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Katrina Aftermath Case


  1. in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, as described in the accounts that you read, was it morally justified to euthanize the critically ill patients.

John Stuart Mill:

Every individual has right to death, as every humans in the world lived his live according to his own perspectives, wish, desires and wants. The life is the personal asset of a person and he should have the right to finish his life if he wants. As we study the Katrina aftermath the condition of the patient was very critical and they also have very few chances of their recovery and survival in this situations. From my point view, the human should have the right to end his life if the life become miserable than the death.

The condition of the patient was so pitiable that it seems like they are suffering from huge pain and it is as if they are dying every day. The topic is very difficult for the common person to understand from which situation the person gone through who wishes to end his life. Sometimes the life becomes more miserable than the death itself. The concept that the person should have the right to his own death has more freedom, I think that it is very cruel to keep the person alive when the life is worst for him; even we allow to kill the animals when they are not longer useful, badly ill or can harm the human.

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Then why not we allow the doctors in the hospital to take the life of some person who is critically ill for the long period of time and want to end his life, in order to free himself from the hardship and pains of the life. so in the situation that we come to know in this case it is more good to be practical and keep yourself in the place of that patients, for them the life has no worth and death is the only option to end all of the worries and tension that the life is giving to them every day.


Immanuel Kant:

As we can see in the case the condition of the patient seems very critical, there are also very few chances for their recovery. However, as far as the euthanasia is concern I think that the right to death should be given to the patient, none of the doctor has the right to make the decision about the life and death of a person.

There are many views about this topic some thinks that the relatives or family of the patient can make the decision about the death of the patent just by seeing its critical condition and less chances of his survival.

Although I think that the person that is suffering from all of the situation should have the right of this death, if the life has no worth to him than he may opt for the death only if he want it for him. Justification of euthanasia may be lead to beating on independence of the person. This also  involve  that if the euthanasia is made lawful for the hospitals, they patient can be physically abused by many persons.

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People may be located in dreadful circumstances deliberately by the friends, families or relatives and then advice to the doctor that their lives be finished because he is suffering a lot and also has no chances for the recovery because the patient cannot be able to accurately life anymore as a human being(Boss, 2014).

Question 2: Emergency Manager with an Eye on Potential Legal Issues and Consequences?

  1. a) Was it legal based on the human-made Rule of Law (think of the four pillars of the Rule of Law);

There are different laws around the world regarding the theory of euthanize , different countries have different point of view and law related to their cultural and moral values. the euthanasia is specially prohibited in the Louisiana and all through the whole United States.  Louisiana Right to Life’s Center for the Medical Ethics assisted to adjust into the law in the Louisiana’s Natural Death Act for agreeable or contradict medical treatment that is now purposely reads that: "Nothing in this Part shall be construed to condone, authorize, or approve mercy killing or euthanasia or to authorize any affirmative or deliberate act or omission to end life other than to permit the natural process of dying".


It is obvious that the rules of law that the government of the country has stated should be the respected and practice in all of the affairs. The case of the patient that is being killed because the doctors are not able to save their lives and the they also claim that they do so  because of the relief of the patients because their disease was very critical to handle. Although it is true that the situation of the patients was miserable and the life they are livery must be worst than the death but, according to the law of the county such kinds of acts by the doctors, relatives, family and friends are forbidden.

In this matter the strong action should be taken against the hospital because they suppose to save lives not to finish them and the law should always be respected(

  1. or does it fall under the Three Alternatives to the Rule of Law;

In this case, we can see the influence of the Ochlocracy law that is one of the three alternative rules of law. This kind of law is mostly influence by the emotions of the people in the particular situation, when the society or a community themselves makes a decision getting influence by some kind of circumstances and make their mind to do something that for them is right in the situation. In this as we can see that the doctors took the law in their hand in the case of the patience that are going through great suffering.

But as there is no such law in the country related to ending the lives of the patient on order to stop their hardships, suffering and struggle for life. In this case, we analyze the impact of hospital over the law that is great matter of concern for the government.

  1. or what if you apply Natural Law?

The approach of the natural law to find the underlying cause of ethical quandary start on with the essential conviction that everybody has the right to live his or her life according to his desires. The theorists of the natural law illustrate a line stuck between an guiltless life and the life of an unfair attacker.' The theory of the natural law be familiar with the lawful and ethical thought of self-protection, that is over and over again used to give good reason for do something that is against the law and order in the country.

The theory of natural law is not forever a easy school of consideration. It be supposed to come as no revelation that the principles connected with natural law are evenly complex. The thought that the description of what is correct and what is incorrect is the similar for 'every person' is from time to time tricky to be relevant to multifaceted principled quandary as we can see in the given case.


Boss, J. A. (2014). Ethics for life, A text with readings. New York: McGraw Hil. (n.d.). The Law Dictionary. Retrieved from


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