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Individual Assignment #2:

Personalized Resource Management Package

  1. Self-Assessment Tests

The test selected for identifying the individual characteristics that I had was “Values in Action test which measures numerous core or significant elements of me and there are 24 core elements which found to be definitive as well as universal in describing my abilities and skills. The significant elements that was determined from this test.

The elements included open mindness and judgment, responsibility and perseverance’s, care and kindness, fairness, teamwork and integrity and honesty. The scores of the test provide that there was higher level of integrity and teamwork qualities in me.

I proved to be relatively an active team member who aims to come up with while working with the team members to attain the objectives of the organization.  I supposedly had complete loyalty with the group members as well as doing my share of work.

  1. Career Biographies

I was born in outskirts of Boston area where I had attended a highly prestigious High school, where I was able to develop relevant thought provoking and learning abilities. From early times of my life, I was eager to learn more about computers and its related technologies. Interestingly, my hobbies were also related with the learning of new computer hardware and software skills. My hobbies become my passion now. At those times, I was also interested in dissecting the software packages and I was rewarded as young Microsoft programmer.

I have been a promising student throughout my career where my passion and motivation tinkered with the relevant computer knowledge. After graduating from a prestigious university in Boston, I was able to develop new management and computer related skills in me.

I mastered in Business Administration specializing in operational management field. After my master degree, I was lucky enough to get a job in a good multinational corporation where I was able to implement operational management using computer technologies and software packages like adopted Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

By the time I graduated from the university, I opted to study more of resource planning and taken numerous diplomas and certificates and has attended various events or workshops for this purpose as well. From those times, I have been continuously working on various enterprise resource planning platforms for enhancing the business operational capabilities. My whole life revolves around computers, software’s, and their efficient usages.

I also got an internship in the last summer in a renowned organization where I was able to enhance my abilities and skills related with the management and operational capabilities of an organization.

I was a 4-time Gold Star Award victor by the organization and in addition, the beneficiary of Professional Excellence Award for key accomplice relationship improvement, and chosen one for desired High Potential Program for quick track vocation advancement. Grasping the center estimations of trustworthiness, development, and development, I reliably rank among the main 5% of the representatives.

In the next ten years, I am hoping to work for a progressive employer in a responsible heading position or title like the Head of operational management team. The current position as a supervisor provides me enough capacities, which could enable me to outperform any resource planning related job and employment opportunity. I aim to work in a big multinational corporation where I could be able to develop and strengthen my future abilities.

The aspired industry where I want to work would include company producing or manufacturing products.

I additionally created and dealt with a gainful plan of action for top of the line endeavor administrations anticipated to be organization's next monster development opportunities; the valuing models have brooded new items into experienced income producing motors. I could fabricate notoriety for creating business methodologies, brooding new plans of action, and building out channel programs.

  1. Personal Strategic Plan

Mission/Vision Statement

The mission and vision proclamation of me incorporates the sharing of my individual aptitudes, interests, contrasts through the administrations and projects gave while working in a living and profitable environment that urges me to achieve my potential and find special purposes throughout my life. I likewise plan to work towards the social equity by testing notable and rising types of prohibition in practices and methods.

Empowering my looks, comprehension of and admiration for contrasts inside and past the college group; purposefully improving the intercultural limit and consideration of all group individuals through dynamic group building. I likewise expect to display the moral choice making and initiative while working together with different understudies in having the learning encounters past the situations.

Conducting personal analysis i.e. Strengths and Weaknesses

The personal analysis of me provides that I have a firm grip on the latest resource planning software and computer workings, which is required by the title I am aiming for in future times. The present holding position of supervisor of ERP, planning systems allow me to work in close connection. The personal strengths of me would allow me to work in close connection with the other team members in attaining the objectives of the organization.

On the other hand, the personal weaknesses of me are related with the limited industrial exposure that I currently face which needs to be worked on. The limited industry exposure would not be beneficial for a person like me who wants to lead the operational management team of a company.

Identification of Strategic goals and implications (any)

The aims or a goal as a resource planner and management executive is to occupy fully all the basic insights of the operational management through diverse industrial experiences. The industrial experience would enhance my analytical and situational related skills. In addition, I also wanted to gain maximum knowledge and information related with the field or profession.

Besides, the job related skill enhancement I would be focusing more on personal growth in terms of teamwork and achieving the management objectives through adoption of latest skills or abilities. The future implications of the strategic plan of a person would be contributing a lot to improve my personal skills. The results could drastically change my personal and qualification wise abilities.

  1. Identification of Sectors and Career Positions

The two sectors, which could be identified in terms of industry, would be electronic manufacturing industry and consumer products industry. The two career positions, which I would be aiming to foresee, would be head of operations and senior executive Manager who would with the operational staff and with the management like bridging the gap.



  1. One Page Resume


ABC address lane,

XYZ City


As a result oriented and a detailed professional with having more than three years of experience in all the facets of manufacturing and industrial development industries. The relevant skills and qualifications would include:

  • Having administration background in ERP systems
  • On time completion of various erp related projects
  • Hands on training on various industrial projects or processes
  • Maintenance and development of diverse projects about clients and vendors
  • Persistent depiction of leadership skills


ABC University, Florida

Bachelor in Business Administration, June 2015

Certified ERP Specialist Course

From New Horizons Academy, Florida

Professional Experiences

  1. Management Executive (ERP),

ABC Company.

  • Secure and retain the quality in manufacturing and industrial processes from the years 2013-2015.
  • Developing and implementing  strategic plan for reducing equipment and material expenses
  • Have been generating reports for reviewing by upper-level management and clients


  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Word


  1. Cover Letter

Dear Mr. /Ms

I am intended to get an executive position that was advertised on your website/ general newspaper. I am currently working as an Operational Supervisor in the XYZ Company, Florida. I accept this current title due to emphasized analytical and performance related skill, which is applicable for this current position. My prior experiences and training allows me to input good analytical skills or expertise in the current job. I do have extensive experience in ERP and planning formulation policies.

In my current position, I would be able to work comprehensively on enterprise resource planning software’s and was able to mold it according to the need or want of my current organization.


In my current position, I have been exclusively for promoting or bridging the gap between heavy investments and effective operational capabilities.

In responding to the current job as an expert ERP specialist, I believe my expertise and skills would be best inculcated in your esteemed organization where I could be able to streamline the industrial processes for attaining the long-term goals of the organization. I would be highly obliged if you consider my resume for this current post.

For further detailed look of my background, I have enclosed my resume with this cover letter.

I look forward to meet you and discuss my qualifications in detail. I hope to be considered for this current position.



Address Line:______

Signature: _______

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