Recruitment and placement

The recruitment and placement is the most important for Apple Company reveals the major considerations of right job at right place.  For effective job recruitment and placement it reveals that job description as well as roles of job duties is clearly defined. Specifically for the apple company it is ensured that high IT professionals are required to manage operations of Apple Company.  Specifically affirmative action’s has taken to corresponded employee’s roles and responsibilities to attain best organizational performance characteristics.  

Collaborative function with leadership formulation is the main highlighted operational strategically implications of company.  The recruitment and selection process has followed by company to hire right person for right job.  A wide range of process helps the companies to gain qualified employee in large amount of pool of candidates.

Identification of vacancy opportunity as well as evaluation of job needs has analyzed in the recruitment and placement of employees.  After that recruitment of development plan to reveals the major considerations of employee’s job description at workplace.  Review Applicants and Develop Short List to highlighted qualified candidate in the job recruitment.


 Rewards and benefits initiated to retain the employee values.  The apple company develops wide compensational plans for their employees.  The retention of employees is the most important aspect for the organizations to achieve high performance characteristics towards the organization.  Bonus pay plans and retirement plans are the major aspects of compensation. As the high quality assurance is the competitive advantage of the apple company and provides compensation and rewards to their employees to sustain their services for the corporate level. Insurance benefits another perks are delivered to employees based on the performance management of individual employees to retain their values in the firm values.

 Thus to sum up all discussion about the compensations and rewards of apple company that reveals the major outcomes of human resource practices to care of employee benefits.  In addition to this rewards in the form of monetary as well as non monetary delivered to perceive that employees are the core asset of the organization.  Work life balances and positive organizational behaviors in the apple company derives high level of corporate values.

 The highly attractive compensation packages recognized at the apple company to unleash the employee major services of the company. Reimbursement packages are also delivered to employees to motivate employees.  The motivational values of employees are so important to increase the overall productivity of Apple Company.

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