Selection of Real Estate Agent

 Summary and objectives

In this article, tips of selecting real estate agent are discussed. First thing is that you should talk with them for identifying that what they have sold in past in order to tackle their past performance. Second thing is to access their license for finding complaints. Best agent can be selected by watching those, which are given awards from their state.  He should be3 selected on basis of high credentials. Author mentioned some qualification as CRS, SRES and ABR for analyzing its credential. Agent should be well trained in handling real estate. Agent experience is another important point for his selection. He said that minimum experience of five years is necessary. His current listing should be checked online. Writer said that two sources could be used for this purpose. One is website of agency and second is He should have reasonable knowledge of nearby housing properties. (, 2015) Objective of writing this article is to help those people who want to list their houses. It is helpful in educating people on their selection of agent of real estate.

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Strengths and weaknesses

It is strength full as it provides tips for selecting real. He used a different term of their qualification certificates and training. He also discussed sources of accessing listing of agent. He also provided the requirement of licensing for agents. One weakness in this article is that writer only discussed few tips. Other tips can also be included in this article for detail evaluation of agent position and history.

My point of view

This is an informative article and it is helpful for people who are not familiar with these important terms. It is helpful in minimizing frauds in real estate business.

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References (2015). 7 tips for picking a real estate agent. Retrieved July 1, 2015, from

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