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How to insert auto Citations and References

The time is almost up! Every beep of clock feels like the beep of the heart monitor which is attached to your heart. Just the as the deadline is nearing, you can see the line dropping down. Even if you survive, your professor will kill you if you don’t cite the sources. This is giving you cold shudders. You are not that worried about the grade than fearing the wrath of the professor. He had already told you that if you didn’t get the top grade then he will kill you.

You don’t what to do anymore. According to the circumstances, you want to cry but the time is very short for that. You fear that if you waste even a single second, you will not be able to complete the assignment which you have. Almost everything is done but you are stuck at the part of citations. The part of inserting comes after citing the sources. You don’t know how to cite according to a specific style, how are you going to insert it? From the start, you knew something was going to happen and it did.

You really didn’t know that citing the sources could be this tough. If you really knew that this was going to happen then you would have asked the teacher.

It is not like you have not searched the internet for the instructions. The problem is that you are not able to understand the instructions which are present on the internet. It is obvious that one faces difficulty comprehending something from the internet. After all, the instructions are very short and are enlisted without much of a detail.

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Sometimes you wonder, why citations are so important?

Let us tell you the main reason for the presence of references in the assignment.

Students wonder the importance of the assignments like the thesis, coursework assignments, dissertations, and research papers. So it is only common that they also think about the significance of the citations. You cannot deny that you haven't had the question ' Oh man! Why do I have to cite? What will I get by typing the information of author?'.

The answer is pretty simple and even you can find it. You have to cite the sources in order to avoid the plagiarism. Now, many students are not aware of the term. Plagiarism means stealing someone else’s property and using it as your own. If you don’t show that you are using someone else's data then it means the work which you have is plagiarized. Your thesis has no meaning if there is plagiarism present in the work.

Usually, the topic which you get is very rare and you don’t know about it. You have to search the internet in order to come up with the eligible information. Now the information which you copy from different websites and paste it into your own essay, this is plagiarism. However, you can avoid this problem by giving the data of the sources from where you have got the idea. The writing of information of the sources according to a specific style is called referencing.

There are different referencing styles and some of the most important are APA, MLA, and Chicago etc.


APA is also known as the American Psychology Association. Just as the name suggests, it has close relations with the field of Psychology. The association has 116,000 members who work to provide the educational opportunities. There are several branches under the association. Many books and journals belong to them on the mental state of the individual and they have their own referencing style.

However, most know them because of their referencing style. Many fields other than education use their style for their own benefits. The style was formed in 1912 and it greatly helped people in documenting the information of the sources. Due to it, people couldn’t use the data of others in their own work. This style also helps the reader in searching the author and reading his information. If you want more information and form citations then you can use APA citation generator.


MLA or Modern Language Association links to the literature. It provides the guidelines to write the literature in a proper way. If you look back in the time before the styles, plagiarism was very common. It was like children copying the paper from each other. There was no originality and it was only because of the lack of a citing style. MLA has a purpose and that is not to stop the kids from stealing candies but stopping individuals from plagiarizing. It also describes the proper use of grammar in the paper. There are many committees working with the association to provide the proper recipe.

To evade the possibility of plagiarism, there are some instructions which they provide. In the writing of research papers, the MLA citation style is very usual. You cannot count the number of referencing styles on your fingers but MLA is very important. Many institutes prefer to use this style because it is easy to understand. It is not complex like a jigsaw puzzle. You can use the MLA citation generator if you don’t know how to follow it.

What are the ways by which you can use to cite?

There is always a loophole in the task which you have. For example, if you are peeling the apple with the knife then it will take more time. However, if you use the cutter to peel the apple then it will only take a few seconds. This way you can enjoy the apple while saving the time. If you want to make a hole in the wall then you use the hammer. But it takes a lot of your energy and time. Instead of using the hammer if you use the drill machine then it will complete the process without taking your energy.

Just like it, if you don’t have the time to cite the sources yourself then you can use the citation generators. Why not use the technology when you are in a cave? This can save you from the efforts. If the time is short then you can use the online tool for your assistance.

There are many tools present on the internet and are very easy to use. You can write in the information about the source and get the citations. After getting it, you can simply insert it in the research paper which you have.

How to insert the auto Citations and References?

It depends on the option which you choose. If you choose to cite the sources yourself then there is a different process for the insertion. And if you use the Citations generator tool then you can insert it without doing anything.

You have to click on the style in the Citations group. Click on the style which you want and then click at the ending point of the sentence which you want to reference. After selecting insert citation, you have to choose add new source. In the pop up of the create source, you can type the details of the citations and click ok.

What will happen if you don't insert the citations?

That is a very interesting question and you know the answer to it too. Basically, the part of citations is very important. Without it, your research paper is incomplete. If you wish to gain the top grade then there is no way that you should skip the part of the citations. Not only do you miss the part but you also commit an academic crime if you don’t insert references. If you don’t praise the author for the work which you are using then you are implying that the information is yours. It is absolute that you cannot skip the part of the citations no matter what you do. If you really do want to get the penalties and the lowest grade then you can try submitting the homework without citations.

You can use the Citations Generator Tool of TAT

Sometimes, even if you use the tool to help you, there are some things which you don’t understand. Due to it, you are not able to get the proper results. If you want to use the tool which is very easy and simple then you can trust TAT. For your assistance, they have the citations generator tools which are very easy to use. It is the simple look due to which it is very popular. You don’t feel as if you are operating a time machine if you use it. Since the chat service is available if you see something which you cannot understand then you can ask the experts to help you. They will detail you on what to do.

Don’t you seek simplicity? You can simply insert the details and begin the process. After a short while, you can get the citations and then add in the assignment which you have. You can let go of all the stress in just a short while. If you want then the professionals will help you in realizing how to insert auto citations and references.

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