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Occupational health and safety

Occupational health and safety

Stress - work or lifestyle causations. Argue pro and con re W.S.I.B. benefits for stress

Executive summary

 The paper clearly demonstrates the major implications of occupational health and safety in much organization. In addition to this the paper describes the role of stress towards work safety insurance board for the reduction in stress. The main accountabilities in WSIB contains on controlling cost, managing involuntary clients and administratively effectiveness in performing interest of employers and workers in the organizations. According to research that is conducted in Canada reveals that, 65% of Ontario workforce is covered under WSIB.  There are certain disadvantages of work safety insurance board that includes Long working processing of paper time has taken during the implications of work safety insurance board. This long waiting working hours has leaves injured or sick worker bad experience. Job stress and loss insights are the main outcomes at organizations due to lack of health care implications.


Occupational health and safety is one of the most important parts in the workplace to accommodate health and safety towards employee’s performance characteristics.  The major aim of occupational health and safety is to improve workers health and safety by elimination of occupational disease and accidents. This leads to betterment of working life as well as creation of comfortable and safe working environment leads to higher productivity of employees.

 Employees are the intellectual capital of organization that leads to higher performance characteristics. Therefore organizations need to focus on occupational health and safety to improve the working life standards of employees. Boosting employee morals as well as reduction cost and improvement in productivity are the potential benefits that urge the competitive advantages for the organization who sustain in occupational health and safety interventions.

WSIB implications

Work safety insurance board that takes necessary steps towards beneficial for the occupational health and safety.   The main accountabilities in WSIB include controlling cost, managing involuntary clients and administratively efficiency in performing interest of employers and workers in the organizations. The prevention and compensation work operated as professional assembly line that combines with the roles and responsibilities of WSIB to manage the health and safety at the workplace.

 Potential benefits

 The major presumptions of WSIB are managing health and safety issues in the organization, because their perception those employees are the core part of organization.  Exemptions in rules and regulations as well as special premium arrangements are lack in small business that leads to distorted labor relations in the organizations. On the other WSIB initialized institutional orientation and repositioning the small businesses are the major benefits to improve health and safety benefits and reduce employees stress at workplace.  (Stock, Ostry, & Labrèche, 2010)

The main aim of work safety insurance board is to identify claims for injuries that outcomes of health care and time off work.   According to research that is conducted in Canada reveals that, 65% of Ontario workforce is covered under WSIB.  Information regarding health care and wage replacement specifically linked with the jury and consequences of injury also examined under the WSIB. (Stock, Ostry, & Labrèche, 2010)

Figure 1: Dynamic process of creation of safety capital (Nuñez & Villanueva, 2011)

Drawbacks in WSIB

 Long working processing of paper time has taken during the implications of work safety insurance board. This long working hours leaves injured or sick worker without payment because they have to wait.  The employees are feeling pressures to return the work as early as possible. The other disadvantages of   WSIB is rejected and ignoring some injuries and offering the other clinical opinions. These are the major drawbacks that create challenges for the employees in assessment of occupational health and safety.

Work stress and job loss prospect

The work stress in the organization plays critical role in health and safety determinations. Job stress as well as job burnout are the major causes for the creation of health caused of employees at workplaces. This revels that organizational policies for health and safety plays significant role in recognizing best workers stress in pre lay off stage. The loss of job is recognized as negative life transitions that has bad impact on the workers life balance.  (Snell, Schmitt, Glavas, & Bamberry, 2015)

Negative impact on mental health

The researchers reveal that involuntary job loss; have negative impact on the psychological and physiological impacts.   The loss of job ahs negative impact on the employee health because depressions and stress are the main consequences of job loss. Mental health issues are recognized under the work stress and job loss prospect. Losing job due to stress has significant impact on the emotional and mental health of worker. (Snell, Schmitt, Glavas, & Bamberry, 2015)

Stress - work or lifestyle causations

Occupational health and safety are most important in the intellectual capital of the organization. Safety capital integrated in the organization to pursue best practices of employee health care.   The prevention resources initiated in the workplace safety like safer equipment and technology, allocation of financial resources in occupational health and safety services.

The Ontario workers in Canada recognized the benefits from work safety insurance board that claims mental health and stress in the organization. The aim of such board is to improve the health and safety aspects in the organization to standardize employee life balances.

Sudden and unexpected traumatic event

Sudden and unexpected traumatic event at workplace has been recognized in the for the operational policy manual document that includes witnesses of horrific and fatality accidents. In addition to this witness of armed robbery as well as object of hostage taking are the major consequences in the organization. Death threats and objects of physical violence at workplace are harmful for self and others.

Options for compensation in WSIB

There are certain options available for the WSIB for the occupational health safety programs for the employees to sustain their performance. These options include provincial social assistance in disability services as well as measurement of tax and provide benefits of disability tax credit. In this way tax benefit for the disability and registered disability plan saving has been recognized. Employee insurance benefits towards sickness and decision of employment for long term disability plans initiated for managing occupational health and safety plans for employees.

 The workplace injuries confronted by the WSIB.   Profit trust agency that act as middle man between the parties and manage finance regarding health care of employees.  This provides insurances to workplace to cover expenses that become sick of injured during at their work. Wage loss benefits as well as medical coverage potential benefits unleashed by WSIB.

Physical, emotional and mental issues addressed by work safety insurance board to prevent the participation of success in their life roles. This shows that the reduction of pressures and stress at the workplace is the major responsibility of the board to confront effectively.   The WSIB compensated for the life-threatening as well as potentially life-threatening situations ate the work place. In addition to this tampering with safety equipment that entails with the causing to worker that might goes to be dangerous. The physical violence and threaten of physical violence creates severe impact on the work place managing occupational health and safety.  

Figure 2: Average health and safety for company number of employees

Development in occupational safety and health act

 The workplace at safety is one of the most important for the employees to retain them and gain potential benefits of employee services. In this regard occupational health and safety act has most important. A safety workplace is where employees enjoy health care services and security aspects.  It is one of the vital functions of every government to take occupational health care act seriously. Occupational safety and health administration OSHA is to reduce the hazards of health and safety towards employees and employers benefits.  (Soediono & Kleiner, 2002)

The working conditions that correspond towards safe and healthful recognized to improve organizational productivity. The overall illness and injury rates have decreased where occupational health and safety incidents taken place.  To increasing the protection of employee health and safety reduction in paper work and red tape must be taken to commit best health care practices in the organization.  

Common Sense Regulation

The need of occupational health and safety regulation consolidated in the Priority Planning Process towards health care for employee initiated to get best outcomes forms the employee services. In addition to this flexibility at workplace for working conditions is to reduce stress and casualties. Continuity in Improvement of health care as well as Update, and Elimination of Confusing and Out of date Standards with safety outcomes and Partnership initiated to confront the issues effectively. (Soediono & Kleiner, 2002)

Results, Not Red Tape

To removal of health care issues at workplace and hazards at workplace Field Office Redesign to initiate the  reduction of occupational health care issue. Strengthen occupational safety health and safety OSHA’s Partnership with State Programs to strengthen the system of health care at workplaces. In addition to this Improvement in the Inspection Targeting System is to treat all employees equally. (Soediono & Kleiner, 2002)

Major outcomes

The main purpose of the study is to investigate the occupational health and safety at organizations and how the firms take it serious to resolving such issues effectively.  There are certain incidents that create issues in health of employees based on the physical causes, working environment conditions, human behaviors and organization rules and regulations.  These are the major causes of employee’s health affected.


 Thus to sum up all discussion about the occupational health and safety that plays significant role in achieving the high level of productivity. The safety capital integrates the major importance in revealing best practices of health care for employees.  The study discussed about the Stress - work or lifestyle causations with the arguments of pro and cons of W.S.I.B. benefits for stress. This board plays an important role for many of the organizations to realize reduction of stress and pressure to attain high corporate values.  When the employees perceive they receive potential of health care this means that are engaged towards work enhancement.



Nuñez, I., & Villanueva, M. (2011). Safety capital: the management of organizational knowledge on occupational health and safety. Journal of Workplace Learning, 23(1), 56-71.

Snell, D., Schmitt, D., Glavas, A., & Bamberry, L. (2015). Worker stress and the prospect of job loss in a fragmented organisation. Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management: An International Journal, 10(1), 61-81.

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Stock, S., Ostry, A., & Labrèche, F. (2010). Occupational Health and Safety Research in Action. CANADIAN JOURNAL of PUBLIC HEALTH, 101.

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