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How to Check your Paper Grammar Online

How to Check your Paper Grammar Online If your teacher is very strict about the grammar mistakes in your paper and you are hell nervous about your grades that he might deduct marks if he would find any. This is the article you should read.

There are some Ifs that are commonly present in every student's thoughts when he or she starts working on his or her assignment.

What if my teacher finds out some grammar mistakes in my paper?

What if my teacher deducts my grades?

What if I make a negative impact on my teacher by making some silly grammatical mistakes?

What if I overlook some grammatical mistakes unintentionally?

These are some "ifs" that are associated with every student's thoughts process whilst making his assignment. These ifs are actually the projections of the fears that the students face. These fear become their routine matter. However, at the same time, there are some yearnings that the students have along with these fears. These yearnings are that would that they would have to get some sources through which they could check out their mistakes before submitting their assignment to the teacher. So that they may not face the deduction of marks.

Sometimes, some students want their work to be appreciated at once. They do not want to wait until the time when their teacher would check their assignments and mark them accordingly. They grow impatient because they have put so much effort into their work that they cannot wait anymore to be appreciated. They want to see if their assignments are up to the mark or not.

Immediate Results

If you want to have some immediate results of your assignment because of your growing impatience, fear not! As there are multiple online sources out there to check the grammar of your assignment.


Grammarly is a very common software that is very much liked by students and freelancers. Its advertisement can be seen on Facebook very often nowadays. If you are a freelancer or a student or anyone and your job is related to writing. Grammarly is the best option for you. it does not only indicates the mistakes related to grammar but also the punctuations and spelling of the text. If you want to use it, you will have to download its app or you can use it online as well. But it demands to log in through one of your social media accounts. It is very time-saving as the students and freelancer do not have to spend so much time on proofreading. If you have downloaded the app in your system, you need to make a Word document. Having done with making the assignment in Word document, you have to go to the app and import the file into the app. The app starts checking the text and underlines the words having issues. Its premium version is more advanced than its free version. Although its free version is also helpful for the students and the freelancers, yet if someone wants to have its premium version. You can buy it from the software. The premium shows additional issues that are difficult to spot.

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Paper Rater:

It is a software which claims immediate "gratification" of your assignment. They say that they can analyse the data used in your paper. Only five to fifteen seconds are required for the best feedback you can get before the submission of your assignment. This software is actually cloud-based. The syntax and the sentence structure are also scrutinized through it. Not only that, it also gives feedback on the overall structure of the paper. The best thing about this software is that you would not have to signup or download anything for using it. It checks plagiarism free of cost. It does not only proofread the text of your assignment but it also gives your assignment scores accordingly. There are thousands of students using this software for checking their assignment before the submission to their teachers. So it is a good software to use.


Grammar Check

Grammar and spelling along with punctuation mistakes are checked by this software. It underlines all the mistakes present in the text and the student needs to click the underlined word and pick the correct word suggested by the software. It does not only suggests the alternative word but also explains that why the software is suggesting the correct version instead of what you have written. It is available online. The students need to open its website and the bar would be there in which the text is supposed to be typed. There are two options for checking the text i.e. free check and deep check. Free check works for correcting the spelling and punctuation mistakes. The software checks the usage of grammar and sentence structure and at the end give you a final result. Deep check does the same job but it points out more complicated and difficult to spot grammatical errors. So, students can choose between these options according to their need.

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How it works:

All you need to do is to open its website and put all the text that you have written in Word document. The software will indicate the mistakes by underlining the incorrect words. You can correct them by selecting the underlined words and select the correct words.

Online proof-readers:

There is a huge market of service providers who also assist the students to proofread their work immediately. They are also known as online proof-readers. There are dozens of service providers that you can approach online. These service providers not only give services of proofreading but also of rephrasing the sentence structures. That is to say, if a person wants to improve the quality of his assignment by enhancing the quality of the written expression of the assignment, these online service providers extend their services to those students who are in need of correcting the grammar of their papers.

Advantages of online grammar checking:

There are many advantages of online grammar checking such as it is time-saving. It shows the words having issues that are usually overlooked by you. It ensures better grades because it corrects the words having issues. It is user-friendly as it welcomes all the students in distress. It teaches you grammar correction rules so it can be your teacher. While contacting online proof-readers you can enhance your social skills as well.

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Disadvantages of online checking:

Although there a lot of advantages of online grammar checkers, yet there are some disadvantages as well. But these disadvantages can be overlooked and ignores. Online grammar checking can be fraudulent. It may cause you to fall a prey of fraud. So beware of these people who put sands in your eyes by taking money from you and they do not complete your work on time. You can also make your work ready within the allotted time and this is the best option. But if you do not have time, take the risk and enjoy your life.

So, guys, these were numbers of software and ways from which you can check and correct your grammar of your assignments, projects, works, and papers. It ensures good grades in education and a good pay if you are a freelancer.

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