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Questions & Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the Blanks

  1.  Conflict is a difference that prevents agreement.
  2. Situation power style of negotiation may also be appropriate when the relationship between the parties is more important than the issues.
  3. Negotiation is the process of interacting with the goal of obtaining agreement or the result you desire.
  4. A expert style may be appropriate in an emergency, particularly if you have special expertise that will save others from harm.
  5. Social Capital brings about thought, growth and cooperation
  6. The difficulty with Patience style of negotiation is that it requires the most creativity and the most effort.
  7. According to conflict theory, conflict serves a communication function that can aid in consensus and integration.
  8. Negotiation is getting rid of the conflict.

Short Answers

  1. Select two of the types of power studied (included in the power notes) and describe a constructive uses of both.

Situational power is the most common power that is used by everyone in his/her life. The constructive use of this power in the practical life is that many of the issues and conflicts can be managed and nip in bud. Moreover, this also helps the leaders to direct and guide the employees especially in the change management.

On the other side, the second is Referent Power. This helps to understand in the context of the negotiation. In addition, advertising agencies use this to increase in selling of their products or brands. For example, customers purchase brands of sport shoes because their favorite sports man or athlete use to wear these shoes or brand.

  1. Of the Ten Questions for Negotiating Salary which three do you think you would feel most comfortable using and why?
  1. Will I get the offer in writing?”
  2. “Is this negotiable?”
  3. May I please have a job description?”

These above are the three questions that I feel most comfortable to use them. The reason is that the in writing offering makes gives surety that I am the permanent employee of the organization. Moreover, the rules and regulations are also provided with terms and conditions. Moreover, the job description also tells about the roles and duties perform within the organization.

  1. Tell me which one of the powers studied you would like to develop in yourself.

I like to have the situational power in my personality. This will help me to understand and analyze different types of the situations and make decision accordingly. Moreover, the situational power of the person also helps to practice different traits and styles of the leadership that suites best according to the situation. Moreover, by doing so, a person can save or avoid from the conflicts. In addition, many of the potential issues or problems will eliminate by using the situational power.


  1. List and discuss the 11 steps to negotiating salary.
  1. Fully understand the job

This is important for the person or the candidate that he is well aware of the job and understands all the requirements of the job. Moreover, he is well verse with criteria and his experience is quite sufficient to get the job.  This is important to avoid any kind of the conflict in future.

  1. Educate yourself on the company

For the interview or the final of the job, this is important for the person to have knowledge deeply about the company. This includes the structure, culture, climate, job offerings, safety and health, employee’s benefits, nature of the business, areas of the expertise and regions of the operations. All these things are must for the job to learn. For this purpose, different kinds of the sources can be used.

  1. Arm yourself with salary information

Before the final interview, this is important and helpful for the candidate to know about the basic salary or the minimum range of the salary that is offering by organization. In addition, the demand of the salary can made according to the work experience and the flexible range offers by the organization. By doing so, salary information helps the candidate to make the successful negotiation with organization on point of the salary.

  1. Know your strengths and differentiators

The organizations always test the candidate and come to know about the strength and weakness of that person. Therefore, self exploration is necessary to know the strengths. In addition, the weaknesses should also elaborate in such a way that these can become the potential strengths for the organization. This also helps to determine the level of competency of the candidate.

  1. Point out your value

Every person has some special skills of expertise. Try to elaborate and tells any of the skill and expertise of that kind that is unique and increase your value for the organization. Like cognitive ability, analytical thinking, logical reasoning and many others. This is the point at which the organization takes interest in the candidate and makes sure to higher that person because the human capital is most precious because this cannot be copied.

  1. Determine how much you’d like to make

In negotiation, a person is free to tell its past experience and salary. Moreover, he can also tell to have the expected salary from the current job. Once the range has been set, this will become easy for the person to talk further on other points. This is important to tell that point or range of salary that will match your past working experience.

  1. Decide on an appropriate salary range

In transaction, a man is allowed to tell its past experience and compensation. In addition, he can likewise advise to have the normal pay from the present place of employment. When the reach has been set, this will turn out to be simple for the individual to talk further on different focuses. This is critical to tell that point or scope of compensation that will coordinate your past working experience.

  1. Consider the whole package

Every individual has some unique abilities of skill. Attempt to expound and tells any of the aptitude and ability of that kind that is special and expand your worth for the association. Like psychological capacity, scientific considering, legitimate thinking and numerous others. This is the time when the association takes enthusiasm for the applicant and makes a point to higher that individual in light of the fact that the human capital is most valuable on the grounds that this can't be duplicated.

  1. Be patient, persistently

This is important to keep patient do not make any hurry in making the final decision about the salary or the other things. Do convey your understanding and ingenuity to the arrangement table. These two qualities will clear the street to your prosperity. Try not to surrender too rapidly. It's anything but difficult to see "no" as the end of a discussion. Rather, have a go at survey it as the start of your transactions.

  1. Define your “walk-away” point

The associations dependably test the hopeful and come to think about the quality and shortcoming of that individual. Consequently, self investigation is important to know the qualities. Moreover, the shortcomings ought to likewise expound in a manner that these can turn into the potential qualities for the association. This additionally decides the level of competency of the hopeful.

  1. Practice your negotiation skills

Before the interview, this is good for you to practice more and more about the negotiation skills. This will be helpful for a person to make good improvement in skills. Moreover, this also helps to increase the professional skills and way to talking or negotiating with others. For this purpose, an individual can take help from family or friends to practice the negotiation skills. Moreover, over he can become able to answers the questions in more professional way.

  1. Create a SWOT Analysis of yourself.  (Instructions for this included in Salary Negotiation Notes)


My personal strength is that I have ability to be more innovative and creative with ready to accept and adopt new things. These strengths make me more effective and efficient in my work and make me competent at in the organization among subordinates. Openness is my personality trait therefore, I am no shying to ask or learn something new from others even from my juniors. The reason is that the knowledge, experience and skills of each person are different from each others. Therefore, this helps me to learn more and more and to update my knowledge and skills.


Sometimes the over-committeemen with my work can create problems. I am weak to create or maintain the work-life balance therefore; often I have to face different problems in social and personal life that impacts my professional life and work also. On the other hand, I also involves in thinking unnecessary things just for the sake to make my work perfect that takes too much time on a single or ordinary assignments. I take the competition very seriously between me and other employees. This thing makes me some time aggressive at the work place.


Opportunities can introduce themselves in a wide range of ways. Once in a while it can be by losing one asset you pick up a chance to supplant that asset with a far and away superior asset. The other principle most regular sort of chance is one that you yourself make. Patterns in circumstances may be detectable in a few circumstances on a large scale level, including instruction and social cooperation with which anybody can relate. A few open doors can likewise be made through the end of shortcomings. My authority soft spot for instance, If I were to take out that some way or another, it would open an entire fresh out of the box new zone of my profession that I could investigate.


The demand of the market is changing due to rapid change in the technology. This also impacts on the service industry and business. Many of the business are transforming to online therefore, they are cut down their workforce. There is always a threat of losing the job. For this reason, I have to acquire new skills and knowledge so that I will able to keep me-in in the market. The intense competition and increase level of the education is also the threat for me.

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