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National and Community Change and Development

Green Bank


Ethical Loan Processing


Profitable Loan Processing

Win-Win Strategy


Loan Application Criteria from Fracking Companies

  • Do not Rely on long term economic forecast (external environment
  • Analysis of products and operations for which company is applying for a loan
  • Companies with social responsible goals
  • Either loan proposal reflect standards of bank

Loan Application Criteria from Gun Maker

  • Environment scanning about positive and negative
  • Review transparent operations through rational



Ethical Platform



Accept Application

Reject Application

Is Profitability Goal Achieved?


  • Either we affect environment.
  • Tackle Negative words of mouth
  • How much we achieve in terms of short term profitability
  • How much short-term profit is?
  • How much long-term profit is?
  • Sustainable Financial aspect


The decision making while dealing with controversial loan application is much disruptive in nature and bank should focus upon centralized way while dealing such application. These applications may never show any thing irrelevant whole processing but after effects are dangerous for future to come. The coming era is era of getting more intervention towards loan processing and can be repulsive in banking.

By adopting above given suggestion about loan, bank can assure and adopt win-win strategy associated with banking sector. The bank related with profit and it is not being suggested over here that it leaves it profitable agenda away. The banking sector is actually allowing consumer to be involve in loan procedures in further plan acceptance sector’s intervention.

The intervention of OCD addresses things in summery and suggest that how it can related with ultimate objective of bank and it want to gain and retain during future to come and sustain. The way o social responsibility and profitable management are two different things but this way is never allowing things to be determined as per required actions as suggested in above-mentioned chart over here.

The discourse is entirely about how much it is being sufficient and assures what are necessary standards for bank to turn itself in to green bank without losing its image. It cannot negate that environment’s role is much in getting absolute objective that is dealing with controversial perspective.

The dealing of flow chart is actually entirely upon environment scanning and environmental consideration about how environment might affect processes at business level. The procedures are being implemented as banking level and assure that how it may address different complexities in coming future. The bank should think about each aspect while getting understanding about environment.

Chart considered bother ways of doing business at different level. The one approach was there is about engineering perspective and other is gun makers. The first one is not so much dangerous, while dealing with environment, but as per labor union, it is dangerous. The next one actually disowns society all together.

The disowning activities at environmental level are being presented as very aggressively deal with customers and other stage holder. Fracking companies are doing business with engineering perspective but company should be approved in loan process if it wants to go in furthering process that is less dangerous.

The dangerous things and activities are related with different proposals and allowing others to be assured so that people cannot buzz negative about company. Before approving loan procedure, company should approve that it is safe for environment both internal and external environment without any hurdle.

The development of chart means to provide outline about banking mindset to review such controversial loan application. The application that how it is possible for making different ways of cost and benefits proposals and associated activities related with it. The last but not the least aspect is analyzing and scanning of financial aspect.


Answer 2:

No, Bank should not let down gun makers because this is wide industry and now many license holders are emerging in company. The gun making industry is relevant with procedural aspect that can assure that how much potential a market has. There is no federal constaaint6s on gun makers that why bank should be reserved itself in approving their loan applications.

The applications are ethical or unethical required a vast environmental scanning before allowing bank to proactive in approach. When bank found positives more in terms of, environment and profit then there is no reason to disown loan application, in any aspect. The loan application is about to happen as new opportunities to explore left markets in terms of banking sector.

Whenever a small industry comes towards bank for loan means it has some potential to grow and wish to sustain. If someone have chosen gun making as his or her business then he is more concerned about social responsibility at environmental level rather than bank in this situation. The situation is easy to understand and therefore, gun maker’s loan application should review with ethical approach according to selected OCD intervention.

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