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Multi-Topics Questions

1: E-Mail Marketing

This is the new era of advertising, which is a mix of different technologies and system evaluations with only purpose to boast culture of mixed approach. The Approach is best for advertising and it showed that how much it is beneficial for other businesses.

The purpose of email marketing is ethical and legal approach to get consumer consent without any resistance. The E-mail marketing is best because subscribers can get what is best updated version of same thing is available in market (Pitre, 2015).

Database Creation

The database creation is only way that can consider what is best for getting maximum customer. Email marketing is only reliable when company or marketing aspect is best in compiling data from different sources. The data compilation is only source in which client of email marketing get what is best for purposeful work, ideally. The email lists have only way and manage what is best for getting know how about activities (Pitre, 2015).  

Competitiveness of market

Email marketing is entirely depends upon database and show that how it is responsive in giving for different growing aspect that is now a day need of competitive market. Concurrence with competitive markets and business orientations is possible with implicit impact of market. The email marketing is basic source of learning and knowledge (Pitre, 2015).

Kinds and frequency of emails

With the passage of time, now email marketing is being allowed with different aspect and available at different paradigms. There are many kinds of email marketing right now. Those kinds that considered email marketing as only key source of information.

Email marketing is best to give essence in development and show that how this can adopt without losing brand image. There is criticism in marketing aspect that considered that email marketing should not be abundant that user like to avoid them. Email once a month is sufficient for development of brand image rather than losing image. E-mail marketing is one of the major tool to communicate the potential benefits of services and deliver new offerings of services. This will increase potentiality of customer loyalty.


The costing of email marketing highly depends upon outsource services. The more the price means more assurance of customer to get email and read them. Price is different with different services and each service need to be creative and unique as compare to other service.

Service costs are best one that can allow that how much it is related with range of database. The rate of difference can expect in such way that if service is once a day then charges would be different.


There are several benefits while selecting a service and most important benefit is actually getting real statistics about ultimate customers (Pitre, 2015).

2: Marketing Automation

Personalized systematic communication program

Marketing automation tool is new way to jugged that how it can give what is being required and what customer want in detail. The tool showed is best in getting what is known for increase operational aspect and there is no other source of getting communication. The major task in the marketing automation includes revenue performance management, demand generation, traditional marketing as well as integrated pipeline with the customers.   The personalization of marketing depends upon way that is being best fit with approach (, 2015).

Welcome new customers

There are satisfactory approaches that show that how each aspect is different from other. One customer is different from other and that new customer can be new target for software. This way show that marketing way is getting personalized with customer and relevant with need assessment theory and perspective (, 2015).

The perspective that can consider ultimate effectiveness in marketing and allowing business to provide variety of service to retained customer. Welcoming a new customer is new approach that can consider different and applied at each customer (, 2015).

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction can achieve by doing so and reveals that marketing mindset believes in business integration and module search without getting down complexities in work. The working style of software is exactly as previous traditional marketing was. This is new source of knowledge and learning provides insight about customer’s behavior (, 2015).

Smooth approach

The behavior approach has allowed software to be justified in working and working monitoring customer after one time purchase as well. The purchase is best fit for company and consumer to monitor and show that how much it is relating with allowed period. There is no limitation applied at customer database (, 2015).

Target customers

Two types of customer are being involved in it. One type was about way to ensure objects and determination to serve already sustained customer and other is about only targeted customer. Customer is different in getting what they require and either company is providing it by using different tools and monitoring software (, 2015).

Purchase data

Marketing automaton can monitor activities if customer so that they can get what they are support. The purchased database means there are issues that are relevant with ways to show that either data is same in acquisition as supposed to be before applying software.  The database of customer purchasing insights would be obtained to highlight the major characteristics of the marketing automation. The purchase data is first step in getting effectiveness of software (, 2015).


3: Display Advertising to Acquire New Customers

This is the main source through company can get same level of satisfaction while exploring customers. Those customers who want to achieve their demand and having purchase behavior in realistic manner. The approach is best in acquisition and provides same level of satisfaction to assure that how each aspect in displaying market is best fit. Advertising is the major marketing tool to get the exposure of customers in large volume and get their insights about responding.


Banner display can get attraction from customers without any hurdle and associate it with their ultimate needs and demands. Demanding culture is lowest aspect and this aspect cannot ensure without realizing that how much it can give benefits to company. This is win-win approach and considered company and consumer ideally at one place.

Company banner ads are mostly viewable in general society in physical form. Internet marketing is also not far away from this aspect. Advertising through internal marketing can purchase space on any website to get marketing concept in best way. This is most possible way of marketing and being a responsive in attitude.

Interstitial ads

The host application is source platform where customer can get what is best for displaying such way that can address thing in detailed concepts. The source host application display full-page ad without any resistance from material related with ads. Interstitial ads are best one in allowing that how ads are came and go with several aspects to monitor.

Static ads

There is detailed discourse can be researched that how static and dynamic ads can be differentiate and that discourse can give same thinking about static ads. Static ads are there available on website and never show repulsive response

Video ads

Video ads are moveable objects and those moveable objects sometime designing magic or sometime original human are moving. This approach is best in getting attraction from customer without any display resistance. Video ads can grasp attraction from customers so that it may happen in realistic manner. Specifically in the video advertisement shows evidences about the services of company entailed to recognized bets marketing approach.

Common sizes

Common sizes are those aspect that how those sizes are best in getting same thing that can address various sizes and their place where they has been placed. 336x280 large rectangle, 300x250 medium rectangle, 728x90 leader board, 300x600 half page, and on mobile the 320x100 large mobile banner (, 2015).

Costs and Key vendors

Cost is different in different aspect. Each costs is depends upon selected vendors. Mostly companies have been using Google AdSense costing structure. AdSense, Chitika, Yahoo Bing Network, Kontera and Clicksor

4: SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is best way to get target customers on website or blog and has happened with approach so that each user of same demand could come there. Traffic term is most appropriate in this aspect because traffic is actually user but in virtual form. Virtual customer got essential assures and endorse written concept. The visibility of web page and website initiated in the search engine optimization over the search engines to gain the visitors view of website pages.

Several steps can be best in getting traffic through Search Engine optimization


The campaign can create SEO - Search Engine Optimization through website only and there is no other way to get traffic. The selection of title for writing is best way to search and get knowledge. The knowledge of title and writing ideas should be unique in editorial. The free and organic way is to select trendy title


The writing is actually allowing editorial and natural search results that are best in developmental aspect. There are many search engines and writing trends should be search able at least. There is only one way that can create search engines friendship with your website that is best and unique writing (, 2015).

Coherent Concepts

There are several ways through writing can judge that either that writing would index in search engine or not. Those concepts are being taught as per requirement and assurance with ways that are being feedback in responsive way. Coherent approach with search engines can be best in getting writing projects and concept so that search engines could get it.

Search Queries

Search queries may be different in action and words but they are same in major idea. The idea that is about how each search query would be considered at one single platform. The platform that address things in detail and shows that how these things can allow search queries to be monitored (, 2015).

How web developers think?

Clients submit their finding term did not know they he is submitting a search query to search engines. Website developers got that sear6ch query to monitor prospective of traffic. Technical aspect behind search engine optimization is entirely different as compare to conceptual aspect that is SEO - Search Engine Optimization.

Action Plan

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is only boasted writing ways and enhances that how those writing reflect through consumer needs and demands. Customer demands are being special in exploiting nature of internet and myth behind it.  with the help of  search engine optimization, it increase the visitors, market analysis, keyword research, higher ranking and SEO friendly page enhance the websites of company. In addition to this it provide potential advantages to business console including improvement in ROI, better quality traffic, and increase client based and beat competition.

5: Mobile Marketing and Apps

Modern Marketer

Post Modern environment and globalization is only way that has happened in consideration and show that how this is important to take Smartphone marketing. Smartphone are common used tool for today’s societies. There is consumer who is not using Smartphone in his or her daily life. Consumers who are well aware about Smartphone also get this phenomenon at large level and thought about mobile applications more than other aspects.

Linkage of Social Media

Mobile application-n and era of mobile marketing considered way of marketer and think that how each marketing practice is important. Social media paradigm is best one to consider and allowed marketing to grow. The growing aspect is important because social media is directly attached with mobile applications.

Website-Mobile Responsive

The website now a day considered mobile in requesting new customers and retaining previous customer without considering any medium between user and mobile. The mobile marketing considered when mobile market show ads and customer click on those ads with generation prospects. Mobile marketing considered linkage strategy at large level. It showed that how much it is relevant and prompt in getting and retaining customers.  The mobile marketing application provides wide range of features including convenience to customers, security, update apps and integration with eh social media with offline work that provide benefits to users to rate high values for such mobile marketing applications.


Mobile marketing considered immediate aspect more importantly and show that how it is being recommended by customers as well. Social media linkage and mobile readiness are two things in same time. Mobile immediate response is best in acquisition and reacts with marketing dynamics.

Dynamic approach

The approach of marketing while getting data from mobile of user is way that responds with correctness of demanding culture. Cultural response has allowed that how effective is responding attitude and allowed prospective. The prospective is best in giving responsive way of dealing with market. The mobile application and analytic based studies showed that how much it is responsiveness in developing markets. Businesses have allowed in way that about to respond with exact location and targeted marketing technique with same attitude.

The attitude based marketing is new way of digital marketer and it showed that social media management apps are best in getting customers. It is very hard to retain customer but mobile marketing made it so (, 2015).

Marketers did not considered advertising through mobile and advertising through website but it did consider social media prospective to go through applications. The monitoring aspect is best in giving same kind of competition-n across business community and marketers thinks about it (, 2015).

6: Geo-location Services

The internet protocol

The IP address or internet protocol is best way to judge location and now this task is being done by application successfully. This is way that show that how geo location-n services are doing their business and increasing their users. The centralization concept is best one in giving what is known as internet protocol and way to develop responsive aspect. There are proper mechanism and organization behind simple application that is getting data of users through IP addresses.

Geographic location of an object

The location is only aspect that is giving exact information to show that how each application is customized with customer location. There may be no physical existence never look by anyone behind back in company. The exact location and services related it actually getting customer responsive in immediate way (FINLEY, 2015).

Engagement of customers

Customer engagement is best way to identify and show that how this application is getting virtual undertaking by customer to ensure their safety of data.  Targeting right customer at right time is the major focus of IP geo location technology.   

Each service bound to locates customers for sake of relevant demands and wants. Engagement is bound to be responsive in allowing what is necessity and development for further issues and their possible answers.  The business would easily get the target market with the needs of customer with specific geographic location.


Mostly such services are now devoting themselves to get maximum efforts to install service. The service issue is no more based upon way to respond and show that how each response can give allocation of monitoring customer before and after purchase. The location data give enterprise overview about their location, culture and ethnicity.  The merchants would also get benefits in getting information of discounted coupons.

Diversity management

The diversity management is possible for organization because they were not to acquire location data and ultimate demands according to location. Such services made easy the judgment about consumer location. Each enterprise considered location of consumer more than its behavior towards their launched service. Service issues are widely available in getting aspect to be done and tackling issues with consumer market (FINLEY, 2015).

Behavior monitoring

Now whole research and development cost of enterprise would be safe after getting such geographic location service from outsource company. The company is accurate in displaying consumer data and their ultimate view about different products.

Service and product industry considered such service because they want to know about post feedback and improvement in branding different products. Those products those are best in grasping consumer data and those that are not so successful in acquisition (FINLEY, 2015).

7: Social Media Networks

Social media networks are increasing day by day and there is least consideration about effectiveness. Sometimes more choices makes difficult to get most popular social media. Now a day several niches have been designed for different platforms. Top counter this issues that why it is possible for social media to consider or not to consider. The social media is like a sea and social media networks believes as shores (MILANOVIC, 2015).

Diverse Traffic

Each business needs different social media networks according to variety of customer already gained by business. Business effectiveness is best one to show and consider that how this effective strategy converts into reality and way of unique visitors. Each victory needs some information and social media had it.

Normally social media networks only allowed such kind of consumer experience that is being showed by his previous account history. Historical changes and social readiness is way that can save determination. For example, Facebook is biggest social media network but only believes in customized advertisement (MILANOVIC, 2015).


The customized advertisement is best way that can show that how responsible is thing in identifying and allocating demands at customer level. After Facebook there is twitter and other social media network. Just after launch social media network converts itself abnd give option to businesses so that they can earn much customers as much as they could. This is only aspect now day releveant with following social media networks.


Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Punterest, Google Plus, Tumblr, Instagram, VK, Flickr, Vine, Meetup, Tagged,, MeetMe and ClassMates.

Modern Network Myth

These are some most popular option to adopt and businesses are considering it at large scale to get attraction of customers. Mostly, business target specific age group like 13 years to 34 years old people. This is something that is relevant with business venture and endorses reality to be assured without any fear and reluctance.  Each blog tried to explore importance and consumer readiness for that blog and their traffic (MILANOVIC, 2015).

My business

My business is small café and for that, reason I am heavily depends upon social media. Further, it also show that how much it is responsible in getting same thing for me to judge and monitor what is best and what is not so much needy. Trendy aspect of business for me is getting many customers as much as social media have. I am using Twitter for my business because I only focused upon quality and sustained Twitter customers.

8: Online Contests and Interactive Programs

Visual aspect

There are many reasons that company is endorsing way of getting social media and show that how social media is responding according to different dynamics. The way of dealing with customers and tends them to engage with companies are only purpose of best interactional strategy.  The visual aspect is best one in which marketing platform is most used aspect to get customer at one place without getting others to involve in it.

Customer relation

The consumer journey is only purpose through different kinds of techniques can grow and come in marketing era. Marketing platform allowed thing to be centralized and showed that why such reality is giving customers resources and other advantage for pricing. The cost object is important as well because such object enhanced level of association by using one platform.

Social Media and Engagements

The selection of platform has allowed thing to be assessed and giving rest so that interactive programs and online venture can provide reluctance with this view. The first platform is mobile-centered and this platform is about to happen with one way and ensure that there is only agency can consider reality of social media (, 2015).

Marketing Platform

Marketing platform did consider visual much than other aesthetic aspects. It is best and only one and can give advantage for enterprises to engage customers. The mobile marketing is modern one that can come with realistic approach and show that how this approach is best in getting addictive application with known examples of customer relations.

Online ventures

Customers want to get engage but way adopted by it by different engagement tool is unique with each platform. Those tools includes are mobile, ecommerce, in email, on websites, in social and in ads. These are some ways in which marketing in growing and can glitter without any issue. The issue is related with marketing platform that how marketing aspect is best one and show it is related with popup windows (, 2015).

Consumer Segmentation

The visual user and user interface endorse kind of marketing platform and show that how this platform is best in getting different statistics related with online context and their relevance with marketing aspects. Visual aspect is more relevant with getting motivational details rather than visits and clickable links at different platforms. The galleries like things are important and allowing campaign more profitable (, 2015). The more engagement is only possible with possible aspect of segmentation with concentration related with nature of consumer aspect (, 2015).

9: YouTube and Vine

How to develop YouTube Ad

As previous discourse showed that advertising is new age and it can represents what is known as best advertising aspect to grow? Where is being issued showed and represents how it matter able and represents and show that how each step should centralized with advertising.

The selection of video, graphics and other macros in video presents best step that can give customer attraction. Customer needs only those things in video form that can be demanded in society.

Customer Demands

If customer demand were successfully over there than there would be no issues ahead for next generation of advertising. Business are not focusing more on video ads and advertising aspect is best one in getting forceful intervention.

The forced marketing is way that has happened in ranging from video viewing until video getting same demanding nature. YouTube is best source of advertising because it shows exactly same kind of video that user want to watch.

Watching History

The watching history and data of computer previously saved is helpful in getting advertisement in same way as company wants. For example, if customer is watching a video about some electronics than electronic companies’ ad would be next to click (Pitre, 2015). Sometimes they could play without any permission and sometimes they need some permission to play if it contains some sensitive data to show.

Ad cost

This is how YouTube is facilitating its users. The ad cost is least and each company is representing it without any effects. The revenue structure is huge and huge return of investment assessment is there that allow user to think and considered exactly as marketing department think about customer’ demands.

Vine advertising

Vine is another source of advertising and more popular and latest one. This is a video of 6 second and only 6 second video have specific address with others and customer. For example, CEO message about commitment of business to allow user retention.

User experience

CEO message about user experience and feedback are such aspect that has happening with vine video. The video can allow any kind of data and types of video that may never used by someone and allow other costing structure. Consumer can get search results and results are results are allocated. User experience and trend based video at vine and YouTube are main source of getting attraction (SIU, 2015).

10: LinkedIn

Job Promotion

The before and after job venture is successful way to get job and at least, searching aspect easily without any lose and emotional breakdown. The more advertising means to provide more things to do. LinkedIn is professional platform that allowed different ways to ensure what is employer looking for and what is employee would get from networking


It is not resistive in any sense that an employee cannot contact any employers over that platform in reality. The realistic platform is best one that may assure what is best in giving relative approach and what is not so much tempting. This platform is actually allowed to be done back way from demands and demanding culture. Cultural aspect is best one in giving and showing what is best in development.

Profile Views

Profile views and each activities of one profit to other profile are being monitored by platform to increase integration with platform. If an employer’s has visited other profit then job seeker should be prepared mentally8 about job call or other email correspondence.

Like Status

Another feature that different human resources department is getting while attaching themselves with platform is being compiled by platform. The liked status and views of people can give companies a look and made it as outstanding place to get require human with same skills (, 2015).


The platform actually allowed colleagues of different department at one place and show relative approach about what is being asked by each other. The knowledge sharing platform is always comes as reality of LinkedIn platform with forceful intervention. The new job arrival can also leak secrets of employer and their professional social life would be in danger.

Search history

Nevertheless, at this platform, it can provide customized services so that candidates and user can hide his details from others. The job search is relevant with search history.  Profiles are best in given what is known as way to ensure that how much it is giving in reality and sharing on platform (, 2015).

Sharing on social networks

Social networks and their linkage with this professional platform is way that can give the same level approach so that people can gather their data and share their wants at large level. The scaling method is being assured and show how may it is possible for different platforms at one place.


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