Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligences

1; Many frames of mind can happen one of biggest aspect in developing visual aspect and show that how connection can develop in future. The suggested intelligences are being taught is being allowed that how much it is related with career development in future. During classroom, it can show that how much it is related with interpersonal skills. The mix of intelligence and technology can create successful platform.

Interpersonal (people smart)

  • Group brain storming game (brain storming game is good for students more than advance level)
  • Big Problems of world and their possible solution in one sentence


  • Craft and art projects ( I will ensure such tasks in future to grasp best way)
  • design a logo for my group ( I would suggest that designing a logo is way of development)

The revival of technology happened to give same level approach that can give beneficial aspect to consider why it is important for changing paradigm. The changing aspect can assure different system intervention in developing nations and allowing other to come through. My classroom is great place to see what is known as best presentation of technology and multiple intelligences. Active Charts are best tools as peer technology that can show that how tool can explicit in nature with multiple visual interventions. Secondly, my classes would have smart boards that are aesthetic looking.

2: Activities of naturalistic (nature smart) intelligence and musical (music smart)

Smarter worker can save cost and time for reviving generation in same aspect that can happen for logical reasoning. Reasoning can give benefits for differential measures and show relative approach for success in future. The successful intervention is love for nature and show that how natural thing can applied without any response, in further processing.

Musical (music smart)

  • Write Poetry (
  • Sing  Kids Songs

Naturalistic (nature smart)

  • Join gardening club
  • Did intra group program on Climate Change

The responsive attitude is best one that assures that how nature can bring benefit. The best for defining thing to ensure why it is necessary for naturist ideology is key-observed thing to get naturist intelligence. The activity was there to monitor sustainable development in allowing that how much it is best for development and what way is being authorized. The musical aspect was actually allowed by usage of different kinds of developed technologies and their way of authority. One can remember that I have written a poem and poetry one class and write my emotions during class in shape of narration.

3: The “Exploration” and “Implementation”  

The idea of lesson design was best one in which explanation is best and can give what is known as implemented aspect at large level. The level approach was defining ways and idea generation to show that why district administration can grow and define furthering issues related with staff. Ideas about class generation can show that how it can afford projects and related projection with scheduling aspect. I am responsible enough and that was best in me. I have taken things in me when classroom environment allowed me about material intervention. Material aspect is best because peer evaluation can happen without any judgmental criterion. Student panels are great in discussion without any fear and pear response. The state of flow is best in me that has allowed to be scheduling classroom activities both formal and information. I have used interactional board to discuses tasks and assignments related with classroom.

Reference: (2015). What are some of the challenges I may face? Retrieved November 05, 2015, from

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