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Temple University, Philadelphia,  United States.

The world is rapidly changing and unfolding its wonders. One strong aspect of my life is to work and help the systems around me for the betterment of my society and people. I have a strong determination in performing supportive acts to a better world. For that purpose, I am intended to get graduate education that not only enhances my capabilities in working while providing me more learning environment.

With the broad gathering work and open classroom exchange, I found that I could gain the same amount of from others, as I did from the standards being taught out of books. Amid my instruction at the University of Colorado-Denver, I imparted the classroom to individuals of all nationalities and from inconceivably diverse strolls of life. Thus, I am ready to cooperate with other people, and I learn well in a community domain. In any classroom, I feel that I have much to learn and in addition much to contribute.

I trust the life, relationship-building, and business aptitudes that I have adapted effectively shape my administration abilities in universal business. In addition, my double Middle Eastern and American foundation has empowered me to perceive how to cross over any barrier between the past and the future; lack of awareness and instruction; and fundamentalism and liberality. Presently, I wish to keep on surrounding to open my psyche and increase new encounters myself with similarly invested people, and I know I will discover this environment at Temple University as well in its Department of International Business. This would allow me to enhance my business related skills or abilities in general.  


In addition, as a citizen of Saudi Arabia, I have enhanced my capabilities in business environments in international perspectives, which is now becoming a global market truly. I have diverse business environment experiences for more than eight years while working in different retail industry companies as well as in an American company i.e. Al Jazira Ford Company.  From working in diverse industries in Saudi Arabia I was able to acquire all the relevant business related skills or abilities in Middle East perspectives where I often initiated some of the tasks. Those tasks or projects allowed me to work as a motivator and leader.  While working in the Al Jazira Ford Motor Company, I was termed as a successful manager who has been effectively managing a team of 200 employees. This experience also allowed me working in a team effectively and efficiently as well as developing the capacities of my working staff members.

I was able to depict up selling and loyalty of my customers while properly listening to their complaints or inquiries and providing great customer services in return.  I am very confident that a clear understanding about the transition process of a business would help me a lot while graduating from School of Business of Temple University. For enhancing a person’s capacities, it is needed to understand better the processes of business and its phases and all this stuff is very helpful for a student aiming to do Doctoral degree programs. I did not have the only attention to upscale my own abilities regarding business processes rather I work individually on all of my staff members working under my supervision. I am also intended to work under the team of expert faculty serving in the School of Business at Temple University.

I want to take advices from expert faculty members or from their associates, as their research work on international and strategic management would help me to understand effectively the various concepts of the subject. Under their tutelage, I believe I could be able to establish and develops proper expertise, research and knowledge skills, which would definitely complement my keen interests about Business and management studies. The other similar business perspectives like international business environments and diversities of employees in different industries would be more appealing to me.  I would aim to get solid advices from Mr. Rajeswararao Chaganti whose research work in analysis and strategic management is very commendable and would be contributing to the professional leadership and growth of a student. In addition, I would also like to research more on the works of various faculty members done specifically for Middle East market economies.

From the last few months, I have been working as an instructor of a renowned college. Where I taught various business related topics like International Management, Introduction of Management, Business Communication and Organization Behavior.  My fundamental goal in gaining a Ph.D. is to end up as an educator and scientist at a renowned college. This work experience has been extremely valuable for me, as I have grown professionally in the field of training and business teaching. As the idiom suggests for persons like me, 'The individuals who can do," and with a doctorate degree in international business management I will be able to influence my capacities for doing all sort of works that I observe to be highly remunerating as well.

I trust that my social foundation and dialect as well as relational abilities will be able to permit me to move on in between the Middle East, America, and Europe in perspectives of both instructive and business. While I satisfy the vocation objectives in showing and doing research, I would like to function as a counselor for an organization where I would be able to sharpen my administration abilities and comprehension of environments of business locally and internationally. Therefore, a Ph.D. in Business Administration (International Business) will allow me to be more educated in my field while settling myself more on better businesses.

The current Doctoral program would not only enhance my business related abilities or skills rather it would make me more suitable and productive citizen for my home country. For serving, my own country in good has always been in my mind. After graduating from the Temple University, I am sure that I would be able to point out flaws in the business accumulations and would work effectively in bringing industrialization aspect in my home country.

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