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Investment performance analysis

Performance of investment

My buying power for making investment was $62971. I have made investment in stocks of five companies. These were Apple Inc, Berkshire Hathaway Inc, Coach Inc, Suncor energy Inc and Alibaba Group Holding LTD. Different quantities of shares were purchased. 100 Shares of Apple Inc were purchased with priced of $110.38 each. 200 shares of Berkshire Hathaway Inc were purchased with price of $ 129.4. Shares OF Coach Inc was also poached with quantity of total 500 shares.

Suncor energy Inc’s shares were purchased with quantity of 750 at purchase price of $28.57 each. Shares of alibaba were purchased with price of $77.95 each. Total 300 shares were purchased. Total amount used for investment is 11038, 17625, 15135, 21427.5, and 23385 in AAPL, BRK-B, COH, SU and BABA respectively.

Total amount of investment was $88610.5. Different values of shares were obtained due to differences in their prices and quantity. Total value of these five investments is $100809. It is analyzed that four stocks showed improvement in their value. Shares of one company did not improve positively.

Improvements in value generated profit. On the other hand, negative change generated loss. It is analyzed by comparing prices with current prices. Purchase price of Apple is 110 and it is now trading on 117. Change in total volume is positive. Gain is analyzed on this stock. It is 6.85% with total profit of $756. Shares of Berkshire Hathaway Inc also improved. Purchasing price of these shares was $129 and it reaches to $136.

Total return is 5.26% and its total profit is obtained as $1362. Coach Inc also improved from $30 to $31. Its total gain is $420. Percentage of gain is 2.78%. SU is showing losses. Its current price has decreased from $28 to $27. Loss from SU is -787.50. Alibaba shares also improved in value. 9.38% return was analyzed with total amount of profit as $2193.

Total annual return is analyzed as 81.32%. Shares of face book were purchased in September 2015. Apple shares were also purchased in Septembers 2015. BRK-B shares were also purchased in September 2015.   In October, shares of Suncor and Coach Inc were purchased. Alibaba shares were purchased in November 2015.

 Face book shares were sold with price of $107 each. Total quantity of these shares was 500. Commission of $19 is analyzed on each share with total cash value of $53520. Face book shares were sold in 2015 December. Total seven transactions were performed including buying and selling. One transaction was of selling and six were for buying.

Total account value is $100,000. Selling and buying for face book is most appealing. Shares of face book are showing increasing and decreasing trends. These were purchased in 9th month, when the price was only $88. Selling was made at price of $107. It provided positive returns. EPS of shares is 1.01. Its total market cap is 243.211 billion. Beta is observed 1.08. it is higher than 1. It is indicating that shares are risky.

Due to risky stocks, its return is also high. Risk and returns relate with each other. Overall investment results are positive. Only one investment showed losses. Returns would have increased by carefully investing in profitable stocks.

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