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How to Write a Short Essay

Short essays are the essays which require expression of ideas, facts and arguments. Short essays are much different than other essays which are extended and are quite difficult to write. Short essays include introduction, essay body and conclusion. Introduction and conclusion should compromise of one paragraph while essay body can be of two more paragraphs. Repetition of words and sentences should be avoided in introduction and conclusion. Essay body contains the content, the argument or question of essay is discussed briefly in essay body. Pattern and do’s and don’ts of short essay are similar to comprehensive essay the only difference is the length. Short essays are short in length; to the point discussion is made. Things and facts are direct and as per required. Short essay comprises of 500-700 words or one or a half page. Short essay must have proper sentences with no grammar mistakes. Punctuation is used and spelling is checked. In short essays answers to the questions are given. In order to avoid plagiarism copy paste is avoided instead it is better to us your own words. Extra information is cut and things related to topic are included. If the words of an author are not clear they must not be included but false information should not be made part of the short essay. When writing a short essay it should be kept in mind to make it attractive and catchy for the reader or readers and not boring.


The first part of writing a short essay is to choose a topic. The topic in which you are interested or about which you have enough information must be chosen. A topic that interests you the most should be selected as because of your interest you will be able to write and research on it. Do not choose a topic with little information. Too little information about something is just not enough for short essay. The short essay must be very precisely written.

If you choose a topic and then cannot find enough information on it then there is no need to panic. It is never too late to change the topic. It will consume time but at least you will be able to write one fine short essay.

If the topic is given by your teacher you need to find every bit of information about the topic. It must have strong essay body that will strengthen your short essay as well as you might be awarded with good grades and you can pass the exam.


Research is another important step which requires dedication and commitment and if you are working on topic of your interest the task becomes interesting. The information can be searched through internet as there are several web pages. Books are little old school but are a great source of information as they never go out of style. Books contain a great deal of information. You can study and write your short essay.



Introduction of the short essay comprises of one paragraph it gives an overview of later coming discussion. It has to be catchy in order to attract the reader. Repetition of words and sentences is avoided as it will make your essay look boring and no one would want that. Start introduction with a quote or some line that is related to your topic. Introduction is one of the most important parts of a short essay.  Introduction can be made arguable, if possible; so it will make your short essay look interesting. State some strong, informative, effective statement in introduction it will strengthen the introductory part of your short essay. If the introduction is really good and is well written with effort it will open the interest of reader to read the essay with great interest.

Introduction should be concise and not too lengthy. Keep it interesting for the readers, your aim should be to interest reader, to catch the attention of the reader not to make your reader feel bored. Dropping hint about upcoming discussion present in short essay body can also help.


This is the part of short essay which contains all what essay is about. The topic is finely explained. Avoid mixing arguments with statements. Write short essay in paragraphs. The paragraph that includes arguments should be separated in order to convey your point more clearly to the reader. Your objective is to deliver your point directly and clearly to your reader and not to create confusion. In short essays avoid useless arguments and repetition of statements.

In the first paragraph, main strong points of your essay should be explained. In the next paragraph less strong paragraphs are discussed. And the weakest points can be discussed in the last paragraph.

Essay contains information. In short essay arguments, analysis, conclusions everything is part of the main essay paragraph. Dividing your essay in different paragraphs make your work easy and make your essay look interesting. Present your essay then define with evidences that whatever statement you stated is valid be logical what you say in your essay.


Conclusion describes what we find out from this whole essay. It is summarized paragraph. Conclusion should be to the point and sentences must not be repeated. It is the summary of all the paragraphs written in essay body, be very clear about your writing.

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