Reflection of guest speaker

Technology disruption

The technological disruption is one of the major challenges in the current competitive environment that provokes the major characteristics in short falling of technology; the major technological disruption had taken place in block buster to reveals that bad impact in the minds of the customer.  Netflix and Amazon all plays significant role in the technology disruptions to highlighted the major outcomes in their business operations.

 Technology leadership

 There is wide range of technological benefits that has immense important in the online industry. The speaker tells about the major benefits taken by the companies in their business operations.  The speaker provides the importance in the technology of the block buster, Netflix and Amazon that how they involve in the advancement of technology and provide potential benefits to their premium clients.  

Streaming video

 The steaming video on the online where the customer watch videos online and utilized the potential advantages of technology in their online streaming functions of block buster. This shows that how the companies get the competitive edge in gaining the best practices of technology. In the current competitive environment certain companies face disruptive technology that takes sever issues.  The market leaders and alliances have been established with the help of disruptive technologies.  A significant societal impact recognized towards the disruptive innovations in the online streaming organizations.


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