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Personal business model canvass


 The development of business canvas project is interesting unique experience for me to understating the managerial implications in the business.  I have recently used this model in Furniture Company and found it to be very useful tool for me.  I have certain core competencies in allocating the resources to attain high level of business perspectives. There are two perspectives of my goal one is establishing new business and second is life career to become owner of my established company. 

 Goal setting and strategically implications of strategy is the core competency to indicate best practices of business canvass model.    For my career plan I professionally employed skills and capabilities to indicate good performance characteristics. Towards my business canvass model for the improvement in Furniture Company I develop strategic plan to direct focus, differentiation and cost advantages with leadership strategy to gain high corporate values.   

 To attain my core competencies I consistently involve companies to regain its retention values perceived by the company and their integrity values. These are really helpful for me to realize best services of company.

 My major personal life plan is the development of new business and I have ownership of business. In this regard I want to develop wood industry that makes furniture, because I am so interested in the industrial experience and want to become top leading company in the globe. This describes my mission and vision associated with my career plan.



Personal life business model canvas

8. Key Partners


In my personal life friends and family members are core key partners for sharing information.

7. Key Activities

Creating, organizing as well as Supporting personal values for the personal life to distinguish from others

2. Value Proposition

Increase enjoyment and fulfilling basic needs

4. Customer Relationships

User communities, co-creation and dedicated personal assistance to build relationships among the community

1. Customer Segments




6. Key Resources

Personal network and reputation, decision making, teamwork and communication( page 5)

3. Channels

Awareness and evaluation of societal values, that how people perceived

9. Cost Structure

Stress or dissatisfaction, leadership emergence

5. Revenue Streams

Social contribution and professional development




Career business model canvass

8. Key Partners

 (chroman, 2014)

In career key partners are mentors, counselors, human resource personnel , CEO coworkers and supervisor,  are the career business partners (Page 5)


7. Key Activities

Ethical focus, initiatives, teamwork and building values to distinguish from others (Page 8)

2. Value Proposition

Satisfaction of customer, improvement in performance, satisfaction of emotional needs  and increasing convenience  and usability

4. Customer Relationships

Customer priority, Personnel assistance, remote services via-email, and social media tools and customer service meetings (page 7)


1. Customer Segments



Human resource personnel

6. Key Resources


Decision making


Organizing communication

Reputation &

Personal network (page 5)

3. Channels

After sales as well as integrated communication mix channels utilized

9. Cost Structure

Travelling expenses, low recognition and excessive time

5. Revenue Streams


Customer satisfaction

Social contribution and flexible working hours

Employee recognition with development






In exploring the business canvass model that describes about the major considerations for the improvement in business processes. The main key partner in career business canvass model includes mentors, counselors, human resource personnel, coworkers and supervisor. The key activities includes in the business is Ethical focus, initiatives, teamwork and building values.

The improved value proposition of career business model includes Satisfaction of customer, improvement in performance, satisfaction of emotional needs and increasing convenience and usability characteristics of business realize best management indication. Strategically planning in this regard plays an important role in managing overall business operations.  The Customer priority, Personnel assistance, remote services via-email, and social media tools and customer service meetings to pursue my career development plan.

Career development business model is to integrate the customer relationship model for enhancement of customer values.  The customer segments are Managers, Executives and Human resource personnel.  The key resources are Initiative, Decision making, Teamwork, Organizing communication, Reputation & Personal network to manage mu career development plan.

The major cost structure includes Travelling expenses, low recognition and excessive time and personal capital to highlight the major implications in the career business model canvas.  In last the generation of revenues seeks from the Customer satisfaction, Social contribution and flexible working hours, Employee recognition with development programs to leads best business success model.



SWOT analysis (martinaivanova, 2015)






Internal origin



  • Initiative
  • Decision making
  • Teamwork
  • Organizing


  • Lack of leadership emergence
  • Absolute ethical focus
  • Lack of work pace

External origin


  • Writing more memos
  • Addressing ethical focus
  • Encouraging open expression
  • Identify possible causes of problem


  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of collaborative efforts




SWOT analysis description

I have done detailed analysis of my personal career plan that indicates me that what strategy has to implement in gaining best success of careers. The career development is the one of the most critical part of life that has certain consequences, but SWOT analysis really helps in pursuing best career experience. My major strengths includes oriented in team work to collaborate activities in achieving best organizational commitment level. Team work helps in engaging with the activities to learn more things. Initiatives and decision making skills as well as accept challenges to organize leading me to enhances the best managerial experience. (page 3)

There are certain weaknesses that reduce my skills and capabilities like lack of leadership emergence and lack of work pace. (page 7) These things reduce my creative work and stuck in gaining managerial experience. Some time pressure and dissatisfaction reduce overall my resource capability and make me confuse about activities. (Hansen, 2015)

 The main opportunities in my career plan include Writing more memos, Addressing ethical focus, Encouraging open expression and Identify possible causes of problem leads to formulate the care development plan.  (page 3) Better earnings prospects lead me to derive high level of business establishment and improve my career development plan. (Pasteur, 2015)

In last certain threats creates issues in my career development plan and stuck me to think different. These are Lack of communication and Lack of collaborative efforts management field highlighted great threats towards my career plan. Because in communication skills I just earned score 10 creates communication gap in -40. (page 3)


Development of leadership team management is the major strategically implications after conducting SWOT analysis. The leadership strategy helps me to integrate and confined with the work and confronts opportunities to more strengthen the core capabilities of doping business establishments.


chroman, A. (2014). How to Map Your Career on One (Big) Page. Retrieved December 7, 2015, from

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