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Nonprofits: Chicago Freedom School

  1. Introduction

From the past several decades, there is cadre of entrepreneurial nonprofits has created extraordinary levels of social impact. This change or the step has pioneering “change markers” that are vanguard of a establishing a more civic sector. Due to this increase, the service sector in US economy has now valued at more than $ 1 trillion. These organizations are playing important role in transforming our world. These are also named as the nonprofits. The nonprofits are an organization that uses its surplus revenues to further achieve its missions and purposes (CFS, 2015).

These types of the organization do not disturb their surplus income to the organization’s shareholders as dividends or profit. Therefore, this is known as the distribution constraint. The decision is adopt a non-profit legal structure is one that often has implications of the taxation significantly the nonprofits has seeks exemption from the income tax and has the charitable status. The terms non-for-profit and nonprofit are not consistently variant in jurisdictions. However, the nonprofit landscape is highly different (Cox, 2014).

  1. Chicago Freedom School

Chicago Freedom School (CFS) established in year 2007. The core purpose of the school is to make the independent and logical analyst in new generation with own personal resources.

These are:

  1. Unique experiences
  2. Skills
  3. Capabilities
  4. Power to create a just world

Chicago Freedom School also gives the opportunities for the education and training them about the effective leadership so that they can able to forecast future. In addition, the past history of the leaders in social movement is also making them understand:

  1. Traits of the social movement leaders
  2. Characteristics and vision
  3. Self-efficacy and Self-esteem

The mission and vision of the CFS is Original Freedom Schools in Mississippi about the year 1960s. This is serving as the new generation throughout Chicago (Crutchfield & Grant, 2007). The purpose is finding their way to discover power for change in the organization and in personality. This change is not only for the society or communities but also for themselves (Crutchfield & Grant, 2007).

  1. Impact of CFS

According to the CFS Alum,

“I was not sure about my aim or objective in life before taking part in the Fellowship program and did not consider it much. On the other hand, I committed to the social justice that has found many times and renewed hundreds of times due to this Fellowship program.”

The school is also offers a place for the students and the young people so that they can explore their identities, gain exposure to histories of social movements, analysis of the root causes and help others become effective agents for the change in the society and the world (Cox, 2014). There are number of the training, skills and knowledge that is necessary for to improve once self as successful agent (Crutchfield & Grant, 2007).

Table: Skills and Knowledge for agents




Issue Concern

Impact %



Build a Campaign


Address a Mutual Issue




Speak with others


Social Justice with others




Facilitate a Training


Care about




By the Numbers

From the establishment of the Chicago Freedom School since 2007, School has:

  • Engaged more than 3000 adults and youth in different educational programs on social movement history
  • Served as a leading agent      
  • Training for Liberation Network 500-person to organization
  • Conferences on difference education and movement practices
  • Give training to about 4000 teachers, organizers, youth development, social workers and other professionals for practices for strength of youth in social change
  • Provide training over 100 young workers in about twenty from the country
  1. Core Planning of CFS

Number of the core planners for CFS is representatives of non-profit social service organizations that are committed to fight girls and women violence for social justice through grassroots advocacy projects (Crutchfield & Grant, 2007). There are number of the emerging leaders that are from Chicago’s public high schools and area colleges (Cox, 2014). There are also some individuals working at different organizations including

  1. The Chicago Girl’s Coalition
  2. Housing Action Illinois
  3. Women and Girls Collective Action Network
  4. Brighton Park Neighborhood Council
  5. Alternatives, Inc.
  6. Amate House
  7. Afterschool Matters
  8. Uhlich Children’s Advantage Network

These individual has greater impact on the operation of the CFS. The nonprofit school becomes able to start its achieving the goals and mission with the help of the experienced leadership. The planners of the CFS have experience to work in different types of other institutes that enhance exposure and increase the credibility of the school. In addition, this also helps to research on high-impact nonprofits arrives at a key inflection point for the development and growth of the global social sector. On the other hand, internationally, similar trends are reflected in the global civil society growth (Crutchfield & Grant, 2007).

Several Forces propelling Growth of nonprofits

There are number of the forces working in the society that are impacting on the growth of the nonprofits (, 2015). The first one is unprecedented amount of the flow of the wealth in charitable organization from different corporate foundations, individual donors and private philanthropists. For example, American grant making foundations alone currently have nearly about $500 billion in assets under management (Cox, 2014). The second force is the new emphasis on “giving while living.” There is need to more donors taking an active role during their lifetimes because nonprofits operate at interest of state and market (Crutchfield & Grant, 2007).

In addition, economic and political pressures are forcing many governments to retrench. Due to other external forces, social welfare state scales back and there is filling gaps between the nonprofits (CFS, 2015). The introduction of the new technologies instantaneous global communications has created a high level awareness of the problems in society. There is change on planet due to different types of the disease like AIDS, Hepatitis, natural disasters, hunger, climate change and many more (Cox, 2014).


The nonprofits play an important role for the welfare and development of the society. This also helps the developing countries and the poor communities to live and earn their living by the support of the nonprofits (CFS, 2015). CFS should increase its vision and also has to work on the other social evils. There is need to create awareness among people about elimination of the different evils from the society and its positive impacts at micro and macro level. CFS should also make strategies in context of the global forces so that it can increase its operations and educating the young generation of world and own region. the different types of the forces like flow of the wealth, political and economical factors, legislation and use of the new technology will also feasible for CFS or nonprofit organizations. There is still need for the improved work and enhance the criteria for the development of the society.


The charities are an association that uses its surplus incomes to further accomplish its missions and purposes. These associations are assuming essential part in changing our reality. These are likewise named as the charities. The choice is embrace a non-benefit lawful structure is one that regularly has ramifications of the tax assessment altogether the not-for-profits has looks for exclusion from the salary charge and has the magnanimous status. The terms non-for-benefit and not-for-profit are not reliably variation in purviews. On the other hand, the not-for-profit scene is exceedingly different.

Chicago Freedom School likewise gives preparing and instruction chances to the grown-up and youth to add to their identity and initiative abilities by means of the lens of city activity with the investigation of the historical backdrop of social developments and their leaders. In expansion, this likewise examines on high-affect not-for-profits lands at a key expression point for the improvement and development of the worldwide social division. Then again, universally, comparative patterns are reflected in the worldwide common society development.


CFS. (2015). Chicago Freedom School. Retrieved December 9, 2015, from (2015). Our Impact. Retrieved December 9, 2015, from

Cox, K. (2014). Introducing: Chicago Freedom School. Retrieved December 9, 2015, from

Crutchfield, L., & Grant, H. M. (2007). Forces for Good: The Six Practices of High-Impact Nonprofits. John Wiley & Sons.

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