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Motivation and communication


Motivation is the major element in the organizational behavior that gives the higher organizational performance improvement. Motivation and employee performance are directly related in achieving organizational objective.  Ovidiu-Iliuta Dobre is conduct research on the employee motivation and organizational performance and done this research from Bucharest University of economic studies, believe that high level of employee motivation reveals high level of organizational performance. (Dobre, 2013)

Newskool Grooves motivational values:

Newskool Grooves is a company that has developed extra ordinary music software and delivers its services to its potential clients.  They always deliver best and newest services to the customers that keep head strategy of the business operations. The division of labor is where every employee does only his or her task. The company had right choice of outsourcing as well as high-tech software technology to remain in the environment.

The culture of the organization is defined in which the overall climate of the company is affected by the decision-making.  The employee’s norms, values, beliefs values are considered in the organizational cultural environment.  The decentralized system of organizational culture is followed in the company. The decentralized means mechanistic approach is followed in which employees are freedom of work.

Performance management:

In discussing about the working environment of the company that continues, improve their operations by motivating employees.  The high quality services and innovative brand is the core cutting values of the company in which the employee sustain its core compatibility.  Many of the individuals want to work in this company due to its cutting edge motivational values in the organization.  

This shows that the motivation in the employees must be recognized for the performance improvement in the organization.  The recognition as well empowerment of the employees would be increase then the employee motivation would be increase. The employees are motivated through intrinsic as well as extrinsic values to increase the satisfaction of job.  The empowerment, organizational performance and motivation are three major factors that increase the values of the organization and sustain in the environment. The energy and desire must be directed towards the objectives of the organization.

Job design:

 The job designs of the employees are allocated through the effective participation in the decision-making.  The continuity in innovation is the core compatibility of the organization.  About 115 employees are working in the newskool grooves and effective management philosophy followed for the recognition of employee motivation. As the participation in the decision-making is the mandatory part in the job design to accomplish their task and responsibilities and give strategies to the organization. This empowers the employees that employees are the major stakeholders of the company.

The challenging, interesting and meaningful job designs are allocated in the employee job descriptions. The learning of new skills through training and development to ensures motivational values are delivered to the employees. The cross training and job training are provided to employee recognize their motivational values. In the newskool grooves every employee are gives his takes and freedom of work. This freedom of work creates the motivational aspect that no pressure or threat is provided to the employees. The authoritative leadership styles is focused to motivate the employees through intrinsic and extrinsic motivational values are derived for high employee productivity.    

Working environment and Employee determination:

The working environment in the organization plays important role in the understanding of organizational behavior. The employee are satisfied their job if motivational values like bonuses, allowances and compensation pay plans are continue to deliver its employees.  The job commitment and effective involvement in the job are ensured the high employee productivity. The creative employees are hired in the organization to match with the strategic objectives.   (Nohria, Groysberg, & Lee, 2008)

The strong leadership structure as well as work process are well defined to integrate the employee in the job involvement.  The employee determination is that how well they perform roles and duties in gaining organizational objectives.  The rewards in the organization must establish to determine the employee performance in the organization. High performance employees pay higher monetary rewards while the employee who has not performed well their rewards are allocated towards their performance. (Nohria, Groysberg, & Lee, 2008)


Communication is the major process in the organizational success that gives core values in delivering to all operations in the organization. According to Michael Kerr “Communication works for those who work at it”. (Kerr, 2015) This means that understanding of communication is important for learning business operations.  The effective utilization of communication between all the departments gives best solution for strategy formulation. The process of communication is effective if future vision of organization is developed, strategic planning, goals direction and financial performance all these are done through the communication in the organization. (Durkin, 2010)

Standard communication techniques:

The communication is that leads the organization effectiveness and derives the core values and objectives.  The communication is the core heart for every organization.  The standard communication means informative and authenticate information pursue in gain the high organizational performance. The knowledge and skills enhanced by communication of informative values about the process of organizational objectives. The use of verbal as well as non-verbal communication must be transmitted in the organization to reduce any confusion in the message.

In talking about the newskool grooves is that have developed well communication system by effective project management system.   The project management as well as leadership structure is followed by the organization.  The major break down is occurring in the company in the hardware of DJ controller system.  Many discussions have taken place to progress the issue.  The effective collaboration and integration in the team management is required to gain the consolidation of goals and objectives.   The consistent in delivering the core values between the management and staff member to formulate the organizational achievement in better way. 

Effective and efficient communication:

The effective and efficient communication is the major tool in gaining the high performance improvement in the organization. The motivation and communication are the two elements that help in nurturing the higher productivity values. The employees are integrated by busing different software to realize the efficient services in the organization. The face-to-face interactions are developed to recognize the core operations and running activities are communicated in driving the best implication of strategic management.

There are certain insights that help the organization in deriving the best business practices.  The major insight is generation of trust in between the employee by demonstrating competence in between the team. The development of guiding collation with the effectives system of communication would be enhances and encourages employees to develop the role model of integration in all departments. The business operations would be best work if the system of integration in the organization are collaborative and avoid monologue.  The major aim of communication is to simplify the vision rather than complexity.    

Environment learning and listen to involved:

The effective participation in the decision-making and listen the management roles are the major factor of organizational success in the workplace. The communication is the two way process and listening effectively and gauging the important aspects for the strategic decisions.  The improvement in the communication system leads to higher productivity values in the organization.  The productive relationship would be gain by encouraging the employees to learn in the environment. This shows that right and effective communication system reveals the best operational excellence in the organization.  (Zwilling, 2015)

Different organization vehemently emphasize on designing the effective communication structure for their employees and for all the key stakeholders. Employees are the assets of the company and top management must have to communicate them to sustain the productivity and efficient of their work. There may be different kind of communication levels in an organization such as upward and downward communication. Most of the companies use downward communication process regarding their employees. This is also better for the organizations to conduct the upward communication to have feedback from the employees regarding the work and productivity.  Different organization intends to have different ideas from the different employees to have creative work and innovative work process for the better productivity. People working at the workplace may have some complaints and therefore this communication system will be better for them to ask the management. Communication has its own important as management use it as an effective tools to communicate with each other. They write business letter, memos to the production houses, emailing and many other along with face-to-face communication. Without communication process in an organization, we cannot have the collaborated work efforts to attain the planned objectives. Communication is just like a main pillar for the success in all organizations.


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