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Imported malaria infections diagnosed at the malaria referral laboratory in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Critical analysis of a published research article

Evaluating titles:

Imported malaria infections diagnosed at malaria referral laboratory in Riyadh” is a sufficiently specific title that considers major elements of research without approaching its outcomes.  Yes-no questions are completely avoided in the research title.   The primary variables include malaria infection diagnosis in Riyadh that reveals the targeted population of Riyadh that is mentioned in the title. The majority of people that migrate to Riyadh are from endemic areas in southwestern parts of the Saudi Kingdom. Jargon and acronyms that might be unknown to the audience are completely avoided. There is not any discussion on causalities due to malaria; the main purpose is to determine malarial infection through various instruments. This title for such a research article is appropriate and effective.

Evaluating abstract:

One of the main purposes of the study is to the diagnosis of malaria infection by examining blood through private clinics, health care centers, and hospitals to determine the malaria exposures.  A clear method is identified in the methodology that uses nationality, age, sex and parasitological findings in the blood film.  All data is analyzed in social sciences computer software. The title of the measure has been effectively included in the abstract.  The highlighted results provide adequate information towards the research implications. The future research in diagnosis of malaria infection recognized to reduce its exposures.  The future research shows the immense importance of malaria infection, with an appropriate reference to indicate its authenticity.  The abstract findings clearly demonstrate the analysis is effective and appropriate.

Introduction and literature review:

     The beginning of the research clearly identifies the importance of malaria infections in the Saudi Arabia.  Exposure to malaria disease has revealed the problems in endemic areas.  The main idea is also proposed in the beginning: that there is no active mosquito transmission of malaria in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The introduction logically moves from endemic areas that are affected by malaria infections related diseases. A conceptual definition of the malaria infection is given, and key terms such plasmodium falciparum malaria are also explained.  this means that causes of malaria infection and its relative diseases identified. The factual statements are also identified in the part of the introduction that shows in which areas malaria is endemic.  Thus, the overall introduction of research is appropriate and effective in conferring understanding of the core concepts and of key terms.  The current research is clearly cited for its authenticity. OK

Sample evaluation:

Systematic sampling is identified where groups of certain nationalities are identified to develop the sample. The number of population divided into homogenous subgroups. The research participant contributes their responses of malaria diseases.  It could not be believed that participants and nonparticipants are the same on malaria infection variables.  The main focus of study is Saudi participants, so benefits of research cannot neglected. The sample of generalized research indicates most reasonable diverse for sample evaluation. The limitations of the explicit samples of groups are not discussed.  The research is limited to endemic areas of south and southwestern Saudi Arabia, and a total of 1272 malaria films are investigated. Five nationalities are considered in the research participants, including Saudis, Yemenis, Sudanese, Pakistanis and Indians. The data indicates appropriate sampling of each nationality.  The demographic used in the research relied on on the age, sex, and nationality of the participants.   The sufficient number of research participants means research participants are exactly the required for research study in each group is involved in the current research study. The study was approved by Saudi Med J, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and communicate the purpose of malaria infection about its causes. The biases of sampling are difficult to obtain where the author does not mention in the criterion.   The overall research sampling is generalized on all kingdoms of Saudi Arabia.

Evaluating instrumentation:

     The numbers of blood films are taken to determine the malaria infections in Riyadh. The data is collected from malaria unit of the center of the laboratory.  The questionnaires are not used in the current research study.  The research is limited to south and southwestern endemic areas in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The period of research is 1416-1421, which corresponds to 1996-2001 in Gregorian dates.  Types of malaria, the number of populations, plasmodium FALCIPARUM, are considered in the instrumentality.  The additional information in the research is properly cited to obtain desired results. Data has been obtained from areas where Saudi Arabia is most affected by malaria incidents as well as where Saudis are predominantly infected with Plasmodium FALCIPARUM. The collection of data cannot transformed in subjective form that reduce the chances of accuracy of research. Because the malaria infection diagnosis is cannot be presented in subjective matters. There is not any information is provided regarding the validity and reliability of data provided. Content, as well as empirical validity, is explicit in the current research study. The research respondents indicate the empirical and explicit research study. The instrumentation used in the study is in light of research purpose.  The overall instrumentation is adequate.


Evaluating methods:

. The hypothesis of research determines the major purpose indication of malaria infection in kingdoms of Saudi Arabia.  Imported malaria infections in Riyadh and its impact on the Saudi arabia is the hypothesis of the study.The study design, participants, settings, and methods provide sufficient details that are supportivefor the further replication of research.   The data gathered in the central laboratory, but reliability and validity of research instruments are major concern of study. The imported malaria infections identified as independent variable and clinics helath centers blood donors identified as dependent variable.  The social science computer software is used to analysis the data and determinethe measurement level for the execution of best execution of research study. Additionally, multivariate models are adjusted for known risk factors like age (continuous variable), positive films (dichotomous variables), potential blood donors (ordinary variables), types of malaria (ordinary variable) and Plasmodium FALCIPARUM identification (dichotomous variable). 

The statistical package is used for the analysis of data. The null hypothesis is not applicable to such research study. The number of cases detected, positive cases with nationalities, monthly distribution with Gregorian calendar and incidence of occurring tables are shown in the research study. These all are well structured and show the clear demonstration of malaria infections by certain nationalities.  The significance and rationale of research are briefly described in the text. Riyadh is attributed to be impure to heparin locks and heparin bottle. The results analyzed that 137,402 potential donors were malaria detected in 25 persons, which is equal to 0.018% person screened.   The major characteristics of title are clearly analysis in the study. The figures and tables are most necessary in the study to explore the attributes of the title. Several tables provided wide information that cannot be consolidated into smaller numbers.

Evaluating results:

     The purpose of research in the introduction describes the importance of malaria infections diagnosis by the center of laboratory and provides information in a cohesive way. The section of results is clear. One of the most significance of theresearch is the statistical analysis outcomes that are comprehensively employed in tables and charts. The descriptive attributes of malaria infections diagnosis were explored in introduction part. This is good to formulate results in an effective manner.  Tables and graphs are most importance in the narrative results section.  The presentation of results is clearly focused on disease and its impact on the kingdoms of Saudi Arabia. Developed with appropriate statistics are used in the current research methodology.  The presentation of results is adequate that represents clear understandings of imported malaria infections diagnosis in Saudi Arabia.

Evaluating discussion:

     The discussion section provides the brief summary of title and understanding of results of a study. The researchers are acknowledging the methodological limitations.  Limitation of time and financial constraints are the limitations of study. The results discussed regarding literature are in the introduction part.  The evaluation of information in the study explained the major characteristics of study. In the discussion section, new references are avoided. Specific implications are also discussed in clinics of malaria infectious diseases.

The future research of suggestion consolidates specific findings regarding malaria infectious in Riyadh, kingdoms of Saudi Arabia.  The conclusion of database conclusion indicates results evaluations. The overall discussion is appropriate and effective in an understanding of title of research purpose. 

Put it all together:

     The imported malaria infections diagnosed at the malaria laboratory in Riyadh have immense importance. There is no active transformation of malaria reduction that poses the serious impact on the health problems. The main aim of the study is to demonstrate the reduction of transfusion of malaria and develop policies and regulations for blood donors and screening for blood. OK

The researcher recognized the important problem in the specific area. The reflection of the author is to build policies for blood donors to reduce the malaria infections. The report is cohesive and provides all needed information in a coherent way. Many of the researchers are still determining the aspects of malaria disease causes in Saudi Arabia, therefore, appropriate to say its extension of boundaries of our knowledge regarding malaria infections in kingdoms of Saudi Arabia. OK

There is not any methodological flaw is found in the current research study that reduce its benefits the aim of research.  Additional research required towards current research regarding the malaria infections. The research greatly helps in decision making for practical nature in clinics, hospital and health care centers. The results of such research potentially have the great impact on the society and type of malaria is investigated to reduce pattern of endemic at the source of infection in the Saudi Arabia.

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