews would be easy to identify.

Reviews from Review Sites

There are several sites, which analyze all essay writing providers in the market, and then give reviews that which service is top of the list, and which service is lacking in quality or any other things.Some of the sites provide detailed reviews of essay writing services and rate them as per their quality & services. So, students should look for such websites and check rating & reviews, which would certainly help them to know that which essay writers and essay writing companies are on top of the list, and they can select the company as per their choice.

Detailed Research

The students should carry out a detailed research on the internet to gauge that how essay writing services are using different methods to portray their image. An intense research would allow you to identify that which sites are coming with quality promises. It would also allow you to identify sub standard websites with low standard essay writers.

Review Content of the Essay Provider Website

The scammers don’t have genuine and quality writers, and this thing can be identified from the content written on their websites. If content written on their website is low in quality and having lots of grammar or spelling mistakes, then it is an indication that such website is not trustworthy, because it is more likely that they don’t have genuine quality writers, and they may run away with your money.

Providing Samples of Writers

An authentic essay writing website would provide samples of their genuine writers. They do so because it can help students to review that how essays are written and do they have enough quality or not. If a website is hesitating to provide samples of their old work, then it means that they are either scammers, or they don’t have quality writers. You can get samples from them, check quality of these samples to know that they can write your essay.

Line of Communication

An original essay writing company would be using engaging line of communication. For instance, a quality website would provide certain facilities like live chat support. It means that you can talk with them. Moreover, if they are available 24/7, it is another indication that they are not scammers, and they would have genuine writers with required skills, qualification and experience. This direct communication is generally not used by scammers. It would be even great if essay writing provider has the option of chatting with writers. This direct communication with writers would help to their ability and experience.

Continuous Assistance

Genuine websites with genuine writers don’t run away from having continuous communication and assistance. You can be in need of contacting them at any time, so if they have option of 24/7, you can get assistance if required.

Customer Services

An indication for any good company is their great customer services. If an essay writing company has good customer services, then their representatives carefully listen to customers, handle their complaints and give value to their feedback.


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