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Safety audit of Auto Repair

Items done well

Identify items

First aid, illumination & wiring, fire protection, machinery & equipment controlling measurement, vehicle storage,  vehicles pieces, safety hazards and safety policy procedures are the main items that done well in facility of ford auto repair shop.  Facility of auto repair area location where processing of good has take place. (Ramsey, 2000)

Quick description

The main purpose of safety audit is to increase safety pride of workforce, safety solutions, protecting employees with health and safety tools measurement and compliance deficiencies for ford motor vehicles.  Emergency plans have been established to take necessary measurements towards safety audit. Detailed outline of safety equipment, demonstration of job skills, informing employees about safety policies and orientation of employees for job has entailed in safety policy and procedures of facility of ford auto repair area. (, 2015)

Items that need improvement

Identify item

There are certain items that need to be improved in the auto repair shop facility based on investigation of machinery & equipment, reviewing compressed gas storage, spray both and welding areas, maintenance of vehicle parts investigation like solvent, gas & cleaning supplies, mechanical and electric hazard at auto repair shop facility also need to improve it. Continuity in examination of Gentry crane and overheads as well as need to investigated tag out or lock out (TO/LO).  Chemical storage for polish vehicle parts, safety health hazards like first aid and outdoor areas that picking order from suppliers.

Potential hazard

The visible hazards like fire and flammable points in chemical storage point would be danger. In manufacturing facility certain chemical storage point indicates potential hazards like leaks, exposure and spills of flammable materials indicates hazard warnings.    The sources of energy would be carefully lock out or tag out to reduce accidents occurring in facility auto repair shop. Health and safety measurements include tolls and safety measurements recognized to assist aid if any uncertainty happens.  Checking outdoor areas like maintenance of sheds, loading docks, waster areas of storage for flammable debris considered that might expose stacks and cable of boxes piled high. These are the major potential hazard that creates significant warning in the facility of auto repair shop. (Stephens, 2011)

Recommendation for improvement

Changes equipment and tools to increase the ventilation, emergency planning, certified first aid availability , numbers of emergency posted, extinguisher improvements, accessing fire equipment, hazardous and flammable material carefully stored and labeled.  These are the certain preventive measurements in the safety audit.  Occupational health and safety training initiated to improve the standards of safety environment at auto repair shop of car.  Heavy machinery safety with electrical safety, personal protective equipment PPE and fire prevention with evocation procedures entails to reduce such hazards. Exit doors unobstructed and clear, all areas in auto repair shop of car should be free of tripping hazards and extension cords properly used avoid any accident at auto repair shop.

Items that are clear violation

Identify items

Vehicle handling equipment, strapping vehicles, ladders, personal protective clothing as well equipment are intakes in the auto repair shop.  Auto repair shop has near to manufacturing facility and faced certain violation of safety issues. The main function of auto repair shop includes assessing and repairing and then sent goods to manufacturing facility and goes to final distribution. Temperature measurements, safety attention, capacity limitation, careful movement of goods and managing auto repair shop equipments are the items that needs to considers when production operations has taken place.

Why hazard

Conveyors, hand trucks and forklift trucks might be causing injury or might be accidental of labor would not be active then it might be hazardous.   The auto repair shop equipment includes welding equipment, tire steps, plasma cutters, parts washer, lift jack or floor jack and cutting tools would be hazardous for human body.

Specific standard violation

Vehicle handling hazard may be the violated in the certain organizations that may leads to severe injuries of workforce.  This reveals that lack of safety standards in the auto repair shop taken place that creates challenges in running operations of company.


Brake Blidder kits, battery service accessories, engine stands, Safe lifting, ladder safety, loading of dock safety, safe practices of storage as well as preventing of falling objects reduces the hazards of material handling. Personal protective clothing and safety procedures initiated in the auto repair shop operations to reduce the uncertainties.

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Stephens, S. (2011). Basic Principles of an Industrial Facility Safety Audit. Retrieved November 26, 2015, from

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