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Operations Improvement Plan On


The steps of operations improvement plan is way that can define business with objective as best as possible. The complexities of functions are never in debate and no can get this assumption without considering a plan. The planning aspect can define business at first step and this is general with all business activities. After defining, a business in improvement plan the setting of goal should be relevant with field and researched material that is already available at any level. The planning aspect is about setting goal and assures that how this goal is shadow of field and selected industry (Bailey, 2015).

The normal used practice for such business that would like to boast for future is only focused about two things one is strengths and other is review competitors. Two-way agenda is best one in giving necessary assumption about way of action counter and way of reaction considered. The company that aims to be explored in this discourse is Best Buy. The company believes in strengths and competition as two best strategies in getting required improvement in process. The process is best in exploring internal and external environment so that Best Buy can initiate best operations improvement plan within industry (Best Buy Co., Inc., 2015).


The mission is being developed in such way that can gather things and retain things as best way to give what is related with business operations. The mission of company is growing focused agenda and endorses processes with different needs of customers. The customer relation is about to show what is best for resolving issues to obtain such agenda (Boxall, 2015).

The mission of best buy is relevant with retail industry, absorbs what is known as known process with unmet demands, and needs for customers. The employees are there and focusing upon resolving issues and building what is worst usage and developmental aspect (Billings, 2003).


The company is entirely technology focused company and there are many ways to deal with technology. The dealing with technology requires consistent and updated approach to counter competition in industry. The market is saturated enough to share new view and ways to develop that how these views are being taken seriously while getting technology products in detail (Roloff, Aßländer, & Nayir, 2015).

Figure 1: (Chakravarthy & Lorange)

The technology products, services and even solution are being taken as various level of approach to show and that approach never give up for any business generally and for Best Buy specifically. The management of huge population completely with improvement plan will give what is best for business nations and business processes. The way of development ensure that company is related with diversification of different process and show that how each process can go other one (Sams, 2015).

The management of process with best-known framework is only way to management operations within company. The company believes in general spread of operations within the United States and counter of problems without any hurdle. The success ratio of online and physical presence is being developed in best way (Schouten, 2015).

Assurance of company dealing with technology related items can get most of its research through its own developed Research and development and seeks that what is best way to deal with operations within company. The entire different strategies are being used by company for both ways of business. The one way is physical way and other way is virtual platform.

The way is being assured that how this management of system thinking can give importance and what is worst in development. The system development can show that system awareness without any changes and attribution can give how much it is related with technology development. The environmental policy is best in articulating things and show that how this environment can best as environment and ethical ways of dealing with technology being sold by company (Roloff, Aßländer, & Nayir, 2015).

SWOT Analysis

The company believes in developing best process so that working conditions can come and gain what is known as procedural methods. The developments of methods are getting assurance that how these methods are best in provision of few consumer electronics chains and their associated actions with it. The management of business operations without electronics can enhance rivals and show that how this rivalry is basic aspect to gain despite aggressive competition, within company (, 2015).

The competition is best in getting assurance about internal and external environment. The consumer electronics chains are being protected by system review mindset using by company. The company is possibly a way is developing nations and assured that how these issues can tackle with best way in electronics market. The chain is biggest across the United States and assures that how these stores are being tackled as viewpoint of updated system thinking (, 2015).


The brand equality is related with market and consumer attitude within market and product. The product description is relating with customer and already sustained customers. The customer is actually allowing system and systematic way about different elements and processes to devalue things with reputational causes.

]The company believes in reputation at large level because exited for long time is a factor for consumer to buy from physical stores. The same level thingy is being achieved by virtual venture developed by company.

After the Good reputation and developed sale paradigm, proven ability is there and retains customer loyalty with customer base. The customer relation and technology development are two ways that are being tackled by company successfully (, 2015).

Figure 2:

The company is not only believes in selling and marketing ways but also with advance marketing tools and development. Those tools that are getting best in action and believes in technology intervention has adopted best and advance level marketing tools for best industrial perception.

The strong marketing expertise is best way for customer relations and company has adopted it since establishment. The way that is being best in and purpose to acquire in electronics sector for promotion of system. Consumer behavior within electronics market is changing and assuring that how market is best in deriving change at market level. The market is dealing with electronics needs of consumer and best in giving new ways of technology (Roloff, Aßländer, & Nayir, 2015).

The easiness of consumer with developed and underdeveloped technologies are best and deals with products mechanism. The revenue based model and intervention about market influence can give detailed of business operations and their coloration at company level. Revenue of company is increasing and its gives system a way to show that how each process has enhanced transparency and easiness in launching different styles of managing customer bases.

The consumer electronics are best in giving video games and smart phones that are being derived as only base with successful intervention and process recognition. The process is consumer recognition because ecommerce is allowing different activities to retain customer database. The spreading of database can show that how each database is different and unique with each store. The store of company is one way of earning and getting satisfactory customer (, 2015).

The other is about finance and revenue and this platform is best in giving stores a new way of managing thing and dealing with estimated revenue base. The revenue base is entirely depends upon physical stores in Canada or United States. Recently, title of best selling Apple watch is achieved by company after Apple store itself. Therefore, one can say that customer base is allocating resources and show that how each source of information is relevant with selling electronics (Wright, Robbie, & Albrighton, 2000).

The electronic management is allowing video games and smart phones that are only products and title under high sale products. A further sale of company depends upon and best buy app. Company is not losing even a pinch of customer base from targeted customers. The historical background and selection of products are getting assurance about customer base and allocating customer to be a part of change management.


The business is best in giving what they needed but still company that is having believes in traditional process and models. Those models that were doing well and extraordinary in previous era are not so much best in this postmodern age (, 2015).

The company is actually allocating systems and systematic approach to show that how each process can be best in giving various products offerings. The selling strategy in terms of process can give the approach towards selling but that is not possible each time company would saw it beneficial.

It seems that company is not getting full advantage from e-commerce growing aspect and this is the way that it has been creating different elements to grasp technology in system. Further, company is dealing with supplier credit and issues related with it with finance and financial ways to operation. The operation of company is dealing with general goods and stores locations are most important one in retail industry (, 2015).


No one at individual level and no one at company level can get real advantage from growing market. Electronics market is getting more important with several ways to tackle and show that how it can give advantages to company with new range of electronics. The growing market is able to understand market and way of dealing with products and developmental ways to ensure process (, 2015).

The procedures those are relevant with actions, reactions, and even different endorsements within market. The market is huge one because it satisfactory allowed technology intervention at large scale. The company behaves in detailed and financial aspect but these aspect and behavior should be market-centered. The market is related with safest way while getting necessity of approach (, 2015).

The approach of technology can never limit in any way because these aspects can best to gain objective at company level. The company level approach and functionalities can show realistic way for different things to negate system.

The systematic approach and product diversification are best in market and company can get it because it is number one in electronic consumer market. The new products launched by other companies are not about ways of dealing with research and development. The research can best and still leading in market.


Digital market is getting market and exploring that how these markets are posing threats. The threat is delivering supply chain for technical system and improvement plans. The improvement plans are not being discussed in the company according to market (Roloff, Aßländer, & Nayir, 2015).

The market related with several approach and these approaches are doing worst in getting different ways of delivering system. The delivery is real worst aspect and these aspects and not getting proper resolution. The online retailers are increasing day by day and thus are not a good sign for company because it has agenda to grow (Chakravarthy & Lorange).

Company Profile

CEO: Hubert Joly

Headquarters: Richfield, MN

Founder(s): Richard M. Schulze

Founded: 1966, Richard Schulze

Employees: 140,000

Stock symbol: BBY (NYSE)

Our Executives

Hubert Joly-Chairman and Chief Executive Officer- Hubert Joly is chairman and CEO of Best Buy Co. Inc.,

Sharon McCollam-Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Financial Officer- Sharon McCollam is the chief administrative officer and chief financial officer for Best Buy Co. Inc.

Shari Ballard-President, U.S. Retail and Chief Human Resources Officer- Shari Ballard is the president of U.S. Retail and the chief human resources officer for Best Buy Co. Inc.

Matt Furman-Chief Communications and Public Affairs Officer- Matt Furman is the chief communications and public affairs officer for Best Buy Co. Inc.

Mary Lou Kelley-President, e-Commerce- Mary Lou Kelley is the president of e-commerce for Best Buy Co. Inc.

Mike Mohan-Chief Merchandising Officer- Mike Mohan is the chief merchandising officer for Best Buy Co. Inc.

Keith Nelsen-General Counsel- Keith J. Nelsen is the general counsel for Best Buy Co. Inc.

Greg Revelle-Chief Marketing Officer- Greg Revelle is the chief marketing officer for Best Buy Co. Inc.

Corie Barry BBY-Chief Strategic Growth Officer- Corie Barry is the chief strategic growth officer for Best Buy Co. Inc.

Process Narrative

The process is relevant with approach because it can give same level approach and show that how each approach is given by company. There are activities that are integrating with one another and show that how these activities are going best in given what is known as modem way of dealing with competitive market (, 2015).

The company believes in innovation and show that how each innovative strategy are being taken seriously without any fear about way of dealing with process and flows of different activities related with transformation basis.

Process (Current) Flow Chart

Figure 3:(Chakravarthy & Lorange)

Problem Identification


 The best buy is one of the largest multinational organizations that specifically deal in the consumer electronic goods.  The improvement in the business process planning is required to manage and maintain its business practices in the environment.  To improve the operations of best buy it reveals that continuity in sustainability of best buy operations has been recognized to ensure best performance of the company.  The main competitors  that performing not so good in the marketplace includes Symantec MicrosoftApple company,  J&R Crutchfield, HP,  Zones, Dell, CDW and Sony are the main suppliers of best buy (, 2015).

This shows that how the best buy implement the plan to highlight the performance improvement in the future. Detail understanding of break down structure for the best buy company has been recognized to highlight the performance indicators of company. The identification of critical success for the best buy company would be taken to reveals the high performance management. The competitors include Amazon. GameStop, wall mart and target corporation (Schouten, 2015). 



New Proposed Process Narrative Process

Vendor management inventory tool would be taken in future.  The new process for the operations management of best buy reveals that improvement in the business process management to take initiatives in the operational management. The business continuity planning as well as performance management indicates the best buy should be initiated the employees to dictates high organizational performance management (Roloff, Aßländer, & Nayir, 2015).

Figure 4:

Work measurement techniques, project management, inventory controlling system and service scheduling are the major components in the operations management to coordinate the overall managerial practices. Business support functions, supply chain improvement tools like vendor management inventory and product portfolio segmentations entailed with the recognition of retailing business of electronic consumer able goods.

 CPFR tools should be taken in future to reveals best practices of operations management.  The main fundamental of operations management in the best buy recognized that supply chain management, product development and process design management in advocating procedural design of retail business performance (Wright, Robbie, & Albrighton, 2000).

Figure 5: Internet

The tools and strategies of best buy organized to formulates the indication of high performance management.  Production engineering, planned maintenance, supply chain management, services management and quality control analysis should be integrated in the system for operational excellence (Roloff, Aßländer, & Nayir, 2015).

Cost benefit

 The cost benefit analysis of the best buy taken to reveals the major characteristics of the benefits intake for the operational improvements.  Shipping cost and timing is specifically associated with the best buy operational management practices.  The shipping methods include standards, expedited and express to provide high quality services to their potential clients.  



 The above charts show the best buy cost year by year that how the company invest in their portfolios to manage its overall operations of business consolidations.   Lowering cost and generating revenues of company initiates to develop the plan of best objective of company in operations management (Roloff, Aßländer, & Nayir, 2015).

The suppliers of consumer electronics replenishes inventory at the points of best buy retail shops to build retain of supplier relationships.  The growth structure of best buy highlighted   the bets retail shop of electronic consumer goods.   The improvement in the online sales of best buy analyzes the best operational practices in the current business process (, 2015).

The shipping cost is calculated because of per pound and per item towards the methods of shipping cost utilized for the cost incurrent.  Cost cutting benefits are major strategically implications of best buy to recognized the necessary of the customer. Towards the analysis of cost and benefits of best buy, it is recognized that the company earned more that it cost. It gains the competitive edge of leading industry in the electronic consumer able goods (Chakravarthy & Lorange).

The cost reduction initiatives helps in the improvement in the profits margins of best buy to retain its customer. The retention of customer is the most important aspects of best buy options. The continuity in streamline function indicates that best buy highlighted the bets services differentiation characteristics. The partnership with the suppliers of company reveals the growth implications of best buy (Roloff, Aßländer, & Nayir, 2015).


Vendor management inventory is dire need of system and this is how company can deal with contemporary issues.  The inventory management system with consent of consumer market can deal with challenges related with consumer focused and ways to deal with inventory. This suggested inventory system can create easiness for system related with approach and approach is best in giving proper managerial aspect. The aspect is about to show that how each process is best in giving outcome and related thing that manageable with approach. The giving approach and ways are best in developing management.


The implementation required coherent approach of system and system related aspect that are being given response to each approach. The below given aspect is best can apply things in coherent aspect. The approach of system may be able to address issues related with it and there is no approach in any way that can negate system. Here is proper implementation plan in steps.


The best buy company is struggling with inventory management system and lakes are due to facts like (The brick-and-mortar behaves as approach that is traditional and failed to measure weaknesses within selling department. The complete negation and weakness of this thing is being taken seriously at system level without any effort. This is main reason that company is unable to achieve left creativeness within company). This main facto can deal exactly in such way that needs new system to be implementing. The best Buy company can give assured of success with such system is best in approach.


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Wright, M., Robbie, K., & Albrighton, M. (2000). Secondary management buy-outs and buy-ins. Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Researc, 6(1), 21 - 40.

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