Manage marketing information

Manage marketing information

Understanding market needs

The estimation of business plan is $ 250,000 to analyst he market research before entering into the marketplace.   The marketing needs identify the individual insights and their behaviors towards the products and services in the market landscape.  The understanding of market needs means potential of product and services that satisfy the needs of customer or not. The main purpose of doing research is development of marketing strategy that how to target the marketplace.  

Identify target consumers

 The identification of right customer at right time is the major outcomes in marketing research to consolidate the customer values and their behavioral feedback in understanding the customer satisfaction.  Segments are building and then identify target consumer for gaining high corporate values.

Product development

 The product development has immense importance towards the market research that identifies the major outcomes of research implications.   The modification in the existing product is recognized need to be change into the form of differentiation to cater the needs of customer. The changing trending needs of the customer reveals changes in the existing products to gain desired outcomes.

Prototype analysis and revision

 The development of prototype required professional researcher to recognize the major implication in determination of effective research.  The revision of marketing strategy is the most significant part in the research of marketing.

Evaluation of product and services

The survey reveals that product and services demand and how the people correspond towards the demand of specific services.  The feedback of the consumer is consolidated to regain the potentials of products and services. In this manner certain benefits are communicated to the customer to retain the values of company.

Advertisement and communication measurement

Customer inquiries, customer payments, customer orders, marketing plans and salesperson information system are the major implications in the measurement of advertisement and communication measurement.  Online research tools also utilized like online sampling, online focus groups and online database to integrate market research technology.

Market research elementsAllocation of budget ( $ 250,000)
Understanding market needs$ 50
Identify target consumers$ 25
Product development$ 25
Prototype analysis and revision$ 70
Evaluation of product and services$ 40
Advertisement and communication measurement$ 40
Total$ 250,000

Awareness and preference

The preferences and awareness created about the product and services introduction in the marketplace. The market research analyzed the major outcomes about the customer preferences and awareness about the product potential benefits. Customer Expectations, Customer Loyalty, Customer Profiling and Customer Satisfaction are the major values associated with the awareness and preferences of customer.

Qualitative research

The qualitative research of data does not involve any statistical relationship, it base on the observation and reviews of the research participants to analyze core values.  The main techniques in the qualitative research involve in the Focus groups, jury research, In-depth Interviews, Man-on-the-street interviews and Dyads & Triads. There are two primary sources for the collection of data primary sources and secondary sources.  The secondary data consolidates with the data comparability, data dependability and data accessibility.

Quantitative research

Statistically analysis of figures recognized in the quantitative research to corresponds in the graphs, tabulations and charts.  The quantitatively typical technique includes Telephone surveys, intercepts, On-line, Mail and Pre-recruit to CLT.   The random sampling is conducted under the telephone. The most important in market research is conducted over the survey analysis. Descriptive data analysis with deductive research approach is most appropriately to produce best results of research findings.

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