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Reflection Journal on organizational change and development

Table of Contents

Week 1(Sep 1 to 7) 3

Week2 Sep 8-14. 4

Week 3 Sep 15-21. 5

Week 4 Sep 22-28. 6

Week 5 Sep 29 – Oct 5. 8

Week 6   Oct 6 - 12. 8

Week 7 Oct 13- 19. 9

Week 8 Oct 20-26. 11

Week 9 Oct 27- Nov 2. 12

Week 10 Nov 3-9. 16

Week 11 Nov 10-16. 17

Week 12 Nov 17-23. 19

Week 13 Nov 24-30. 20

Week 14, 15 Dec 1-8. 21

Conclusion: 22

Week 1(Sep 1 to 7)

I have selected this course due to its increased demand. My purpose of selection was to learn how organizational behaviors apply in practical companies. I selected it to improve my skills. First week, professors introduced me to the course. He introduced me with all topics and exercises of the course. He introduced me with course name organizational change and development. In class, I have familiarized with the concept of organizational change. I have learned that globalization is providing organizations new opportunities to succeed. It is also providing challenges to existing organizations due to diversified markets and workforce. Managers and leaders are working to more innovative and creative strategic change to their organizations.

I have learned concept of action research. In action research, understanding and changing can be followed at one time. Model of action research ahs few steps. It originated from identification of problems to consultation with scientists with behavioral research. Data is gathered and diagnosed. Individual and groups for improving their positions take action research. I also learned role of organizational practitioners in organizational development practices. I also learned that what competencies are required by them to perform this critical job in organization.

I learned that it could be both from inside or outside organization. There are few internal and external skills required by practitioners of organizational developments. I have learned that they should have interpersonal skills of self-awareness. They should have ability to work with groups. Consultation skills are also required by them to perform their job. They should also have knowledge of theories of organizational development. I have learned that ODP should have knowledge of changing processes. First week was very informative for me. I have familiarized with different new concepts and theories. It was helpful for me in understanding need of organizational change.

Week2 Sep 8-14

Second week was also learning for me. I also gave opportunity to0 work with team members. Two team members were different in culture. I have analyzed that how difficult it is to work with diversified culture. I learned a lot. Itwas also informative for me. I started with week with introduction of build to last. It is written to provide identification of habits of visionary companies. I learned different new concepts after reading Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies. After reading this book, I became familiarized with actions taken by famous companies with the passage of time. I learned how they became successful with the passage of time. I have also learned that how they adopted change in their structure and strategies for competing in this world. I learned that how concept and product obsolete with the passage of timer.

Visionary companies introduced new concepts and ideas as per the demand of economy or customers. These companies are more than successful. I have learned that there is need to have a good idea for starting any organization. There is need to have inspire leaders for such organizations. I have learned that maximization of profits is one of important goal for visionary companies. I have learned that these companies beat their competitors through their innovative approaches. Other important things after reading this book I learned that hiring outsider CEO is one of important strategy for such organizations.

Strategies of visionary companies for improvement never end. They transformed their core ideologies into strategies behaviors and goals of organizations. I also learned success of HP in translating its core ideology into strategic mission for achieving overall success. Management provides clear objectives to its employees for fulfilling objectives of organizations. I have learned from these visionary companies’ strategies that it is necessary for every organization to be successful to invest in new management processes and technologies. These organizations should also look towards its long-term growth. It should take risk and challenges for beatingcompetitors.

I have also learned model of personality. This model has five dimensions. It describedcomplete personality description. This model is used to test personality traits. I also tested my personality and compared it with my fellow in class. This test was very informative for me. I alsocompared my traits with by fellows. This test helped me to explore my personality and characteristics. Overall week was learning for me. It increased my understanding of companies who become successful adopting strategic skills. I also learned role of personality traits for leader, manger or any other person.

Week 3 Sep 15-21

This week was very informative for me. I have learned different new concept in organizational changes in this week. First important thing that I have learned is planned changes. Concept of planned change is that there should be proper for every change in organization. Planned changes help to exist with change in demand of new environment. I have learned that planned changes are process of improving current position by adopting modification in current processes. Organizational changes take place in demand from internal and external environment. Planned changes take place in internal sources demand.

 I have learned that there can be many sources of planned change as per internal sources. I have learned that internal sources may demand change in case of obsolescence of existing service of product. Diversified workforce is increasing in every organization. It can be another reason to included planned changes in organization. New strategic direction within organization can also create need to change.

I also learned its financial, labor and operational issues. They should train their employees for increasing their productivity and reducing high turnover. It is better to involve management in all operations. It should increase their awareness. They should implement new marketing strategies to attract more customers. I learned that how issues can be originated in absence of organizational development strategies. This week was informative for me. I learned concept of planned changes and its application. I learned how to analyze case and completed my project in this week. It was informative for me because I have familiarized with issues in absence of all of these strategies. While completing this phase I also went through difficulties. Formations phase of team was very difficult. Many conflicts arose while doing this project. I learned from diversified culture f my team members. I handled conflict. This week we submit a short note (by email) indicating our group project organization and whether it will be a secondary/plan or actual analysis. We choose (Wal-Mart)

Week 4 Sep 22-28

            I have learned different new concepts in this week. Planned change has different models. These models allow organizations to implement changes in their strategies or processes. I have learned that planned change starts for resolving problems with the help of organizational development. Any change can be followed by a problem. To resolve problems of organizations, it implements planned change. I have learned importance of planned change for resolving organizational issues. I have learned that differed t models exist within this process. I have analyzed issues in Alaska Airlines. This week me, and my team in class, we complete answer questions about Case study: Alaska Airlines – Navigating change. Team worked well due to collaborative effort of all members. I have also learned how to resolve different problems by adopting different strategies in organizational development. I have analyzed different steps in organizational development. I have learned that this process starts from entering and contracting. Entering started with collection of suitable data for identification of problems faced by organizations. This step allows leaders to decide that should they could to resolve problem. I learned that they decide whether they should further evaluate change program or look for other ways for resolving this issue. Entering stage also discussed important opportunities for organization.

Data is gathered and analyzed. Feedback is provided to collected data at this level. Data is gathered through observation, direct interviews, survey instruments etc. it can be taken from organizational charts and meetings. I have learned importance of open system model. I have how data is taken in this model and after processing feedback is provided. I have learned input and output sources for this model.

This model perceived organization as integrating units with environment.  I have also learned sources of getting input at organizational level. I have learned designing elements of organizations. I have learned that these components include strategy, structure, technology, human resources and measurement systems. I have observed navigation change in Alaska case study. From built to last I learned taht5 visionary companies pursue all opportunities with the help of managing their resources and time. They also make plans for adaptation and acceptance.  This week was informative for me. I analyzed that how problems are identified and analyzed in different stages of development as I have read and learned from a book name Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies. I was allowed to give what is known as new way of developing mindset in me.

Week 5 Sep 29 – Oct 5

We started unit two from this week. This week was also very informative for me. I learned importance of scenario planning for organizations. This planning is used to analyze major changes in environment of firm. I have learned that this tool is used to analyze future predictions. This tool helped organizations to analyze different scenarios and it attempts to analyze possible scenarios. I have learned that after analyzing different scenarios, organizations develop strategies for their business growth. There are different advantages of this process in organizations. I have learned its benefits for long-term success of organization.

I have also completed my project of Alaska airlines. I have identified different issues in case analysis. I have identified that high salaries are increasing burden of organization. It cannot reduce prices of its employees. I have analyzed its leadership. Overpaying employees is one of its important financial issues. I have analyzed that it cannot reduce salaries because it would negatively affect employee’s productivity. It would result in negative relationship with labor. I have learned that this problem has diversified impact of airline.

This week was informative for me. I have analyzed case study of Airline Company with my team. I have learned how to analyze issues and their solutions. I can also implement these skills in organization. I can also use my knowledge to analyze situation of companies. I have also learned importance of scenario planning for decision-making and formation of strategies. This week familiarized me with different scenarios.

Week 6   Oct 6 - 12

I have learned importance of diagnosis in organizational development. I have learned that it is important to analyze and gather data for providing appropriate feedback. It is important for implementation of suitable feedback. There are two types of diagnosis. One is called group and second is called individual or job. I have learned process in identification of problems in groups and job. Different models are used at this process. These models are important for collection of suitable data.  I have also learned models for collection of appropriate data for this process. Group level model started from taking input.

After collecting information, it is analyzed. Collection is important for analyzing it later. This analysis results in providing appropriate feedback. Information can be gathered by sampling, interviews, observations etc. I have learned different techniques for analyzing information. It can be analyzed qualitative and quantitative tools. I have learned that organization should analyze their information clearly. It should take best decision as per its analysis. This week was also informative for me. I learned different new concepts from this week. It has also improved my skills of diagnosing information.

In class, my team and me we read the case study: Houston we a problem NASA and Open Innovation (A). I have extensive knowledge and big problems of data exchange and showed that how these problems are being captured ideally about which kind of realistic approach. I also learned that how companies face problems with the passage of time and how they   I have watched this video and it instill entirely different approach while having it. Videos are ideally related with different liking and disliking in future paradigm to grow. Done read this book Title: Art of the long view Author: Peter Schwartz. The book enriched in me about different feelings that what is happening in world of Art. Art of the long view provided me opportunity to learn that companies should focus both on micro and macro environment.

Week 7 Oct 13- 19

In this week, I have learned importance of culture formation in organization. Culture plays important role in success of organization. It results in productivity and culture of its different employees. I have learned different steps in formation of culture in organization. I have learned that culture plays important role in increasing effectiveness of operations. Performance of organization is also affected due to its culture. Good culture can result in better satisfaction of employees. Organizations should manage its culture effectiveness not disturbing diversified employees.

I have also learned different new concepts from book titled business across culture.. I also learned from this book that Hofstede dimensions are used to analyze culture of organizations.

First layer that was used to make comparison is outer or visual culture aspect. This layer has been defined in organizations as its human resource culture. Second layer of culture that I have learned is idea of organization for good or bad. Third important layer I have learned in inner layer. It is inner assumptions of company. I have learned outsiders cannot analyze that inner layer. Business across culture realized me with structure of corporate culture. I have learned that it is duty of every organization to respect culture of people within its organization. I have also learned that no culture is good or bad. It depends on perceptions and behaviors of people. I have learned that culture s diversified due to diversity of different people. It identified organization with its policies. Organizations should also consider workforce diversity for making important decision in organizations.

I can apply concept of culture at my organization. I can also understand culture and its impact on employee’s performance and their productivity. This week was very informative for me. I have learned that organizations also have culture. It plays important role in its policy formation and decision-makings. Culture should be understood and communicated towards employees for better results. In class, my team and me, we read the case study: I also analyzed problem of Housten related with innovation. This case study was informative but difficult to understand for me. I learned that most complex element in nay organization is culture. I have learned  thatit is interlinked with business processes. I have learned that employees of NASA were not in favour of implementing open innovation. They considered it attack on authority and power. Houston we a problem NASA and Open Innovation (B). The study assured that we could manage big problem in no time.

Week 8 Oct 20-26

This week For the development of the organization, management of the organization has to bring many changes in the organization. Then for managing these changes, they have to make the different plans or strategies. Organizational change is the complex progression, the change in one part of the organization affect the other part of the organization. Leaders of the organization play the important role for leading the organization. For managing the changes organizational leaders design effective interventions so that they can easily handle the challenges. We make the strategies, plans and leaders manage the changes only fir the development of the organization. 

For this different organizational make the different strategies. For this, some of the organizations want to bring changes in their culture, because organizations want to provide the comfortable culture to their employees where they feel satisfy. Organizations think about the merger or acquisition through which they can increase their profitability. They bring the integrated strategic changes and get information about the management.

Culture plays the important role in the success of any of the organization, with the clash of strategy and culture, culture of the organization wins. All the cultures have the same dilemmas, but the starting point of the entire person is different. However, Leaders of the organization play the important in the reconciling of these cultural dilemmas. This thing positively affect to the performance of the employees or the organization.

In the success of the organization, leaders play the important role with the help of their innovative thinking. When I submitted my first case study that was on Saudi Arabia I was happy, because I belong to this country therefore I already have some of the information about this. My lecturer motivate him, this thing lead me to do struggle hard. This week I submitted my first case study, case study: Houston we a problem NASA and Open Innovation and that was best experience in defining. I also learned designing and managing change in organizations. Case study of Saudi Arabia was also informative for me.

Week 9 Oct 27- Nov 2

The process intervention is related to the organizational developments through professionals. This is for helping the groups as they become more effective and aware related to specific operations. The knowledge is developed through the professionals’ problem solving ability.  Interpersonal and group relations are based on T-Groups, process consultation and third party intervention. This also enhances the team building process.

This chapter helps to understand interventions of the human process of T-group, team building and process consultation. This chapter also helps to understand the effectiveness of the interventions in the changes that we implement for achieving the goals. In the organizations, process consultation is the set of the activities with the consultants that help the clients or the employees to understand, perceive, and to act upon the processes that occur in the environment of clients. Comfortable environment in any of the organization play the important role in the success, because in comfortable environment it become easy for clients or the employees to understand the things.

When in any of the organization people work in the form of group then it become easy for them to solve the problems, because in the form of group different people give their different views or opinions that help for the solution of the problems that they are facing. There are different stages of team buildings such as forming, storming, norming and performing. Formation of group in any of the organization affect positively to their growth, because all of the people have the different or the innovative ideas or thinking that help them to complete their task. They communicate their ideas that help o take the right decision. Groups have the authority to take the decision for the profitability if the organization. It become easy for the organizations to take the right decision, because all the group members give their different vies or ideas that help the leaders or management to o take the decision. Thing create the ability of leadership among the members of the organization. Communication among the members of the group plays the important role for making the right decisions or making the right strategies that affect the profitability of the organization positively. In teams, people of the organization do work in the forms of teams.

In the team building activities, these activities relate to one or more individuals. The activities of the teams in the organization greatly affect to the behavior of the organizations, because in teams more individuals are involved. Therefore, activities of teams affect the relations with the rest of the organizations; these activities can affect the organization in the positive or the negative way.  With this, the activities of the team members also greatly affect to the operations of the organizations. There are the different types of teams that work for the organizations goals or the objectives. For the different purposes, organizations develop the different team’s that help them to achieve their goals or objectives.

The consultation mechanism plays an important role in workplace organizations, the decisions are made through this process which is considered reliable and authentic. The more productive workplaces are results of more consultative and collaboration of teams and groups.  The employees get changed through the consultation mechanism process. The team building activities are based on efficient communication, motivation of team building, trust, bonding; maintain relationships, and performance quality. Team building can take one of the two forms i.e. family group diagnostic meeting and family group team-building meeting. One of the teachings of this week is that change cannot take place within just one department without the consultation of the stakeholders and the associated departments. The management must set the stage for the large group meetings and conduct the meetings either with the open system mode or with the open space mode.

With this there are the different types for building the teams like family group team building meeting, that help to improve some of the specific aspects of the functions of team. In addition, the other type is family group diagnostic meeting that help to understand the process, current structures and effectiveness of team. In this chapter we also discuss about the appreciative inquiry, it is the model for decision-making, analysis and the creation of the strategic change. This model helps the organizations for their development by bringing some of the chances in their strategies or in decisions. This model play the important role for brings the changes in the organization for achieving the objectives or goals of the organization.

This inquiry guides the leaders of the organization and helps them to bring the changes in the organization. In the large group interventions, organizations conduct the meetings and conferences for getting the information so that they van take the right decision. In large group interventions members f the group have the authority to change the plane according to the situation and change the strategies any time for the benefit of the organization. Group members use the different strategies for getting the information for the success of the organization. In the large group interventions, group members share their common views and play the major role in the relations of environment. Meetings of the organization help to share the different views of the different people that help them to take the decisions.

In the inter group relations people of the groupthink, perceive and act towards the people of the other group. When I read the book Business across the culture, I realize that how important a culture in the success of any of the business. Through reading the book, I realized that being more global, the organizations will be more diverse. The single issue for the higher management is tackle the diverse employees.

In class, my team and I complete read the case study: Saudi Arabia: finding stability after the Arab spring. How the economy has been changing in history was entire report and reporting criterion in detailed aspect to grow. During this week, I continued the reading of the book ‘Business across Cultures’. This book has further clarified my view about business globalization. I have learned that in association with the elements such as rapid advancement in technology and an ever-increasing use of the internet, Globalization has dramatically changed the ways businesses were conducted once, all around the globe. The strategy of globalization seems easy to apply and effective enough to generate maximum revenues, but many of the companies in the world faced serious failures because of their global strategic approach. The basis of Saudi Arabia case study is related to the petroleum producer and exporter. The instability has left no scale asIraqs internal chaos and massive problems of economy are here. The Egypt is facing several political and economic challenges through instability spread. Tye major Iran problems are related to economic problems and international isolation is also depicted in case.  Certain key initiatives are taken by Saudi Arabia related to Iraq. The support is given related to weapon of mass destruction and free zone in Middle East.

Week 10 Nov 3-9

In this chapter we study about the scenario of the planning, that how the planning help the organization for achieving the goals. In the success of any of the organization planning play the important role because it provide guidance to the members of the organization. Without planning in any of the project of is not possible to get success, because planning provide the direction that what they have to do in next. With the end of week 9, the class got entered into the Unit 4 of the course. The basic course teachings, during this week, were based upon the Scenario Planning and Action Research/Learning/Learning Organizations. After spending more than two days over the course material, I have learned that scenarios are more related to the future judgments than the present state of an organization.The toughest part of this week’s requirements was the case study titled ‘Nedbank: Transformational leadership in Sustainable Turnaround’. The case study was quite lengthy and technical. This week, the group members had different engagements due to which we couldn’t conduct a collective brainstorming session for the two days. We decided to read the case individually and then meet at the third day.

In the action research management or the employees have the goal on the specific point, then they do effort for achieving that goal. When members of the organization taker the different risks then they learn many things from that failure or the mistakes.Learning organization us the term through which company facilitate the members of the organization to learning.

Organization learning develops as the result of the pressure that the organizations are facing in the rapid change in the technology or demand of the customers. Learning organizations have five main or the important features that are the systems thinking, mental models, personal mastery, team learning and shared vision. It encourages the organization to think differently for achieving their goals.

This thing helps the organization to create the strong relations with the employees and encourage communicating with the employees about the visions or goals of the organization. So that they can give their different or the innovative view for the solution of the problems that they facing. When we do any of the project in the form of team or group, all the members have the different thing about the different phases.

When all the members share their views or the information that they have about that specific topic, this thing help the other team members to clearly understand the things and to collect the innovative ideas. In the same way when we will do the combine study, then it become easy for us to understand the things because all group member share their information in their ways. Sometime it happens that we cannot perceive some of the points, but in-group study we clearly understand all the things, because after reading all the members share their views. Therefore it we do any of the project in the group or the team form; organizations can get more input and can get different ideas for solving the problems.

In class, my team and I started read this case Nedbank: Transformational leadership in Sustainable Turnaround. My team works in division of tasks in class I was leader among them. This was entire approach that was best for me and gavebenefits of leadership, in reality.

Week 11 Nov 10-16

Scenario planning is also called the scenario analysis; it is the strategic planning method that the organizations use for the long terms. In this method, groups of the organizations share their views or the information for making the policies for running the organizations successfully and make the strategies. Scenario planning involves the aspects of the system thinking specifically the identification of the different ways that help the organizations for the long-term goals or to get the long run profit. The organizations use the structure way for achieving the long-term goals or the objectives. Group members of the organization develop the different or small scenarios or stories about how the future of the organization might be affecting or might be unfold.

In the strategic change interventions organization have the focus to bring some of the changes in the organization that can help for the development of the organization. They have the focus to change structure of the organization or to bring changes in the use of the technology. With the time the change occurs rapidly in the technology, therefore different organizations are using the latest or the advance technology for the satisfaction of the demands or the needs of the customers.

With this, the use of the latest or the advance technology helps the organization to increase their effectiveness or the efficiency. This thing directly affects to the profitability of the organization in the positive ways. In success or the failure of nay of the organizations strategies play the important role, therefore before making the strategies organizations have to get the complete information the after the analysis of the information they have to make the strategies.

For the collection of the information, they use the different ways like the questionnaire, suggestions and calm speaking. In this way these strategies helps the organizations to achieve their goals or objectives. According to the goals, organizations make the strategies. Organizational transformation is also a strategy that helps the organization for getting some of the competitive advantages, it is the term that refer to such activities as redesigning, reengineering and redefining the business system according to the needs or wants of the customers.

It is reality that if the members of the organization will do work in the form of the group and team then it becomes easy for them to achieve the goals. In this way, the output of the organization will also increase. With this efficiency or the effectively of the organization also increases, and become easy to understand the things with the help of the innovative ideas or thinking.

The case study sections have been divided and first two sections have been selected by me to analyze. The analysis has been so perfect that it proved to create the sense of accomplishment for me because the analysis has been aligned with the cultural transformational guidelines of Cummings and Worley. I have been strong enough in my parts that I also helped other group members in their respective parts and they got considerable assistance in finalizing the recommendations.

Week 12 Nov 17-23

In class we were the two teams, and I was in team one that was The Harris Friedberg. The major reason is the undertaking of Blue Horizon Cruise Simulation Exercise Teams. As a member of the team 1, I was Mary Franklin, consultant, and interviewer. This experience added a lot to my knowledge and professional aptitude. I was new, before this, I have no experience of doing work in the form of group or team. I learned to become an effective team leader in this week and learnt how to work towards the collective goals of the team. The verbal and non-verbal communication, both have been focused in this week as even during working in virtual teams it has been very important to be understandable through body language and other forms of verbal language.

As a group leader, it was the responsibility of me to present the best, but with me my other team members also struggle hard for achieving the goals or the objectives of the organization. In addition, the most important thing is that during this working we learn more things than the teacher teach us. Before this I have no idea that how easy is to do any project or job in the form of team. All the teachers appreciate us on our best performance, and they motivate me on performing the good job as a leader.

This motivation of teachers help me to do work hard in the next presentation, with this it become clear that in the form of teams is very easy for nay of the organization to achieve the goals or tasks. With this when we work in the forms of teams then the output will also increase. With this in the 12 week I also submit my second case study, I was happy with the teacher remarks. My teacher was satisfied with my performance.

 I was Harris Friedburg, international financier and developer and my agenda was tosupport of Blue Horizon for the new golf course development, to develop a friendship with the Minister for Tourism Development, and to take steps for development is a good thing for everyone concerned.

Every one show what his /her roles to the team. Then we started work for the presentation as team 1 to present it next week.It was new experience for me and I liked it. The working with team is easy for me as compare to other works to be done. This week I submitted my second case study, Nedbank: Transformational leadership in Sustainable Turnaround, (write how was you feel when you submitted the second case). In summary, this week learning has been based on team work, roles in the team, and communication patterns of working in the team.

Week 13 Nov 24-30

In the 13-week, we started to work on the group presentation. We have to give the presentation on the Blue Horizon Cruise. With this in this week, we work on many of the projects in the form of groups. In class, my team in Blue Horizon Cruise, we did our presentation. After meeting with one challenge in week 12, related to Blue Horizon Cruise, I faced another challenge of Blue Horizon Cruise presentation. The team really did well. Since we have been working for the last 11 weeks as a group, therefore, our mutual understanding is quite great. We also submitted many of the projects to the different teachers, on the final submission of the different projects, we were very happy, because for these projects we have done many struggle. In this week we submitted our group project (me, abdul, Ann, Chai, Malia). I also work day and night on my project, although it was the group project but as the group member of my group it was my responsibly to divide the work among all group members in a proper way, so that all members struggle.

My all group members were very cooperative; therefore, during the presentation of the project I did not feel to use the rough language with my group members. With the cooperation off all the members, we complete these projects in the giving time by the teacher. I was satisfied with the performance of my group members, whenever I feel need I provide the guideless to my group members that what they have to do.  In the same way, my group members also some time guide me where I feel confused, because it was the new to do work in the form, of group or team. Before this, I give the presentation in the form of group, and I was leader in both of the presentations or the projects, In addition, I really enjoyed a lot and learn many things. Main learning of this week has been presentation skills of all members of the group. One of the things which is felt missing was absence of Ann in the presentation as her mother was not in good health. However, she contributed in the project in the end phase and we are grateful for her professional approach regarding it.

Week 14, 15 Dec 1-8

It was the last week of our semester; in this subject of the organizational change we were the five group members including me. My all of the group members were very nice and very cooperative. Before this semester, I have no experience to work in the form of the group or team. It was the new experience but it was very interesting and during this semester I really e enjoyed the working in-group form. In addition, the most important thing is that in the working of the group or the team we learn many things and get lot of the information.

 For competing with the other groups, we struggle hard and use different ideas that can help for presenting our group in the best way. In this semester, we learn many things, the most important thing that I learn that if the organizations will do the work in the form of teams then they can gain more input than their competitors can. If we work individually then it was not possible for us to perform the projects in such a good way. With this, it was also not possible to gain such important information.

For the attraction of the customers it is essential that the organizations to have the focus on the needs or demands of the customers. Because if the customers will feel satisfied then they get the attraction towards the product of that organization. Therefore, organizations bring the different changes for their development, so that they can increase the profitability.

It was the end of the semester, and we were very happy, with this, we also learned many things in this semester. Beside this in this semester, we also struggle hard only for competing the other team members or other groups. Thank my teacher about everything he gave us in this course. This week has been full of energy and accomplishment as series of presentations filled me with confidence as I have been quite solid when I was standing on the stage. I want to share my feelings again then absence of Ann has been felt here when she could not participate in the final week. However, after this week whole process of presentation seemed to be nice experience which was really useful for me and my group fellows.


It is concluded that 14 weeks of learning and personality improvements have been passed and during this period I have achieved milestones on many fronts. So far as the communication skills and presentation skills are concerned it is found that continuous process of learning and development has always been beneficial and useful for us. Presentation skills and other opportunities to express ourselves have been focused during this period which was very effective for me and my group fellows.I have selected this course due to its increased demand. My purpose of selection was to learn how organizational behaviors apply in practical companies. I selected it to improve my skills.  First week, professors introduced me to the course. He introduced me with all topics and exercises of the course. He introduced me with course name organizational change and development. And after the first week, the proceedings of learning and development continued through week 14. It is recommended that such sustainable and continuous process of students should be continued to ensure personality development and learning skills.

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