Job-hunting for IT project Manager

Project Name:           YahyaAlmashhad
Project Description:  I want to work for a Saudi start-up company, preferably in the technology industry, which is slowly starting to emerge in my home country. I have always enjoyed working with people, problem solving, and working with others to complete group or organizational goals. Each of these areas is highly rewarding for me, especially working with people and problem solving.
Management Plan Category: They are embarked on a series of mega-projects, ranging from expanding crude oil and natural gas production capacity to new refining, petrochemical and marketing ventures.
Project Sponsor:  Project ManagementKey Contact:  General contact
Sponsor:  Saudi AramcoPresentation Date:  8/30/2015
Planned Start Quarter:  08/24/2015Planned End Quarter:  01/01/2037
Overview & Objectives:  The Technology Management supports your journey toward continuous performance improvement by identifying, developing and deploying emerging and proven technologies.
Benefits:  They are Currently undergoing a major transformation program to realize our vision to become the world’s leading integrated energy and chemicals company by 2020. They are wholly focused on maximizing income, facilitating the sustainable and diversified expansion of the kingdom’s economy, and enabling a globally competitive and vibrant energy sector. Key to achieving there aims is a 56,000-strong workforce comprising homegrown talent and 77 nationalities.
Risks:  Saudi Aramco, a global leader in oil exploration, production and refining, is seeking a risk management and insurance professional to join the risk management division to analyze risk exposures, design strategies and procure insurance to protect assets and mitigate the liabilities of a growing organization.

Executive summary:

            The present plan discuss job-hunting process for IT project manager. Plan contains different sections that include design, implementation, testing, deploy. The reason behind selection of IT manager is my personal interest in that profession. Moreover, I love problem solving and communication with people. As a project IT manager, I have avenues to pursue this job.  Saudi Arabia is selected to investigate the need of IT requirement in managing oil and constructions. The schedule provides adequate details about job hunting procedure.  Bachelor’s education is required for IT project manager job. I possessed this education and confident to pursue that job.

Initiation what and why

            I want to be an Information technology manager. My educational background in IT and interest in technical field motivated me to pursue that carrier. Current business ears are fast and dynamic. Role of informational and communication technology in business is apparent. Invention of communication, internet and information technology has changed business processes. Demand for IT professionals has been increased. All over the in the world including Saudi Arabia, different projects hire IT managers to ensure efficient and affective IT processes and operations.

            I am interested in working in oil Exploration Company. In Saudi Arabia, oil drilling and exploration is common. Saudi Arabia is one of the largest oil exploration countries in the world. Therefore, scope for oil exploration business is at boom. Large number of companies is operating in oil exploration field. I want to join IT department of the oil exploration company. I am interested in working for large organization with operations expanded over large scale. I love working in people and enjoy their presence.

            Moreover, I am communicative and love to solve the problems. My interest in problem solving as well working in groups and organizations is essential for sustaining the job. IT manager is highly involved and responsible for problem solving for the project. Therefore, all these areas are highly rewarding for my career.  Therefore, I am fully committed to perform that job with enthusiasm and passion. I am fully confident that I have right talent and ability to pursue IT manager job.


Task NameDurationStartFinishPredecessors
1Job Initiation8 daysMon 12/7/15Wed 12/16/15
2   Job type Decision2 daysMon 12/7/15Tue 12/8/15
3   Purpose Definition0.5 daysWed 12/9/15Wed 12/9/152
4   Industry Definition0.5 daysWed 12/9/15Wed 12/9/152
5   Company Definition2 daysWed 12/9/15Fri 12/11/154
6   Process of coming across Job3.5 daysFri 12/11/15Wed 12/16/155
7Job Analysis19 daysMon 12/7/15Thu 12/31/151
8   Jobs in Region2 daysThu 12/17/15Fri 12/18/151
9   Impression Development1 dayMon 12/21/15Mon 12/21/158
10   Observation about job posting5 daysTue 12/22/15Mon 12/28/159
11   reaction on Job Posting0.5 daysTue 12/29/15Tue 12/29/1510
12   Observation for Industry Hiring5 daysTue 12/22/15Mon 12/28/159
13   Observation for Company Hiring5 daysTue 12/22/15Mon 12/28/159
14   Observation of Job Levels5 daysTue 12/22/15Mon 12/28/159
15   Job Requirements2 daysMon 12/28/15Tue 12/29/1514
16      Experience Comparison2 daysMon 12/28/15Tue 12/29/15
17   Job Description2 daysWed 12/30/15Thu 12/31/1515
18      Skill comparison2 daysWed 12/30/15Thu 12/31/1515
19Job Design3 daysFri 1/1/16Tue 1/5/167
20   Evaluation of Alternatives2 daysFri 1/1/16Mon 1/4/16
21      Observation of pros and cons1 dayFri 1/1/16Fri 1/1/167
22      Alternative Decision1 dayMon 1/4/16Mon 1/4/1621
23   closure of gap for skills1 dayTue 1/5/16Tue 1/5/1622
24Job Implementation2 daysWed 1/6/16Thu 1/7/1619
25   Actions for obtaining Skills1 dayWed 1/6/16Wed 1/6/1623
26      Timing for actions0.5 daysWed 1/6/16Wed 1/6/1623
27      Action Time Span0.5 daysWed 1/6/16Wed 1/6/1626
28   Proof of obtaining skills0.5 daysThu 1/7/16Thu 1/7/1627
29   Demonstration for competency0.5 daysThu 1/7/16Thu 1/7/1628
30Testing for being hired4 daysFri 1/8/16Wed 1/13/1629
31   Actions to be taken to test the ability3 daysFri 1/8/16Tue 1/12/1629
32   Decision of actions1 dayWed 1/13/16Wed 1/13/1631
33Job Deployment9 daysThu 1/14/16Tue 1/26/1630
34   Actions for getting job1 dayThu 1/14/16Thu 1/14/1632
35   Performance of actions3 daysFri 1/15/16Tue 1/19/1634
36   Duration5 daysWed 1/20/16Tue 1/26/1635

            Saudi Armco is one of the leading oil companies.  Towards skills and capabilities of IT project manager are wide in determining the best services to organizations.  In the job analysis Saudi Arabia is selected to investigate the need of IT requirement in managing oil and constructions. As the oil and gas exploration required wide range of IT services in gaining high values. There the need of It project manager is recognized to provide services. 

            Creative and high tech features are the most impressive requirements for the job description.  The changing in the job posting recognized certain consequences of job that divert the candidate form one to another. Changes job diversify my skills and capabilities. the required skills for IT project  manager is engineering skills and software and in depth analysis of technological to indicates high level of proficiency in the Armco company.  The posting search could not be change because specialization skills of IT managers attains in my professional skills of information technology.

            I am looking for the high tech company as well as construction companies who involve in managing the relationship of oil and gas and completely involves in import and exports operations. Excellent and innovative in development of construction sites are the basic location need for the job posting.  Big industry is located for the job that has collaborative learning environment of culture. 

            The main duties involve cost estimation, interpretation of contracts, collaboration with architects, scheduling with sub contractor activities and legal requirements follow in integrating the goals of project manager. This reveals that project managers are generally called construction manager that manage all operations of information technology.


            Coordination of internal resources are enable me to evaluate that how is is best soft execution of project. The coordination is best for implementation plan and show that how it may address issues related with coordination at workplace. The Information technology is best field and show that how it may adders thing for design purpose. The designing of job can enrich in me that where way is appropriate in dealing with technical feasibilities and technical implementation according to those feasibilities.

            The feasible business and jobs related with feasibilities comes and grow why managerial point of view. The viewpoint is best in exploring various process and show relevant approach with process and accomplishment. The coordination of internal resources and project manager allow finding alternative with the complete analysis of porn and cons. various association showed that how much it is gap between analysis and analysis can be best in exploring alternative of project management.

            Each alternative as its own advantage or benefits but most important is implementation way while defining and design perspective to grow and managed by costing method. The methodology show that each aspect is important but project manager is best in acquiring what is known as design strategy. The strategic management is best one in defining rioles and regulation-n and show why it is important for future


            The phase of implementation show that it is best in acquiring and showing that much costing aspect is important and applying in defining rules. The ruling system is best one necessary job is related with skills and there is almost no gap. Skills are sufficient in defining what is known as way to accomplish as candidate is in search.

            The searching techniques have gone through with job search and their implementing that either the same platform is enough to allow implementation phase or not. The designing paradigm is also best in defining action and action plan related with related mechanisms. The mechanism of job is allowing competition to grow and further issues at pragmatic stage.

            The stager related with competency that show relevancy with approach and did not bother to take any backfire stage during implementation. The implementation stage is actually demonstrating stage and this stage is best in giving what is known for candidate. There are defined rules and regulations and these rules and regulation-ns are there for completing tasks and allo0wing candidates to go through selected tasks.


            Testing phase is important phased and mostly known as feedback phase in which requirement and decision taking is being evaluated at simple stage. The project manager was a good decision and this decision actually allowed different process to be happened in one platform. The accomplishment of tasks and performance evaluation is actually doing with testing stage and has happened ideally with project manager. The responsible attitude and ways of defining job is related with implementation-n phase. The phase that may address thing in detail and showed that how much it is best in giving what is known as coherent approach towards approach.


            There are certain actions that are needed requirements for getting right job at Saudi company.  Bachelor’s education is required for IT project manager job.  I would get training from IT Company and engaged in certain internships to get chances of more right job skills and capabilities. Practice IT experience is most important for the job and cooperative education programs are taken to induce most chances of getting right job.  The IT industry helps in integrating the job competencies and extensive experience in IT project management indicates proficient in IT project manager job descriptions.

            Thus to sum up all discussion about the job description of IT project manager is that plays significant role in the oil company.  This reveals that how the job description of IT project manager recognized specification and skills fro-right job.  The action of getting job from the field identified job, I must do internship in the field of IT project management. A self-employed general contractor indicates the high level of job to recognized job skills and capabilities.

            About 1 year is required for doing such activities in getting right job of IT project manager.  2 months is required for the internship and remaining time is required in taking experience form IT Company.  All things will be done when I become IT project manager in the armco Saudi company. in this regard we must spent about five or more than services to recognized my job skills and capabilities as IT project manager.

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