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Kelly Westbrook’s

Kelly Westbrook’s (Personal portfolio management)

Executive summary

 The paper elaborates the major considerations towards the personal portfolio management.   The Kelly finds in trouble about their investment plan and face challenges in the emergency funds.  She takes the services of counseling of brokerage firm to get rate of return. After providing an emergency fund, the Westbrook’s have $ 900 in her joint checking account at commercial bank. SWOT analysis is conducted to gain the main outcomes of investment strategy. Social security benefits as well as insurance policy plans best helps in identifying the problem of the solution.  In last recommendations, Kelly should be invested in the insurance plans and about $ 420,000 worth and recognized to invest in six year deferred annuity that 6% profit, revealing amount $ 110,000.

Analysis of case

How large should be Westbrook’s emergency fund be and how should it be invested?

 The emergency funds of Kelly should be integrated with the need of supporting family requirements.  On the other hand Kelly also wants to support the mother of Claude that was at age of seventy eight years old.  The obtaining amount from the investment return would be recognized to save and should be used as emergency. To execute and device appropriate investment strategy, Kelly consulted with the brokerage firm to invest and get high rate of returns to manage its emergency needs.

In lat the retirement plan is executed to support the need of investment strategy.  The emergency funds are the core need of Kelly to cover its expenses. In this regard they need to manage its investment portfolios by the development of retirement plan. The retirement plan  consolidates three sources of investment first is investment return in value pension plans, Kelly become employed and last eligibility for the social security benefits.  The need of investment planning is required for current requirements. (KEVIN, 2006)

How much life insurance do the Westbrook’s need?

The current market values of Kelly house was $ 77000 in which 7.5% of mortgage with unpaid balance.  The monthly payments of Kelly based on the interest, taxes, principal and insurance to $ 316.  If Claud die then Kelly works outside the home and earns about $ 25,200 as well as receives 7,040 interests.  The life insurance of claud is based on the federal state income taxes of 51% and 6% accordingly.

After providing for an emergency fund, how much principal do Westbrook’s currently have left for investment? What cash flow will they have available for investment from 1988 to 1995.

 After providing an emergency fund, the Westbrook’s have $ 900 in her joint checking account at commercial bank.   They have $ 14,000 in one account and $ 4600 saving certificates at loan association and federally insured savings.  The cash flow investment for the Kelly reveals the major outcomes of personal portfolio management.   The value of bond market in 1988 is 9.1% and index trust is 2.8%.  The asset values of Windsor fund have 7.8% and Windsor 2 has 5.7%. In last world fund-intel GR is 1.3%.  

 What are Westbrook’s investment needs and constraints and how intense are they? What are Westbrook’s investment objectives? 

Initially Kelly projecting the incomes, expenses, taxes and savings for the year to recognized its personal assessment management portfolios.  The annual salary of Kelly is $ 25200.  The total family expenses of the Kelly are determined as budget expense is $ 10330 and on the other hand $ 22410 is left to cover the expenses of colleges and, investments and savings. The main aim of the investment is the development of emergency funds to gain high rate of returns in investment portfolios.  

Covering financial obligations is to support the family and mother of claud.  Increase the real value of investment as well as offsetting inflation is the main objective of Kelly to realize the bets utilization of return on investment.  Maintaining reserve funds and managing annual expense budget responsibilities taken by kelly to manage the portfolio of investment.

SWOT analysis


There are certain major strengthen extracted with portfolio management. Analysis of financial statements as well as insurance policy plans is initiated to get the emergency plans executed.  Social security benefits that Kelly will receive the lump sum payment off $ 255 as burial expenses.  The social security benefits are exempted from the state and federal income taxes. This one of the major advantage for the social security benefits to increase the cost of living rises.  (Swensen, 2009)


 The case elaborates certain weakness in the managing the portfolio of personal investment plans. Federal income taxes as well as cutting amount of profit before the notice period of saving certificate maturation date. This also reduces the profits and rate of return over the investment.


The money would receive from three sources to manage its expenses.  This base on the return income gained from the investment strategy. Fully vested pension plan, Kelly becomes employed and eligibility of social security benefits are the opportunities for the Westbrook’s in the portfolio management plans.  This reveals that such opportunities confronted by the Westbrook’s by enhancing their investment strategy.


Huge risk involvement in the investment by counseling of firm brokerage company is the threat towards investment strategy. The rate of returns was not adequate because increase in inflation reveals reduction in return on investment.


There are certain recommendations initialized in managing the investment portfolios. Firstly recommended is to invest in the broad spectrum of market categories. The first one is index fund, which means that investment in the conservative stocks that provides continuity in the regular dividends with the growth potential that has long term. In addition to this small percentage earning from the stock is better than investment in any other portfolios. Individual investment in the stock is good investment like long term treasury bonds.

The current situation of Kelly is very critical in determining the major aspects of investment environment towards personal portfolio management.   After analyzing SWOT factors, it would be recommended for the Kelly to invest in the insurance plans and about $ 420,000 worth and recognized to invest in six year deferred annuity that 6% profit, revealing amount $ 110,000.  The rate of guarantee is determined under the annuity after the six years with the minimum of 5% per annum.  In addition to this about 7% is provided if no amount is drawn without any penalty.


Thus to sum up all discussion about the major implications of personal portfolio management, that has immense importance in managing the financial. The Kelly is confusing about the investment about current situation investment strategy. SWOT analysis reveals certain strengths and weakness that must be consider when taking decision about the portfolios investments. The best option for kelp is an insurance plan that helps for emergency funds.  Kelly takes the responsibility of claud mothers cares and meets expenses of family care.


KEVIN, S. (2006). PORFOLIO MANAGEMENT. PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

Swensen, D. F. (2009). Pioneering Portfolio Management: An Unconventional Approach to Institutional Investment, Fully Revised and Updated. Simon and Schuster.

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