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Organizational Leadership Management

Question 1: Is it wise for managers to evaluate a candidate’s postings on social networking sites such as Facebook as grounds for rejection before even interviewing a promising candidate? Why or Why not? What might be some ethical and legal issues managers should consider? Why?


We cannot ignore the importance of the Social networking sites but in case if manager wants to use it as a source make an image of a candidate and then made it a base to reject a person even before interview, has so may ethical issues.

First of all this should be consider that there are many fake accounts of facebook that put question on the authenticity of the facebook and the information available on its platform. Moreover, because of some privacy and some social threats, usually people do not give proper information on the faceboook and other social media sites that raise questions on the validity of the information provided by the user on his social media account at facebook or twitter.

Moreover, through face book, the situational and behavioral analysis cannot be made about the candidate and his abilities. Therefore, it seems an unethical act to reject a candidate merely on the base of evaluating or analyzing his personality through his/her facebook profile.

On the other hand, it is the ethical responsibility of the HR staff to provide equal chance to the candidate to prove his skills and his ability through interview because interview helps the management to analyze a candidate thoroughly by considering through the Structural interview based by asking relevant questions to evaluate the knowledge of a candidate about the specific vacancy. The Biographical and Behavioral Interview helps the company to understand and evaluate the behavior of the candidate in real time and evaluate his personality traits regarding a specific vacancy.

Moreover, the situational interview also helps the management to understand the professional skills of a candidate in real time according to the situation that reflects the ability of a candidate regarding a specific job and assist the HR staff to make a precise decision.

Controversially if HR just focus on the Facebook to analyze the ability and skills of a candidate, then it seems impossible to make right analyses of a candidate for a specific job because through facebook you cannot organize a candidate’s situational based analysis, behavioral analysis and his professional skills.

Question 2: Do you think leadership is more important or less important in today’s flatter, team-based organizations? Why? Are some leadership styles better suited to such organizations as opposed to traditional hierarchical organizations? Explain.


There is great difference in between the management and leadership as it is said by the Peter Drucker, "Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things." It shows that a manager direct the team members whereas a leader guides and shows ways to go a task to the team member.

In team based organization leadership has great importance. It is because, if there will be no leader, then complicacies will take place especially regarding the decision making process and to show the way to do the work in collaboration.

Therefore, some leadership styles those are effective to lead a team-based organization such as coaching leaders help to develop skills in the people for the future that helps the team members to utilize their abilities into progressive ways and improve their skills within time.

Likewise, the transactional leader is fit for the team-based organizations as he focuses on the management. In the process of management, he manages the resources by setting his focus on the organizational goals and put all his energy and motivates his team members to achieve the goals of the organization.

 Transformation leadership is important for the team base- organization because it clarify the tasks for each and every team member that reduces the conflicting issue in team-based tasks. Through this aspect, he defines the job responsibilities of each member of the team and encourages them to work as a family.

 A transformational leader improves the productivity of a team-based tasks by the mean of improving the skills of the team member through sharing knowledge and skills in between the collaboration of senior and junior employee’s.

A transformational leader always gives great concern to his team members and appreciated their performances  through the performance based rewards system that fives motivation to the employees and increase their productivity and loyalty as well, Moreover a transformational leader is tolerant with the time member and has fair mind.

Question 3: Gallup’s 2011 survey shows that highly educated workers are significantly less likely to be engaged than are those with a high school diploma or less. What might be some reasons for this lower level of engagement among more educated employees? Why?  (Chapter 12)


If we compare the engagement of highly educated workers as compare to the Diploma holders or high school workers, we can see that workers with lower education are more engaged in their work according to the Gallup research about the work engagement of employees in highly educated and low educated employees. However, it seems that in America most of the people believe that certification and degree are more important for a successful life but on the other hand, it does not make sure the work engagement.

It is found that the students who have received high education, have to spend more on their academic career and likewise they gain more knowledge about the specific field. On the other hand, it is common practice that academic knowledge can set a foundation but it does not give any practical experience.

In this regards, after completing the education in university or colleges, the highly educated students have more expectations from their job whereas the reality is that most of the organizations and professions too concern with the experience rather than the just having knowledge.  Therefore, student who got a job with low education feel themselves lucky to have job without holding degree and they are more satisfied with their jobs that resulted in their high engagement in the work.

On the other hand, after investing money and time, the highly educate students have more expectations. Although they have knowledge but not experience therefore they have taken start of their professional career from zero which effect on their engagement in work.

Besides this, it is the reality that they get early promotions as they understand things in a better way because the candidates with low education have to gain skills and knowledge about the job that is a time consuming process. However, the highly educated students just required guidance and professional experience as they have already learned and have enough knowledge about the job but need some practical experience.

Question 4: During times of significant organizational change, such as downsizing and layoffs, the grapevine becomes more active as anxious employees share organizational news and rumors. As a manager, what communication strategies would you employ during a time of uncertainty in the workplace? Why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of gossip during a time of uncertainty?  (Chapter 13 and 14)

Answer: At the time of organizational downsizing, a risk raise from the employees as well as the employees become worried about losing their jobs and these circumstances could lead the organization towards more serious and challenging situation for the administration of the organization.

Therefore in such circumstances, the manager should be very careful to communicate regarding the future strategies of the organization and the informal communication through the grapevine or mouth of words become more effective instead of formal communication through newsletters, memos, staff meetings, official notices or conferences

The informal communication through gossips is a best way because manager could share confidential information only with trusty people and could avoid to share such information of organizational downsizing with the employees that could response critically.

It is because in case of uncertainty about the organizational future, if a manager uses formal way of communication through memos, staff meeting, etc, then there are more chances that the employees will resist the change and in the response of it conflicts will take place in between the management and employees that could make the situation worse.

Through a gossip communication strategy in the time of uncertainty, the information could be share only with the trusty persons whereas through gossip the challenging situation could be well handled by the manager as he can avoid resistance from the employees.

Overall, in case of using gossip, there are various advantages and disadvantages such as through this way, at the time of organizational downsizing company would have to fire many employees that is an unethical but on the other hand, if company do not use this way of communication, then the employee will leave the company and before time and the it could create more challenges for the manager to meet with the uncertainty challenges.

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