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How to Write Persuasive Essay Writing

Persuasive essay

In persuasive writing, the writer tries to convince the reader to do a specific thing or to believe on something by taking a position for or against an issue. Persuasive essay is also known as the argument writing/essay by using different causes, reasons and logics to prove that one idea is more legal than other. The argument must have to sound authentic, reasoning and with solid evidences giving logical answers with examples and can also quotes of experts.

            The basic rules of starting a persuasive essay are:

  1. Choose on which side you are of the argument and what solution you will offer.
  2. You should know the purpose of the essay.
  3. Evaluate your audience, decide whether they agree with you not or stays neutral.
  4. Do a deep research on your topic and give details of each point clearly.
  5. The essay should be structured in a formal way, and always stay relevant to your topic.

Criteria of persuasive essay

  1. Take notes, read thoroughly about the topic and use valid sources.
  2. Make your thesis, should be valid and have two sides to defend yourself from both angles.
  3. Learn the opposite point of view and then counter it by showing valid evidences and reasons.

Structure of persuasive essay


The introduction includes a criteria to attract the readers like “hook or grabber” idea to catch the attention. It includes:

  1. Starting with a uncommon detail will be very appreciative by the readers, it develops the interest of the readers.
  2. By opening up the essay with a powerful statement will be a good approach to start it, like “china is the lead manufacturer of plastic items”.
  3. Using a quote in the start is also a good practice, as you are using an inspirational or emotional quote.
  4. Introducing the essay with a short story or a sketch as an anecdote will makes it a pleasing and attention seeking start.
  5. By giving a statistical fact will give interest to the reader.
  6. Opening up by asking a question is also sometimes good but only if it is relevant to the topic, it will create curiosity in the readers.
  7. Starting with a overstatement, shocking or disgraceful statement will do give a big impact to your essay.

Or just giving a detailed introduction about the topic in a way that it includes all the present information with a view of history and telling about the purpose of your argument or essay.

The body

You will provide the detailed theory of the topic with valid evidences and reasons to support your opinion which you just gave in the introduction part of the essay. It should consist of atleast 3 or more paragraphs in which all paragraphs should have a strong foundation related to the reasons which will back your topic of essay. As all topics have some argument able points and readers or viewers will criticize, so a good writer will analyze all its weak or criticize able points and answer them in one of the paragraph in detail covering all possible argument points. There are different possible ways to support your ideas or arguments about the topic. Using facts is a big advantage as it is the best way of convincing people, you can find facts by gaining knowledge from reading, gathering information, observing and with experience. There is a difference between truth and facts, truth is a belief that can’t be proved, facts are on some specific bases. Including stats and figures is a good approach and they will become your strength while arguing. Just make it sure that you are taking it from a accountable source. Applying famous quotes is nice way to have a strong attraction reading view as people influences from famous quotes. At the end I would say that make your essay’s body strong like a concrete and clear as water that is it should be easy to understand. Another practice is that you can start the body of the essay by agreeing with one the opponent’s argument point and make it is as your strength instead of taking it as a weakness. As it will become interesting for both the readers and yourself too. As you can’t ignore their arguments so you have to give strong counter arguments to support your topic. Furthermore use of the transition between sentences relating with others should be more that give cues to the viewers like  then, however, nevertheless, in fact, instead etc.

The conclusion

At the end of the persuasive writing, you have to summarize your whole essay in few words giving all the main points and the most important details of the discussions and tekking once again the readers on what they have to do or what they have to believe. State you essay’s topic or the main heading of the essay again giving a specific info. The conclusion helps the people to recall the important points of your position standing in the discussion. You do paraphrasing for most of the main points of the argument that you think are important to mention again. After this you can end you essay by giving them a prediction using the cause and effect method to understand the audience. It may suggests that what the results may or may not be in the situation like these by giving references of other similar situations. Ending can include an appealing question that can allows the readers to predict their own results or making their own conclusion. This will make your whole essay an interesting thing, people will become more conscious about your essay and should think about all the discussions you made above in the introduction and especially in the body of the essay. Giving recommendations at the end is way of telling everyone that these are following actions and safeties that should be adopted for better results in future. A quotation is such a way that it can use to summarize the discussion, predict the answers, questions the readers or call for actions and remedies you can use a quotation for conclusion for nearly almost any kind of topic, but the quote should be appropriate to the topic.

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