Psychology Material

1. Your reaction to the material from the past week

Material from the past week was so informative. It gave a lot of useful information about the psychology. Psychology concept was very well explained in the power point slides. It helped me to understand the concept in detail. The most interesting information was on the brains of men & women, and their differences. I was able to identify many areas of the psychology, which I think are related to the concepts of biology.

2. Your private thoughts on the material

There was so much useful information that I would like to memorize for future use in my studies. The most beneficial part from the material was learning about the brain and its important functions. It was very well elaborated in the material that how each part of the brain works and how this work pattern turns into our actions.

3. Any limitations to the material

Overall, the material was good and there were not much considerable limitations. One or two things could have been better in the material like information on the both sides of the brain; left and right. It would have been more informative to know about each function from each side of the brain. In one or two journal articles, I have read many facts related to both sides of the brain. I think it’s very important for everyone to know that how their brain works.

4. What populations will be best served or what can be done best with this

The persons in population which are dealing with some sort of psychological problems can be best served with this information. It is important for them to know that what happens to their brain when they go through any psychological problem and how brain function during such situations. It will be also beneficial for people to identify their disease or problem so that they can find the appropriate solution for that particular problem.

5. How can the material bring about social change?

Such informative material about psychology can be used for many social areas to bring about a positive change. Society can benefit from this information to understand the functions of a brain. They can know that how it functions and what things are important to be considered for better functioning of the brain. People can get informed that how brain stimulation can be done to get best out of our brains. Problems are associated to our brains so this material can be used to find solutions for the problems in accordance with the actual information of brain and its functioning.

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