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Question answer on Family caregiver

Question 1: Briefly describe the purpose of a family caregiver assessment and the required components of a good assessment

The main purpose of family caregiver assessment is to derive the participants in the therapy. In family caregiver, home members are included to cure the patient. (page 114)Determination of daily living activities, as well as feedback from patients, is evaluated in family caregiver assessment.  (page 115) Certain aspects of clinical setting and cure associated for the family caregiver. The caregiver assessment means taking information from the participants and derives their values what they perceive. The responsibility for the care of the patient is specifically associated with the primary caregiver. This could be spouse, child or else stepped role of being responsible. A long-standing relationship, unwillingness to making the sacrifice and taking responsibility of ill-suited determines towards the purpose of family care giver assessment. (page 115 ). The protection of the patient, understanding of cognitively impaired, stress situation of participants and communication between caregiver and patient recognized in assessment, to reveals the major considerations towards family caregiver. (page 116)

There are certain requirements for good assessment includes medically oriented history, behavior problems, history of memory, and the reaction of caregiver to patient and social support assessment. These are the major elements that must be considered for the evaluation of family caregiver. The medical problems of aging as well as the need of familiarizes are the potential challenges for the good assessment. The medical problems of aging include respiratory disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and sensory disease.  (page 117). Assessing living situations and family system are the most associated aspects of good assessment. Identification of resources and living situations of patients has recognized in the assessment.  Social supportive efforts for dementia patients strengthen the experiment.  (page 119 ). The caregiving genogram helps in identifying the major indications of evaluations of family caregiving.  The living situation of the patient as well as patient problem initiated with the living situation. The safety of the patient and caregiver recognized to pursue the major assessment of family care giver. (page 119)  Personal care, health care, communication, money and activities specifically include conversion, walking, staying alone and driving could require home nursing staff. (page 123 ).  The need of personal care includes dressing, elimination, pills, bating and grooming for the patient done by the nursing home staff. This shows that how the family caregiver prevents the need of patient problems.  Their household care like shopping, repairs, maintenance and housekeeping taken by the nursing home staff. page 123

Question 2: Describe two technological interventions aimed at helping family caregivers. Do you believe these advances in technology to be helpful to family caregivers? Why or why not?

 The email delivery system is the technological intervention that helps family caregivers in an effective way. It supports a wide array of communication like the introduction of the member to the system, training like family website features, recruiting entails with the encouragement of new family member entrance and scheduling notifications to members are send to their parents to obtain desired measurements.  (page 274 ). The second technological intervention is system architecture. The system architecture is similar to the system of Onstar that provides a wide range of services. Caring family system building in the database is that stores the required information executed by the services. This system could not communicate directly from one another. This software is greatly simply to understand and can communicate only with the database. (page 273 ). The new technologies in the environment create simplicity to understand and communicate with members. No training and no assistance are required for the technology for elders. (page 272).

Yes, these technologies interventions aimed greatly help family caregivers. Technology support for communication like the members of email delivery system has certain advantages for communication. Template design that recognized the set of personalized tag that put all information. The collection of data system personalizes messages to family and elder. On the other hand promoting message sequence to train the family members about the reminder of family events, holidays, and expansion of care group membership helps family caregivers. (page 274 ). In addition to this scheduling recognize the activities of family caregiver to support the patients. Customer service personnel facility provided in the scheduling. (page 275 ). Logical triggering and exceptions pertain in the system to make sensitive to member or activity.  A wide array of editors, as well as logs, is available for the creation of e-mail templates. This shows that advancement in the technology helps caregivers in communication. (page 276 ) . Accessing web to selected data base content in the services architectures.  It means that messages could be seen by the elder remote family members.  This shows that how technology interventions in the family caregiver get the benefits in providing caregiver services to their patients.  Role base permissions, flexibility, that restricts the access to data to prevent the  privacy, this means that  changes can easily be entailed with the web access to stored messages.  page 273.

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