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Learning and Memory: Steroids and epigenetics

Summary: Learning and Memory: Steroids and epigenetics

At the initial stage of the article, the introduction is provided related to the basic processes of memory. There is enhancement of brain localization and neurocognition aspects. Furthermore, the author shed the light on the biomchemical, genetic as well as electrical mechanism. Estrogens play an important role in the process of memory.  The strength can be defined in terms of responses as these are produced in target cell. The subtential agreement is highlighted as long term stimulation of results which highlight the  frequency of synaptic stimulation results in long lasting time. The formation of memory and utilization is considered as complex process. The short term and working memory is also highlighted and showed rely on activities neurons in the lateral prefrontal cortex. The entire process is based on the involvement of several brain structures. The structures are in conjunction of hippocampus and cortical areas. These are explained as medial temporal lobe structures. At the initial section, the neurocognitive mechanism, which is related to learning, is re-called. The effects related to sexual hormones adrenocortical steroids are also highlighted in several aspects of processing of memory.  The analysis is conducted n the basis of human and animal studies. In article, the specific attention is given to the different types of steroid receptors such as nuclear and membrane. There is involvement of local metabolic transformations.

Summary 2: Hormones and Behavior

The article is started through shedding light on field of connections as these are generated through great deals of interests and enthusiasm. Neuromodulators are providing the circuits flexibility as well as dynamics functional connectivity. The article explain about the STG which is small network of neurons as these are identifiable across individuals and “connectome” circuit diagram is solved. The generation of steroids is circuits of brains are modulators are highlighted in article. There is alter sensory representation through the change of information content circuits as well as change related to functional connectivity as these are related to sensor motor integration. The neural circuits do not show thes fix connections properties. The relative weights are based on synaptic connections which is between the neutrons in networks as this is  a continues reconfigured through presence and relative momentary concentration. The information can change through “neuromodulators” related to networks to shift sensory and motor representation. There is need to test neurons for sound learning and similar regulations through neuromodulators actions with support of complex behavior as this are evolved on independence.

Summary 3: Journal of Steroid Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

There is enhancement of physiological importance based on steroids and retinoid. These are involved in regulations as major of physiological functions are based on energy metabolism and cell proliferations along with differentiation and reproductions. The article first sight is based on biochemical properties related to DHRS7 isoform. The article explained that the absolute quantification is used for determinations of quantity of DHRS7 transcripts.  The article highlight results based on amino acid sequence which is highly conserved in diverse species. The human DHRS7 are conversed enzyme through super-family SDRs as there is involvement of reductive metabolism. This is related to signaling of molecules such as steroids and retinoid through number of toxic compounds as this is considered harmful for the health of human. The wide  range of human tissues are expressed in wide range which express pattern and correspond through proved in vitro catalytic activities. The article shed light on some properties, which are shared through well-known enzymes. The correlation is between the DHRS7 patterns as this is proved as catalytically activity. The expression of DHRS7s also is correlated through expression of beta-carotene.

Summary 4: Psychiatric Adverse Effects of Corticosteroids

The powerful and serious options  of therapeutic options are provided related to corticosteroids which show association with serious ad adverse effects through physiologic and psychiatric. The author explained that moods, liability, symptoms and anxiety show the behavioral disturbance as this can be present alone and in combination. There is description of psychotic as these are linked through inciting etiology.  The article highlights adverse effects such as hypertension, acne, striae, purpura, and Glaucoma. The meta analysis is conducted and risks are also defined in the article.  It is fact that the females are more significant to risks as compared to threats. This enhances correction proportion of women through the medical conditions, as there is requirement of corticosteroid doses. The timing of adverse effects are also highlighted as 2 weeks and 6 weeks of treatment initiation. The management strategies related to corticosteroid is also highlighted. The disturbance is based on case reports and anecdotal evidence along with small case series. The acute corticosteroid induced psychiatric disturbance as well atypical antipsychotics show appearance to the yield for the greatest benefits along with adverse effects. Article also explained about HPA suppression as corticosteroid withdrawal syndrome as these are featured through the malaise, depression and nausea.

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